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Case Study No. 0754: Staff of the Wind City Library

Bormac's Septerra Core 17
So, here we are looking around Wind City, chatting it up with the librarian.. And generally not knowing what to do. The game sort of leaves you hanging at this point. You want to go to the temple, but the door is shut tight. The only other significant building has a lot of story, but not a lot of plot, so to speak.
We only have one option that I can see to further the plot! So we will do it, a little random pilfering certainly will pay off! (Or not!)
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[Maya and her party enter the Wind City Library, as she picks up a book titled "The Book of Draxx"]
MAYA: [reading] "The Curse of Draxx. Long ago legend tells of the ancient Necromancer Draxx. Lustful of the immortality of the Seraphim, he furtively studied the arts of the Undead. It is Draxx's Curse that even today darkens the graveyards and pollutes the land. Even the ancient catacombs of Wind City, which once stretched from Mourn Graveyard all the way to the Cathedral of the Seven Winds itself, were sealed to hold back the forces of the dead."
[she picks up another book titled "Alchemy in Modern Times"]
MAYA: [reading] "Alchemy and Chemicals. Many natural elements can be used for the benefit of mankind. The Chosen have taken this way of life to the extreme, with bio-engineered ships and armors, far superior to that of the lower Shells. But as strange as they may seem to us, even stranger are the tales surrounding the blood of the Undead. Long rumored to be deadly to the living, some have recently found uses for this foul chemical, using its strong corrosive properties as an acid."
[she walks up to one of the monks in the library]
MAYA: Hey, how's it going?
[the monk says nothing]
MAYA: Not a very talkative fellow ...
[she moves on, and picks up another book titled "Book of Helgak, Vol. I"]
MAYA: [reading] "The origin of Helgak. Helgak are the dominant animal species of our world. Generally, any floating creature with a calciate, or bony, exoskeleton is considered to be of the Helgak family. Most scholars believe these animals were put here by the Creator to perform tasks for men, but recent theories speculate that the Helgak are mutations from a period before even Marduk's age, when men could not distinguish between technology and science. Recent proofs of these arguments lie in similar genetic information between common Wulves and Thunder Lions, and even between humans and Underlost. Many, however, still consider the biology of the Helgak to be quite beyond our means of creation; their mysterious 'purpose' seems too deliberate for our frail minds."
[she picks up another book titled "Ancient Manuscripts and Texts, Vol. X"]
MAYA: [reading] "Marduk the Law Giver. Son of the Creator and the celestial giver of the Law, Marduk is the primary demigod of the Septerran world. Sometime in the ancient past, usually dated as 2145 CR, Marduk was commanded by the Creator to enter into the material worlds of men. Tasked with retrieving the Core Keys and rescuing the Angel Kyra from the Daemon Gemma, Marduk set upon his task and changed history forever. Raising an army of men from every world shell, the Army of the Seven Winds, Marduk discovered the location of Gemma's hidden fortress and began his assault. It was here that he battled the massive Core Creature Daemon that guarded Gemma's fortress, and then did battle with Gemma for a hundred days. The triumphant Marduk destroyed the blasphemer and smote his temple, rescuing Kyra and the artifacts for all mankind. To this day the Guard of Wind City carries on Marduk's Daemon Force technique, wielding mastery over the use of Dimensional gates."
[she picks up another book titled "Elementals and Demigods, Vol. XIX"]
MAYA: [reading] "Ouroboros. Near the core of the world there is a cave, a temple to the three-headed serpent of fire, Ouroboros. Ouroboros is as old as the world and his body is long enough to encircle all of Septerra. Through the fury he feels at his lack of unity, Ouroboros generates light and heat to warm and fuel Septerra. Some legends have said that the world will end when the three heads agree on any one thing. Finally, Ouroboros' fire bakes the element of Earth."
[she picks up another book titled "The Big Book of the Conjunction"]
MAYA: [reading] "The Great Conjunction. Every one hundred years, the Shells of Septerra allow enough light to reach the Core, an event known as the Conjunction. An unexplainable result of the Conjunction is the affect on the creatures of Septerra. One of the oddest examples is the Kahli Crabs of Shell 3. Every one hundred years, during the Conjunction, these deep lake dwellers leave their homes and travel to the shores of their birth, there to spawn, laying the eggs for another generation."
[she picks up another book titled "Elementals and Demigods, Vol. XIII"]
MAYA: [reading] "Sedna and Pilitak. Sedna is the queen of the ocean, the master of the life-giving sea. Sedna was a girl who was tricked by a demon into marriage; rather than surrender to the unholy and deceitful union, she flung herself into the freezing ocean. She is said to watch over the bounty of the sea, and to bless and reward the people who use their marine resources responsibly and never overtax the waters. Pilitak is the great and loyal creature that watches and protects Sedna in the service of the elements. Finally, Sedna's Water is deadly to the element of Fire."
[she picks up another book titled "Book of Helgak, Vol. II"]
MAYA: [reading] "The Domestication of Helgak. Helgak have very 'soft' brains, and are thus easily domesticated. Man found use for Helgak as far back as our oldest written historical records. Many of the breeds retain air gasses that allow them to float for long periods of time, making Helgak useful for transportation and manual labor such as agriculture. The bony chitin of their shells is also useful for armor and weapons. The Chosen have taken Helgakian genetics further than anyone, 'growing' altered Helgak as a basis for their ships, armors, weapons, and even shelter. While many regard this as inhumane treatment of a living being, it is clearly much more efficient to heal a device as opposed to fixing it."
[she picks up another book titled "Core Energy, Its Power and Usage - Unabridged Edition, CR4342"]
MAYA: [reading] "Core Energy. The seven layers of continents that orbit our planet, called World Shells, are each connected to the Great Spine. The rotations of the Shells turn the joints of the Spine and create vast amounts of power, which is collected in the Core. Here it is used to run its ancient machinery and regulate every aspect of the planet. Excess energy is radiated from the Core into the world. This energy can be used for many purposes, from running machinery to casting spells. Every living thing has the ability to tap this energy and use it. Humans can replenish their Core energy by sleeping or by using ancient Relics called Core Runes to quickly regain energy. Core Engines are special devices that draw in Core Power from the world and store it for use in machines."
[she picks up another book titled "Elementals and Demigods, Vol. X"]
MAYA: [reading] "Humbaba. The guardian of earth and ore. Humbaba is the living personification of a volcano; the body of this one-eyed giant is made of stone, lava, and metal. Humbaba watches over the forest and the land, carefully regulating the ecology of our world. When balance is lost, all suffer Humbaba's fury until he can be quieted and reassured that men are adequate stewards of his lands. Finally, Humbaba's Earth is deadly to Air."
[she picks up another book titled "Fate Cards in Theory and Practice"]
MAYA: [reading] "Law and Chaos. The battle between Marduk and Gemma may be long over, but their struggle for the hearts and minds of the people of Septerra will rage quietly for a long time. It is said that combining the Fate Cards of the giver of law and the maker of chaos creates powerful spells, reflecting the intensity of the epic war waged by the two Fates who have shaped our world."
[she picks up another book titled "Elementals and Demigods, Vol. XVI"]
MAYA: [reading] "Simurgh. A mighty bird with wings that span the height of a hundred men. Simurgh is the watcher of air, wind, sky and weather. Every thousand years, the Simurgh nests to lay a single egg. This egg contains her spirit, reborn and refreshed to best serve the elements of the ether. When the egg is hatched, the old Simurgh blows away as dust, and the young hatchling continues the tasks of the guardian of wind. Finally, Simurgh's Lightning is deadly to denizens of Water."
[she picks up another book titled "Ancient Manuscripts and Texts, Vol. XII"]
MAYA: [reading] "Dogo the Trickster. Dogo is a mysterious and treacherous demigod of folklore and myth. No one really knows to whom this being pays allegiance, and his dark and clever mind is truly hidden from all but the Creator. When Gemma held Kyra the Angel as prisoner in his secret fortress, it was Dogo who made her rescue possible. He convinced the Daemon Lord to allow Kyra to have at least one item of comfort - a mirror. She could use it, he argued, to make herself beautiful for her new Lord. Gemma, ever greedy and lustful, agreed. Dogo created her mirror from the very stuff of the Core and gave it to the captured angel. She used it to reflect her light into the heavens, creating the stars. Marduk, seeing this sign, followed the brightest to Gemma' hidden lair, rescuing Kyra and destroying Gemma."
[she picks up another book titled "Ancient Manuscripts and Texts, Vol. XIII"]
MAYA: [reading] "Gemma the Daemon. Gemma was once a Seraphim who stood alongside Marduk and Kyra at the Creator's side. But soon, lusting for the power of God, he fell from grace to become a twisted Daemon Lord. Banished to the utter darkness, Gemma swore revenge and found his way into the lands of men. There he built his secret fortress of Gehan, plotting his ultimate rule of all the known universe. To this end, the Daemon recruited an army of spirits from the outer reaches of the elemental realms, and used them to steal the Creator's Core Keys and even the Angel of Light ... Kyra. When Gemma was finally destroyed, his body was thrown into the pits of Janaak, there to burn for all eternity. Marduk then captured the Dark One's evil spirits and trapped them within another dimension, to be called on only by the followers of his Law, to forever be used to battle the followers of Chaos."
[she picks up another book titled "Ancient Manuscripts and Texts, Vol. XIV"]
MAYA: [reading] "The Creator. The mysterious force who created the world of Septerra to function as a meticulous clockwork on a planetary scale. At the center of this world he created is the Core, believed by many to be the regulator of our planet, forever watching over its master's creation. Many scholars have studied the various clues left behind by the Creator's followers and poured through the ancient texts in pursuit of the nature of this supreme god. Why did he create the Keys that are prophesized to unlock the Core? What is the fabled Gift of the Creator that he who succeeds in communing with the Core is destined to receive? Marduk once prophesized that it would be the grace by which mankind would save himself from certain doom. Many believe it to be a test of all mankind on that fateful day, and that the Creator will judge us all, and we shall either receive the hellfires of the Pits of Janaak, or we shall inherit the Kingdom of Heaven."
[she picks up another book titled "Ancient Manuscripts and Texts, Vol. XI"]
MAYA: [reading] "Kyra the Angel of Light. Most revered of all the Creator's Seraphim, it is Kyra who is responsible for the light of day and night. So desirable was she that Gemma, the Fallen, took her from the heavens and hid her within his secret fortress of Gehan. After her rescue and the restoration of her light to the world, Kyra became Marduk's bride, ruling Septerra from his side as Queen of the city of Babylon. During this time she brought her healing powers and rejuvenating light to all the peoples of the world shells."
[she walks up to the librarian (another monk in a dark brown robe, his face obscured by his cowl)]
MAYA: What is this place?
ABBOT: This is the Library of Wind City. What would you like to know?
[the player selects "Maya"]
MAYA: This place is even bigger than Azziz's temple!
ABBOT: Azziz ... Mhhm. I once knew a man named Azziz. Bright fellow.
[the player selects "Grubb"]
GRUBB: Do you have any books on robotics?
ABBOT: Robo ... what?
[the player selects "Tomb"]
MAYA: Do you know anything about the Tomb in the Graveyard?
ABBOT: The whole graveyard is a source of great evil. The people have built walls all around the city to protect them from it. The Tomb is the source of that evil.
[the player selects "Headless Statue"]
GRUBB: Do you know anything about the statue in the Graveyard?
ABBOT: It's the likeness of an ancient necromancer, Draxx. The statue was defiled years ago. Its head lies in the Library, for safekeeping. Some say the head was removed to keep the curse of Draxx from animating the statue ... but that's just a myth.
[the player selects "Monks"]
GRUBB: What's up with the Monks?
ABBOT: They have taken a vow of silence in protest to the proposed dissolution of the Holy Guard. The monks have proposed a system by which the City would be run by both the Guard and the Presidency, with the Library as a third branch, to keep power balanced. But the people do not listen.
[the player selects "Holy Guard"]
MAYA: Do you know a man named Bowman?
ABBOT: A great, yet troubled man.
MAYA: Why?
ABBOT: President Dugan wants to dissolve the Holy Guard, the protectors of Wind City, and rule without the checks and balances that the Guard provides. Bowman, who leads the Guard, must decide if he should force the people into the light of truth, or give in and watch as they are led down a dark path of lies ...
[the player selects "Marduk"]
MAYA: Tell me the story of the Fates.
ABBOT: During the infancy of our world, the Creator fashioned two relics of power that could be used to communicate with the Core, and receive its power. Many men fought over these Keys, but only one succeeded in snaring them away from God - the Daemon Gemma, who also kidnapped Kyra, the angel of light, to be his bride. When his host of angels failed to defeat the Daemon, the Creator sent Marduk, his only begotten son, to defeat the forces of darkness, and left the affairs of men forever. Marduk searched for Gemma's secret fortress, assembling an army of warriors from every world shell ... the Army of the Seven Winds. But an army cannot fight what they cannot find. When all hope appeared lost, Dogo, a trickster daemon, convinced Gemma that he should allow Kyra to have at least one item of comfort - a mirror. She could use it, he argued, to make herself beautiful for her new Lord. Gemma, ever greedy and lustful, agreed. Dogo created her mirror from the very stuff of the Core and gave it to the captured angel. She used it to reflect her light into the heavens, creating the stars. Marduk, seeing this sign, followed the brightest to Gemma's hidden lair. After a battle that raged for a hundred days, the son of God smote Gemma. Marduk sent the Daemon's soul to the secret places of the earth, his blood became rivers and his eyes the darkness of death. Gemma's body was thrown into the hellish pits of Janaak, there to burn for all eternity. Afterwards, Marduk captured Gemma's daemon spawn and imprisoned them within other dimensions, to be called on by his followers alone. Then he created the Temple City of Babylon and ruled with Kyra for many years, hiding the Keys until mankind would need the Gift that lies in the Core.
MAYA: Ah, the Kingdom of Heaven?
ABBOT: Yes. Marduk taught us that its power would one day save the world.
[the player selects "Septerra"]
MAYA: Do you know how the great Spine works?
ABBOT: Yes, I've studied it well. The Spine connects all the World Shells like a giant rod, from the North to the South Pole. It gathers the energy created by the rotation of the continents, which act like giant turbines. This energy is used to power the Core and is the source of the energy that we all use to cast spells and power our machinery.
[the player selects "Wind City"]
MAYA: Do you know of Marduk?
ABBOT: Wind City was founded by his followers.
MAYA: His followers?
ABBOT: Yes, for Marduk raised the Seven Winds of Septerra, seven armies, one of each World Shell, and led them against Gemma and his dark legions. Marduk slew the dark one, and captured his daemon minions, to be called only by Marduk's followers. Our Holy Guard of the Seven Winds carry on Marduk's teachings.
[she moves on, and picks up another book titled "Elementals and Demigods, Vol. II"]
MAYA: [reading] "Thanatos. Death comes eventually for all the children of the Creator, in the form of Thanatos. Thanatos is the giver and taker of the spark of life, the floating and fearsome spectre that is present at every passing to guide our spirits into the next realm. Thanatos does not answer to Marduk, Gemma, or even the Creator; only his eternal love, loyalty and devotion to the angel Kyra keeps him at his job and allows us all to finally sleep after a life fully lived."
[she picks up another book titled "The Life Sciences"]
MAYA: [reading] "New Theories. Recently, so-called 'scientists' have concocted bizarre theories concerning the appearance of life on Septerra. Rejecting the long-accepted tales of the Creator, Marduk and Gemma, these theoreticians postulate that living creatures came about through gradual change over millions of years, starting as one-celled organisms and gaining complexity through competitive struggle. Even more preposterous, some such fools suggest that man himself may have come from the lowly Helgak!"


From wikipedia.org:

"Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator" is a role-playing video game developed by Valkyrie Studios and published by Monolith Productions in 1999.

In the center of Septerra lies the Core, a giant Bio-computer. Seven continents, each with its own unique geography, population and cultures, turn around the core on different levels. The title "Septerra" is from the Latin "septem", seven, and "terra", earth.

In the beginning the creator brought forth the shining jewels of the universe and their secrets. One such jewel was the world known as Septerra, its secret hidden within its core. Seven distinct layers of continents called world shells orbit the planet, each connected to the other by a giant bio-organic spine. At the center of all lies the core, an enormous bio-computer regulating the movements of the shells.

The creator fashioned into this world a way in which man himself, one day would inherit his power. He created twin keys that can be used to unlock the secrets, granting the gift of the creator, the kingdom of heaven. Every 100 years the alignment of the upper continents creates a beam of light which penetrates to the depths of the core, activating it for a short period. At this time the keys may be used to unlock its secrets. Many men have attempted to possess these relics, but the world was not yet ready.

Then there was one that the creator and the host of angels could not destroy. A fallen seraphim who captured the keys to the core. The creator in desperation sent Marduk, his only begotten son, to Septerra, and then left the affairs of men forever.

After a battle that raged for 100 days, Marduk defeated Gemma and retrieved the keys. Teaching that the world was not yet ready for such power, he hid the ancient relics. But Marduk prophesied that one day, many millennia in the future, when the world was in grave danger, they would once again be found. The power they could unlock could save the world from destruction. That time, is now.

A powerful Chosen, inhabitants of Septerra who strongly believe in their own superiority of knowledge and technology, named Doskias wishes to fulfill this legacy with force. This will be a disaster for all the other people who live on Septerra.

In the meantime a young woman named Maya, an orphaned junker, finds herself in the middle of the conflict, as it was Doskias who orphaned her and her friends. What begins as a quest of revenge, unfolds into a plot to save the Legacy of the Creator and Septerra itself from falling into the wrong hands. Without help she won't stand a chance against the Chosen and other enemies. But who can she trust in a world ravaged with war, a world on the brink of ruin...?


From gamefaqs.com:

Enter Wind City, and its main section of the city. (The Resivoir is closed off for now.) Talk with the various locals, and have Grubb fix some of the peoples' items for free stuff. You'll pass by an array of shops - they have awnings over the doorways and green-colored marble floors. Shop if you want, and then enter the Capitol building. Once inside, head northeast to the Library.

The Library contains a broken model of Septerra (Grubb can't fix it), plus lots of books. Look at some of the books for some facts on the world of Septerra, its demi-gods, and its legends. You'll run into a bunch of monks who haven't got much to say. However, you'll eventually run into a talkative monk. He provides lots of information on Marduk, Bowman, the monks, and the weird statue in the Graveyard.

Head back east past the Septerra model, and you'll find another set of shelves... and a head. It's bolted by an iron collar to the table. Remember the headless statue you found at the Graveyard? Use the Acid Vial on the head, and add the head to your inventory.

Return to the Graveyard, and go back to the headless statue. REMEMBER TO SAVE YOUR GAME! The upcoming fight is a damn tough one. Select the head, and toss it on the statue. The statue of Draxx will then rumble, shake, and will start to fight your party. Draxx has about 150 or so HP, but can deal lots of damage on your party.


With Wind City closed off, head to Southfarm.

Once inside, you'll notice two guards at the gate. Unless you think you can boot their rears, just zip your lips and pass by them quietly. Enter the Weapons Shop to the southeast. Talk to the people there, especially with Corgan. Corgan will recognize Maxon, who's actually a monk helping to get people out of Wind City with a secret passage before the Chosen nuke the place. He will then open the grate, allowing you to enter Wind City's library.

Once inside, talk to Abbot. Ask about passports and he'll give you some fakes to exit Shell Three. Chat with him a little, then exit the place using the secret passage.


From lparchive.org:

NPCs still wander around Southfarm, but their dialog is changed, and some won't talk to you at all.

I take this opportunity to restock on healing items and pick up some better gear for Corgan and better armour (which I couldn't afford earlier) for everyone at the weapons shop.

MAYA: Is there any resistance to the Chosen?
MAXON: I wouldn't tell anything to no-one but Wind City Guards about that. I certainly wouldn't trust the likes of you.

Good thing I have one of them right behind me.

CORGAN: Maxon ... is that you?
MAXON: Corgan?
CORGAN: What is a Monk of the Library doing selling junk?
MAXON: Looks like my disguise has failed. My brothers and I are trying to get people out of the city ...
MAYA: How are you getting them out?
MAXON: Underground tunnel to the Library, from this very shop ...
CORGAN: Can we use your route for passage, old man?
MAXON: Well, I recognize you, but who are your friends?
CORGAN: Allies, all around ... Layla has gifted them with her trust.
MAXON: Layla is alive?!
CORGAN: Aye, she's gathering our forces for a counterstrike. If we can get into the Library, perhaps the Monks can help us ...
MAXON: I'll allow them to pass, as long as you are with them.

The secret passage in the floor opens, leading us back into the Wind City library.

ABBOT: Corgan, is-is that you?
CORGAN: Aye, Bowman is dead. Layla now leads the Guard.
ABBOT: Bring her my sympathies ...
MAYA: What's going on?
ABBOT: We've formed an underground passage to get people safely out of the city.
GRUBB: How long did it take to build the tunnel?
ABBOT: It's part of the network of catacombs under the city. Our ancestors have done most of the work for us.
CORGAN: Abbot, do you know anything about the fate of the border towns?
ABBOT: Most are in dire trouble. The Chosen are ruthless and have begun to cut off supply routes.
MAYA: We need passports, can you help us?
ABBOT: I have some forgeries that we secured from our spies. Take them and put them to good use, child.

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