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Case Study No. 0715: Unnamed Female Librarian (It's About Time)

It's About Time - Extended Cut
Extended edition of our entry. This short was made for the "Quiet on the Set" film competition. It won the "Best Special Effects" award out of the 68 entries screened at the Uptown Theatre.

The "old film" was done from scratch (no plug-ins) and the time travel vortex was over 100 video layers, 4 particle engines, and 20 light elements.
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Lulupalooza Productions Presents
It's About Time

[scene opens with black and white footage of a man and woman dressed in Victorian-era clothing]
SARAH: Henry, it's about time we open Uncle's laboratory box.
HENRY: It is time.
SARAH: This time, something bad must have--
HENRY: We must hold hope. Only time will tell.
SARAH: Little brother, it's just you and me this time.
HENRY: I can do this ...
[he opens a box on the table, and takes out a steampunk-esque wristwatch]
HENRY: You know the secret place ... but you need not worry.
[she takes the wristwatch out of his hand]
SARAH: If you don't come back ... I will go too!
[he shakes his head, then takes another wristwatch out of the box]
HENRY: We have prepared for years. I can do this.
[cut to the two walking outside, as Henry puts on the wristwatch and then disappears in a flash of energy]
[cut to the same spot (now in color) as Henry re-appears and looks around in amazement ... as he walks towards a nearby road, there is a flash of energy behind him, so he turns]
HENRY: Sarah!
[his sister enters the scene]
SARAH: You never came back ...
[she stops and looks around, noticing the modern world around her]
HENRY: This is a serious dilemma ...
SARAH: Well, we're here now.
HENRY: Yes ...
[cut to a closeup of Henry's wristwatch, as he turns a dial]
HENRY: But our mechanisms aren't precise enough for Uncle Archie to meet us here, now.
[cut back to Henry and Sarah]
SARAH: He said he would head to the library ... if it's still here in this time.
HENRY: Yes, if he's safe, he'll be there often. And the science museum is there, too.
SARAH: Egads! How will we locate the library?
HENRY: Well, we're in the general proximity of its location ... a hundred years ago.
[cut to Henry and Sarah walking down the street (a mix of fear and wonderment in their eyes), when she points at a sign marked "Library"]
[cut to an exterior shot of the Hennepin County Library, as the two step inside and gaze around dumbfounded at the modern structure]
[cut to the front desk, as they approach a female librarian (red hair in a bun, black suit jacket)]
HENRY: Pardon me ... W-Where would we find the science museum?
LIBRARIAN: Uh ... Oh, you must mean the planetarium!
[the two siblings stare at each other blankly]
LIBRARIAN: Well, you're a bit early. The new one opens here in 2012. Uh, may I direct you to a science section instead?
SARAH: That would be lovely, thank you!
LIBRARIAN: Are you looking for a specific subject?
HENRY: Time tra ... Physics.
LIBRARIAN: Well, here are some numbers ...
[she writes something down on a piece of paper, then hands it to them]
LIBRARIAN: You can take the stairs, or the elevator.
[she points off camera]
[she leans in and whispers to Sarah]
LIBRARIAN: Oh, and I love your period costumes!
[Sarah gives a nervous laugh, then the two cautiously make their way inside the elevator]
[cut to the two exploring the stacks, when Sarah kneels down and pulls out one of the books]
SARAH: Henry!
[she smiles and waves him over, then shows him the book ("McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Physics and Mathematics") before placing it back on the shelf]
SARAH: Oh, please be here, Uncle ...
[cut to a disheveled looking male patron with long hair staring at a computer and laughing, when the two come up on either side of him and stare at the computer screen in disbelief]
GUY AT COMPUTER: Uh, dude ...
[he gives Henry a confused look, but then turns to Sarah and smiles]
GUY AT COMPUTER: Hey, what's up?
[she giggles, then an older man with spiked hair and a Hawaiian shirt walks up behind them]
ARCHIE: It's about time!
[they turn and immediately hug the man]
HENRY: Uncle Archie!
SARAH: Oh, thank goodness!
ARCHIE: Come on, follow me ...
[cut to the two speaking with their uncle in another part of the library, as he points to a table covered in books and DVDs (The Power of Physics, America in Black and White, Physics of the Impossible, Avatar, Star Wars, etc.)]
ARCHIE: Sarah, Henry! It brings me great joy to see you, though you didn't have to come.
[he points at Sarah]
ARCHIE: Let me guess ... You followed Henry when he did not return.
SARAH: Yes. Like we discussed, I will not be left alone in another time.
[Henry points at his wristwatch]
HENRY: We are pleased that you gave us the option, but setting it to a year after your arrival seemed risky.
ARCHIE: Perhaps, but to you, I've only been gone a bit ... but I've learned much in a year!
[he motions towards his Hawaiian shirt]
ARCHIE: And I've assimilated!
[he points at their wristwatches]
ARCHIE: Your gadgets, they worked to the precise month ... but I'm not sure that was for the best.
SARAH: Uncle, the decision was easy to make!
ARCHIE: But this time period, it's wildly fascinating! There's a treasure of knowledge, and that motion picture box with sound and color, it can give you access to knowledge and people from around the world!
SARAH: With sound?
HENRY: And color ...
ARCHIE: It is impressive ... but I'm not sure this period is ready for time travel. Perhaps we'll jump further into the future.
[he smiles and slaps Henry on the back]
ARCHIE: Well, I've secured a home nearby. Let's get you guys outta these bunky suits! We'll come back tomorrow.
[cut to the three walking up to the self-checkout line before they leave, as Uncle Archie scans his Hennepin County library card (causing Sarah to jump at the beeping noise the self-checkout machine makes) and they begin scanning in their books]
[cut to the three exiting the library]
HENRY: I can hardly wait to see a motion picture with sound and color.
PATRON: [from off camera] Excuse me.
[they turn and see an elderly female patron approaching them]
PATRON: Do you have the time?
[they all turn to each other and laugh, as the scene fades to black]

This film was produced for the Quiet on the Set short film competition

Cast (in order of appearance):

Henry: Chris Dale
Sarah: Danielle Palmer
Librarian: Kathryn Vento
Elevator patron: Kevin O'Connor
Guy at Computer: Matt "Logger" Lesicko
Uncle Archie: Rich Zvosec
Extra: Tom Gilgenbach
Patron: Betty Bonrud

Writer, Director, Producer
Leanne Montoya

Director of Photography
Daniel Cummings

Editor, Special Effects
J. Derek Howard

"It's About Time" written and produced by Paul Bonrud,
performed by Bonrud, vocals by Rick Forsgren
(c)2010 Bonrud Music (BMI)

Thanks to:
Forepaugh's Restaurant in St. Paul (setting for silent footage),
SCC, Max Becker-IFP, Dunn Bros.-Nicollet, Squeeky Wheel,
Sally Lederer-MELSA, Peggy Woodling and the rest of the
Central Library staff and security

Sponsored by:
MELSA, IFP, Comcast, and 102.9 LiteFM



It's About Time
Short | Adventure | Sci-Fi - 14 August 2010 (USA)

A young man named Henry and his sister, Sarah, must locate their beloved Uncle Archie, a scientist, who disappeared during an experiment. The two embark on an adventure to find him somewhere in time.

Director: Leanne Montoya
Writer: Leanne Montoya
Stars: Chris Dale, Dani Palmer and Rich Zvosec

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