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Case Study No. 0709: Belle

Once Upon A Time - Season 2 - 2x04 The Crocodile - Sneak Peek (Rumpelstiltskin Lets Belle In)
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[scene opens with Belle unlocking the front door to the formerly condemned Storybrooke Free Public Library (after some unknown person left a key labelled "Library" for her at the front desk of Granny's Diner) and admiring the shelves filled with books inside ... until she discovers that she's not alone]
MR. GOLD: [from off camera] "We may sit in our library ... "
[she looks over and sees Mister Gold emerge from behind one of the bookcases]
MR. GOLD: "And yet be in all quarters of the earth."
BELLE: You gave me the key.
MR. GOLD: I heard of your interest, and I uh ... I made some inquiries. There's an apartment for the caretaker, if you want it.
BELLE: I-If this is some way to win me back, after everything you've--
MR. GOLD: No, th-that's not why I'm here. I came because ... you're right. About me. I am a coward. I have been my entire life.
[she stares at him, still unsure of what his true intentions are]
MR. GOLD: I tried to make up for it by collecting power, and the power became so important, that I couldn't let go. Not even ... when that meant losing the most important person in my life.
BELLE: Your son.
MR. GOLD: [pause] Baelfire is his name. After he left, I dedicated myself to finding him. I went down many many paths, until I found a curse that could take me to the land where he'd escaped.
BELLE: Here.
MR. GOLD: When I found myself in this little town, there was only one thing left to do ... Wait for the curse to be broken, so that I could leave and find him.
BELLE: But instead of looking for him, you ... you brought magic.
MR. GOLD: Because I'm still a coward. Magic has become a crutch that I can't walk without. And even if I could, I now know I can never leave this place.
BELLE: Because anyone who leaves ... forgets the people they love. So, when you go to look for Baelfire, you won't know him.
MR. GOLD: [pause] Magic comes with a price ... Belle, I have to break this new curse. That's why I was using magic, that night you saw me down in the basement. I have lost so much that I loved, I didn't wanna lose you again, without you knowing everything.
[he reaches out and touches her cheek]
MR. GOLD: Goodbye, Belle.
[he turns and starts to leave]
BELLE: Do you, uh ... Have you ever had a hamburger?
[he turns]
MR. GOLD: Yes, of course.
BELLE: Well, uh ... I haven't. But I hear that Granny's makes a great one. Maybe, maybe we could try it sometime?
MR. GOLD: [pause] I would like that.
[he turns and leaves]


From wikia.com:

Belle is a major character on Once Upon a Time. Her debut came in the twelfth episode of the first season. She is portrayed by starring cast member Emilie de Ravin and is the Storybrooke counterpart of Belle (of "Beauty and the Beast").

Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Home: Library's Apartment
Affiliation: Hero
Occupation: Librarian

Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue

Season One
Belle was checked into Storybrooke Hospital's psychiatric ward at some point in her life and has stayed there since.

When Mr. Gold beat her father, Moe French, it was done under the presumption that the man had the chipped cup Gold kept in memory of Belle. Instead, it turns out Regina had the cup, and she used it to goad him into telling her his real name. Later, Regina pays a visit Belle's Storybrooke counterpart in the basement of the psychiatric ward. No one knows of the girl's existence in Storybrooke except Regina herself. She opens the door flap, prompting the girl to look up. Regina looks at her and smiles. ("Skin Deep")

Jefferson is jilted by Regina on her promise that if he helped her retrieve something from Fairytale Land to get rid of Emma Swan, that in return she'd bring his daughter back to him. To spite her, he decides to reveal the girl Regina is keeping locked up, and bring her to Mr. Gold. He disguises himself as a hospital staff member and sneaks down to the psychiatric ward to free Belle's counterpart after drugging the nurse. He tells her to go and find Mr. Gold, and to tell him that Regina held her captive. She goes into the pawn shop and tells Gold what happened. He is very shocked and even though Belle doesn't remember him, he promises to protect her. He leads her out into the woods, and (due to Emma successfully breaking the curse), she remembers her life as Belle and tells Rumplestiltskin (who was the FairyTale Land equivalent of the "Beast" from the fairy tale/Disney movie) that she loves him. She witnesses him creating the purple smoke that spreads across Storybrooke. ("A Land Without Magic")

Season Two
After Emma Swan breaks the Dark Curse, Belle is with Mr. Gold beside the well in the aftermath of magic being restored to Storybrooke. She tells Mr. Gold of her imprisonment and asks if the release of magic was to seek revenge for her capture. He states that it wasn't his intention, but he will use it to his advantage. She makes him promise not to use the magic to seek revenge. When he breaks his promise by releasing the Wraith to suck out Regina's soul, she leaves the pawn shop in tears of anger and frustration. After the Wraith disappears through a vortex leaving Regina unscathed, she returns and states that she will remain with Mr. Gold because he is still a "monster." ("Broken")

Belle next appears living with Mr. Gold in his Storybrooke home. She has a nightmare where Mr. Gold attacks Leroy, who has come looking for his axe. Mr. Gold transforms into the Dark One before Belle's eyes as he strangles Leroy. She wakes up in a cold sweat and goes looking for Mr. Gold, and sees him in the basement spinning gold thread and working magic without her knowledge.

The next day, Belle asks Mr. Gold what he was doing in the basement when she saw him practicing magic. He tries to brush it off, but Belle states that he is a coward for not letting her into his life. Then, without informing Mr. Gold, goes to Granny's, where Ruby serves her iced tea. Ruby asks if she is all right, to which Belle responds she fears she is headed towards a break up. Ruby offers her a room in the inn, and Belle tells her that she is looking for a job. Ruby tells her about the library when Belle mentions her love of books and that they might be looking for a librarian. Belle thanks her and goes to the library and peeks inside, seeing all the books there. She tries to get in, but runs into William Smee, who asks her for change, questions her whether she is meeting someone there, and then kidnaps her.

She is taken to a back room where she is reunited with her father, Moe French. She is at first overjoyed to see him, but when Moe demands that she leave Mr. Gold for good, Belle refuses, saying he does not have the right to tell her how to live her life. Moe realizes that he can't talk her out of being in a relationship with Mr. Gold, and orders Smee to take his daughter to the town boundary, so that she will lose her memory. Belle is then tied to a mining cart and is set off down a train track by Smee towards the boundary. She tries to get the key to release the handcuffs, and gets it, but drops it on the tracks. She is barely caught by Mr. Gold's magic, which pulls her back to David Nolan, Ruby, Moe, and Mr. Gold. She is grateful for Mr. Gold's help, but she makes it clear it doesn't mean they are back together. She says he is a coward for not being able to be truthful with her. Belle is also equally unhappy with her father for trying to make choices for her. She walks off after saying she doesn't want to see either of them ever again.

The next day, Belle is having breakfast at Granny's and Ruby is introducing her to pancakes. Belle is staying at Granny's Bed and Breakfast for now until she gets back on her feet. Ruby gives her a small box with a bow, saying that it was left for her at the front desk. Belle opens it to see the key to the library. She takes the key and opens up the library. Mr. Gold is waiting for her, and tells Belle about an apartment available for the caretaker of the library. Just when Belle is about to give the key back, he tells her that he isn't giving her the key to get her back, and that she was right for calling him a coward. He admits to her that he brought magic to Storybrooke because magic is his crutch, and he doesn't know how to live without it. He also tells Belle that when the dark curse was broken, he thought he would be able to leave Storybrooke and search for Baelfire, but instead a new curse was put up in its place which erases the memories of those who try to leave. He says that he was practicing magic to see if he could break this new curse. As he turns to go, Belle invites him out for a hamburger at Granny's sometime, to which he happily agrees. ("The Crocodile")


From wikia.com:

The Clock Tower is in the middle of Storybrooke, and when Emma Swan arrives and stays, the clock moves. It also doubles as Storybrooke's library. It was the home to Maleficent's Dragon Form before Emma defeated her.

When the Evil Queen cast the curse she imprisoned Maleficent in her dragon form, deep below the surface in a cave, as punishment. When Emma Swan's son Henry Mills comes back to Storybrooke with her, they stopped outside the library and when Emma looked up to see what time it was, she noticed the clock was frozen. Henry quickly explained to her how, in his whole life, that clock had never moved, because of the curse.

Thus, everyone in Storybrooke was trapped, unable to move forward in time. While outside the library, Henry's therapist, Archie Hopper stopped to talk to the two and asked if everyone was alright. Archie revealed to Emma that the Mayor, Regina Mills, is Henry's adoptive mother.

When Henry explained that he was with his real mom, Archie asked where he was that day because he missed his session with him, Henry told him that "he went on a field trip" and Archie advised him that lying - giving into one's dark side - never accomplishes anything (something he also advised Prince Charming about). When Archie left, Henry explained that everyone trapped within the town does not remember what had happened or their past lives in Fairytale Land.

Henry believed that simply bringing Emma back to Storybrooke would make time move forward, however, only when Emma decided to stay for a week in the town at Granny's Inn after she realized that Henry's adoptive mother, the Evil Queen, now known as Regina Mills, did not truly love him.

This action causes the clock moved forward, which was an event Henry witnessed from his bedroom window. He smiles at this, knowing that Emma had decided to stay. Later, when Regina notices the clock had become unfrozen, it shocks her, and she realizes that something has gone awry.

She later brings Emma Swan here to retrieve the True Love potion Mr.Gold had hidden in Maleficent's belly. Upon Maleficent's death, the clock tower lacks a proper purpose other than what it's supposed to be for.

* The clock being frozen at 8:15 is a nod to Lost (815 was the number of the flight that crashed on the island).
* Henry told Emma time is 'frozen' in Storybrooke and all former fairytale characters don't age. However, this has slowly started to change since Emma has come.
* Emma was told that Regina (as mayor of Storybrooke) ordered the library to be closed down. However, she had really imprisoned Maleficent (in her dragon form) in the caverns underneath the library, and this is most likely why it was boarded up (i.e. to keep people from discovering Maleficent's prison underneath).


From avclub.com:

"Once Upon a Time"
Season 2, Episode 4 (The Crocodile)

Say what you will about the story quality of Once Upon A Time, but there's no denying that this show understands the importance of casting very attractive men in a series whose target audience seems to be teenage girls. Captain Hook gets a hottie makeover in "The Crocodile," with Irish stud Colin O'Donoghue bringing some Jack Sparrow sexiness (and guyliner) to the role. Turns out Captain Killian Jones has a secret history with Rumpelstiltskin, who's scaly greenish skin earns him the nickname that is also the episode's title.

Written by David H. Goodman and Robert Hull (the latter an alum of Gossip Girl and Alcatraz), this episode does for Rumpelstiltskin what "We Are Both" did for Regina, putting him on the path to redemption when his relationship with Belle falls apart. After waking up from a nightmare, Belle spies Rumpelstiltskin using his gold spinning wheel for some sort of magic spell (it's magic because it's fuchsia). When she confronts him about using magic when she explicitly asked him not to, he responds with his usual canned answers, and his continued reluctance to speak the truth is what finally pushes Belle away.

As his current girl runs off, the fairyback details the last time Rumpelstiltskin lost a woman that was close to him: his ex-wife Milla. Disgusted by her coward husband who never fought in the Ogre Wars, Milla hangs around the local bars hitting on men like Captain Jones, who brings her aboard his ship to be a companion to his men. Rumpelstiltskin could always duel the captain for his wife, but the pathetic old man has no chance against the expert swordsmanship and general swoon-worthiness of his opponent. It's always nice to look at the sad man Rumpelstilstkin was before becoming "the Dark One" - and it helps illuminate the actions of his Storybrooke self - who will never be that powerless person again.

When Belle disappears, Rumpelstiltskin begins his search at her father's flower shop. Moe continues to despise the bastard for taking his daughter away from him, and hearing that Belle's on the run is good news for an angry father. Rumpelstiltskin really should have tried looking around town before going to Moe, because Belle is just hanging out at Granny's Diner sucking down iced teas. The writers bring some attention to the supporting ladies with this episode's focus on Belle and Ruby, the latter of whom is getting more screen time now that Meghan Ory has been promoted to a series regular. Belle doesn't know what to do with her life, and Ruby asks her what she likes to do. Belle says she likes books, and it just so happens that Storybrooke has a shut-down library that could use a new head librarian.

Belle goes to explore her prospective workplace when a creepy man in a red hat grabs her, the same man who tells Rumpelstiltskin that he can get him magical bean in the fairyback. (It continues to be incredibly difficult to take any discussion of magic beans seriously on this show. It sounds so silly out loud.) It's years after the first pirate-ship incident, and the weak Rumpelstiltskin of the past has given way to the hammy, scaly "Dark One," who can make Mr. Red Hat a child again if he brings him the magic bean. Then Captain Jones walk into the bar, and Rumpelstiltskin decides that it's time to get some revenge.

Rumpelstiltskin bumps into the pirate on the street, and is called a rat when he doesn't show any manners. "Not like a rat at all. More like a crocodile," Jones says when he sees the imp's flesh. It's a fun twist on Captain Hook's greatest fear, and the new Rumpelstiltskin proves that he has bite. He asks Jones what happened to Milla and is casually told that she died, so he finally takes up the pirate on that offer of a duel from years back. He takes down the captain after a smoothly choreographed sword fight, but as he's about to pull out his enemy's heart, Milla appears, alive and definitely a pirate now. She tells her former husband that she has the magic bean and that she'll give it to him in exchange for Jones' life, so he takes her up on the offer.

Lurky McRedHat is a man who procures hard to find objects, and he grabbed Belle off the street for her father, who wants to keep her away from Rumpelstiltskin. After Belle explains that she willingly stayed with Rumpelstiltskin and has fallen in love with him, her father goes to desperate measures to make sure his daughter forgets about the beast, sending her to a mineshaft where she'll go over the city limits and have her mind erased. Meanwhile, Rumpelstiltskin goes to Prince Charming for help considering he knows what it's like to lose the women in his life, and ends up asking for some relationship advice as well. He wants to know how Charming made it work with Snow, and Charming tells him that it's all about honesty, because that's the exact thing that Rumpelstiltskin's relationship doesn't have. The duo's search takes them to Granny's, where Ruby reluctantly tells them about Belle visiting earlier, offering her recently enhanced lupine senses as assistance. She tracks Belle's scent to Moe's flower shop, where the trio learns that Belle has been sent to a level from a 1990s side-scroller videogame to have her memory erased.

Over in the fairyback, Milla, Jones, and Rumpelstiltskin have their final showdown aboard a pirate ship. Rumpelstiltskin is angered that Milla abandoned Baelfire, but he's even more furious that she left him with the responsibility of telling their son that his mother was gone. Ultimately, there's always a selfish motivation behind Rumpelstiltskin's actions, and now that he has the power, he decides to get his payback by ripping out his ex-wife's heart in front of her lover. Captain Jones still has the magic bean, and rather than kill the pirate, Rumpelstiltskin takes Jones' hand holding the bean. Handicapped, Jones digs a hook into Rumpelstiltskin's chest, and while it doesn't do much damage, it gives him an idea for what he should do to replace his missing right hand.

In Storybrooke, Rumpelstiltskin uses his magic to rescue Belle at the last minute, but it's not enough to put him in her good graces. Her father asks her to come with him, but considering that he just sent her down a mineshaft to give her amnesia, she turns him down. She decides that she won't let anyone tell her what to do or how to feel anymore, and tells the two of them she doesn't want to see them ever again. A free woman, Belle returns to Granny's Diner, where she takes Ruby up on an offer of a room until she gets back on her feet. There's also a key to the library waiting for her left by Rumpelstiltskin, who is waiting for her in the empty building. So never seeing the guy again didn't last very long. Taking Prince Charming's advice, Rumpelstiltskin tells her all about his past, finally sharing everything about Baelfire and his misery now that he can't be with his son. The spell is broken, but if he goes looking for his son, he won't remember the thing he's looking for. He didn't want to lose Belle again without her knowing everything, and his honesty reawakens her affections. She asks him to have a hamburger with her at Granny's, because now Belle bonds over food.

The episode ends with a Captain Hook epilogue, revealing that Red Hat is Hook's right-hand-man Smee as they sail off to Neverland. For once, this show has let the scruffy hottie survive, and it looks like he'll be around for a while. Back in Storybrooke, Rumpelstiltskin interrogates Smee about what happened to Hook, but when the curse hit, he was never pulled to Storybrooke. Where is he? Hanging out in the Enchanted Forest, ready to start some shit with Cora. With the ash from the magic wardrobe, Hook is one step closer to getting his chance to skin a crocodile, and one thing is certain: He's going to look damn good doing it.


From imdb.com:

Ruby: Are you okay? That's your third iced tea this morning. Wouldn't wanna have to call you a cab.
Belle: No, I've never had it iced before, it's delicious!
Ruby: I haven't seen you in here before.
Belle: Well, I've been a kept woman, until recently.
Ruby: Lemmee guess, bad breakup?
Belle: I think I may be headed there.
Ruby: Do you have a place to stay? Any family here?
Belle: Uh, I'm not sure, I'm still looking. But I'm on my own for now.
Ruby: I could ask Granny about a room here.
Belle: Really? Thanks, uh ...
Ruby: Ruby.
Belle: Belle ... What I really need though, is a life. A job.
Ruby: Well, what do you like to do?
Belle: Uh ... Oh, I do love books.
Ruby: The library! It's been closed forever, but things are changing now ... Maybe they need a librarian.

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