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Case Study No. 0724: Arette Librarian

Let's Play Greencastle: Double Exodus 23
Hooray! Back to the Library!

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[the player (a human-sized green rook chess piece) enters the library in Arette, and speaks with the human female librarian (blonde hair, pink dress)]
LIBRARIAN: Hello, Mister GreenCastle. I am the librarian. Please feel free to have a look around.
[the player enters the "Georgraphy" section of the library, where he stops and reads one of the books]
GREENCASTLE: "The Eagle Palace, in the south, contains an elite society. Being of no particular element, they get along with everybody, and perhaps they are the hub that holds the world's people together ... or holds them prisoner."
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "Houndsor Manor, in the north, is a house of Darkness. No one knows who lives there, as it's very difficult to reach. Some say they've seen a young girl playing about there, but that's more than I know."
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "Port Town, the western city of metal, high technology and ocean commerce. Yet there has always been unrest and turmoil among its people. They tend not to trade with civilizations less advanced than themselves."
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "Arette, which is surrounded by a great forest, was founded by philosophers. Its library was placed in the Earth over one hundred years ago. Who knows what mysteries lie hidden there?"
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "The north-eastern kingdom of Cantatey is ruled by a great line of priest-kings. These kings worship the Light element, and their people pray on a daily basis. Morgen IV is the latest - but not the most radical - of these kings."
[the player enters the "Physics" section of the library, where he stops and reads one of the books]
GREENCASTLE: "Light destroys Darkness."
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "Metal reflects Light."
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "Earth blunts Metal."
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "Darkness rots the Earth."
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "'A Knight's Travels' ... Monsters are just like us. They have weaknesses and strengths. Sometimes a monster's natural element is obvious, other times--"
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "The four elements, they all hold each other in check. Light, Dark, Earth, Metal ... Everything seeks to return to a state of simplicity."
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "'A Bishop's Travels' ... When a monster dies, I see a certain color flash as its soul leaves its body. Yellow, Black, Red, or Purple - what could it mean?"
[the player enters the "Metaphysics" section of the library, where he stops and reads one of the books]
GREENCASTLE: "Imagine explaining to a circle on a piece of paper what depth is like. It is equally difficult for us to understand concepts like Ethereal."
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "When we observe sub-atomic particles, we notice an electron revolving around a nucleus sometimes disappears. Since we know matter is neither created nor destroyed, where has the electron gone? Is this 'Ethereal'?"
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "Ethereal? No such thing. There is only Heaven, a kingdom far above the clouds, and Hell, a realm far beneath the Earth. Only if the Light element controls you, can you go to the former place."
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "One contains light. One contains life. One contains nothing. Held together, they open the way to Ethereal."
[the player enters the "Combat Strategy" section of the library, where he stops and reads one of the books]
GREENCASTLE: "Increasing your Will lessens the damage you take from enemy magic. Also, increasing your Will increases your chances of running from a battle successfully."
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "Learn new Techs by increasing your Wisdom. Using a Tech requires a certain amount of TP. Each round that passes in battle, you gain 1 TP. The greater your Wisdom, the more TP you have to start."
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "Which Techs you learn depends on your Natural Element and your Class. Certain Techs can be mastered. By mastering a Tech, you will not have to pay its TP cost to use it."
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "Constitution is very important. Not only do your HP increase with a higher Constitution, but your physical defense rating increases as well!"
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "The 'Stone' status ... A petrified character may not move until the battle ends. A party with only petrified characters remaining loses. The Light spell 'Warm' removes 'Stone'."
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "The 'Mute' status ... Techs may not be used. Also, TP will not increase. The Earth spell 'Shout' removes 'Mute'."
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "The 'Poison' status ... A poisoned character takes damage at the beginning of each turn. The Light spell 'Antidote' removes 'Poison'."
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "The 'Blind' status ... Physical attacks are rendered ineffective. This includes Techs that deal physical damage. The Metal spell 'Sight' removes 'Blind'."
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "If you are strong against an element, attacks from that element do 50 percent less damage. If you are weak against an element, these kinds of attacks do 50 percent more damage."
[the player enters another room, where the female librarian is standing next to a large blue book]
LIBRARIAN: This is a Good Book!
[the player checks her book]
GREENCASTLE: "Psalm 23 ... The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want, etc."
[the player enters the "Unsorted Books" section of the library, where he stops and reads one of the books]
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "Green Pastures"
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "Still Waters"
[he reads another book]
[he reads another book]
GREENCASTLE: "Shadow of Death"
[the player collects the books in the correct order, opening a secret panel which leads to the Red Gate]
NARRATOR: Its eyes and horns reflect the torment of the very soil. Its keyhole drips with fresh blood ... This gate demands a Red Key.
[the player uses the Red Key]
NARRATOR: GreenCastle used the RedKey. Both gate and key were destroyed.


From secondepoch.com:

GreenCastle: DoubleExodus is a Flash RPG written by Matt Pullin. It was published June 2005.
The game can be played on his website www.secondepoch.com
and it can also be found on newgrounds.com or albinoblacksheep.com.


Arette Library

Upon first entering the library, there will be a librarian standing in front of the doorway in the middle. Go into one of the other doors, and she will disappear. Read all of the books in the library. They contain helpful hints and clues about the game that might come in handy later.

After you've read the books, proceed through the doorway in the middle of the library. You will enter into a hallway, where a librarian will tell you she is reading a "good book". Note the color. It is blue, unlike the other books in the library. These two clues correlate with the books in the next room. Enter the next room, and you will see a sign stating that it is filled with "unsorted books." They too are blue. This means they must too be part of the "good book", or the Bible. They are, in fact, part of Psalm 23. Your job is to sort them. In order to do this, simply move over the book to see what it says. Move all the way over the book and on to the diamond to put it in order. The order is:

Green Pastures
Still Waters
Shadow of Death
Thy Rod
Thy Staff.

If you do this correctly, a wall will move away and you'll be able to move through the next door.

Through this door will be another boss. If you have not spent all of your pawns, do so now. You may have to level up more before you can defeat him, if you have not spent much time in battle up to this point. I beat him on the first try however, so as long as you saved, it's worth a shot. If you go left on the screen, you will run into the Red Gate. You will not enter this yet, so don't worry about how to get through it. Instead, go to the right, and all the way down the corridor. When you turn to come back, you will be confronted by the enemy, Antioch. It is a very straight forward battle, simply attack him until he dies, for at this point you probably will not have too many techs, and the only trick Antioch has is his attack, "Quake". As long as he doesn't attack with that much, he should be a relatively easy defeat. If you do lose, you will not have lost much progress, as you will show up at the well in Arette, as long as you saved there. You get a BlackKey for winning.

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