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Case Study No. 0742: Sackboy, Lucy, and Norm

Welcome to the Library! Little Big Planet Community Level
Welcome to the Library! - a Little Big Planet by ThePlacidCasual (me!). A five star level based in a library, play it if you get a chance!
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Welcome to the Library
by ThePlacidCasual

My second ever level. It's your first day of work at the library, who knows what will happen?! One player only, medium difficulty. Check out my other level too!

[scene opens outside of a large library, as Sackboy walks through the entrance and sets off the alarm for the security system, so the (extremely large) female librarian at the front desk apologizes]
LUCY: Those alarms are always playing up! Go see Norm upstairs, he'll find you some work.
[Sackboy runs past the stacks (including a large poster with a cat saying "Shh"), then heads upstairs and finds an (extremely large) male librarian sitting at his desk]
NORM: We need more books on the shelves! Go help Lucy in the basement.
[Sackboy leaves and enters the office at the opposite end of the hallway]
SACKBOY: Hello, Lucy?
[he climbs the stairs down to the basement, then falls through a hole in the floor into a subterranean cave beneath the library]
SACKBOY: Uh-oh, this isn't right at all!
[he does some exploring, then eventually finds a pit filled with lava]
SACKBOY: Perhaps that switch up there could be of help ... ?
[he swings from some chains hanging from the ceiling and lands on a platform, where he flips a switch to extend another platform to cover the lava ... he crosses the platform, then finds a room with another switch]
SACKBOY: Sigh, another switch ... lucky me.
[he flips the switch to open another doorway leading straight down]
SACKBOY: I guess the only way is down ...
[he drops down and pulls yet another switch, activating a platform which eventually brings him back aboveground, so he re-enters the library from the back entrance]
SACKBOY: I ... I'm back!
[he heads back upstairs, where the male librarian is waiting for him]
NORM: Where have you been hiding all day? It's time to go home!
[Sackboy heads back through the stacks (where the cat poster now says "Bye"), and the female librarian greets him]
LUCY: Alarms are fixed! See you tomorrow, little one!
[he walks through the door (with no alarm going off) and exits the library, as "Level Complete!" appears on screen]



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