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Case Study No. 0749: Staff of the Balamb Garden Library

FF8 *No Levelling* - #17 - Diablos Preparation
We further the subplot with the Librarian, and finish off a couple more abilities before we attempt to 'persuade' GF-Diablos to join us.
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The Library Girl with a Pigtail ("Piguteeru Tsuki Raiburari Gaaru" in the original Japanese) also known as the Girl with Pigtail or simply the Pigtail Girl, is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy VIII. She harbors a deep infatuation with Zell Dincht and is featured primarily in a side-quest to obtain the Combat King 003 magazine. All the scenes are optional, triggered at different times when the player visits the library with Zell in the party.

In the game, Zell and the Pigtail Girl meet for the first time in the Balamb Garden Library when Zell asks if the book Good-bye Pupurun has been returned yet. The Pigtail Girl, as one of the three girls working as the Library Committee, stammers as she enters the search.

Later, Pigtail Girl's fellow committee members offer their support in helping her with her infatuation and interrogate Zell to find out what his likes and dislikes are. Another SeeD member is seen asking where the Pigtailed girl is, although her friends recognize that the guy may be interested in her, they know the girl is only interested in Zell, and ignore him.

During the Garden's stay in Fishermans Horizon, Irvine can go and talk to the Pigtail Girl in the library and she will inquire about Zell. Still later, Squall overhears the girls in the back of the library reading a fortune book to predict the Pigtail Girl's compatibility with Zell. The results are positive and the Pigtail Girl opts to find Zell and tell him her feelings.

At any point in Disc 3, the Pigtail Girl and Zell can meet in the Balamb Hotel where she reveals her feelings for him and gives him the Combat King 003 magazine. The dialogue is more complete the more scenes in the sidequest the player has witnessed.

The two are seen for the last time after Ultimecia's defeat, eating together during the celebration ball.


* At the very start of the game, in the "Suggestion Box" at Squall's study terminal, on the last page, a student whose initials are "Z.D." (presumably Zell Dincht) mentions he'll have his SeeD exam, and that the "library personnel" (presumably the pigtailed girl) wishes him good luck.

* During the Balamb Garden evacuation and NORG's uprising, the girl will give Squall a Mega-Phoenix if Zell is in the party (she will only give a Remedy otherwise).

Combat King 003 Sidequest

The player can witness numerous optional scenes between Zell and the Pigtail Girl, who works in the Library Committee in Balamb Garden. None of the scenes are required in order to get the magazine, but the more scenes the player witnesses, the more complete the dialogue will be at the end.

1. After hearing the briefing for the Timber mission, the party can return to Balamb Garden and enter the library, where Zell will ask the Pigtail Girl about a book he is looking for.
2. If the player takes Zell back to Garden to warn Headmaster Cid of the missiles, and visits the library, the Pigtail Girl will give Zell a Mega-Phoenix. If Zell's not in the party, she gives a Remedy.
3. When Irvine has to choose instruments for the characters to play during the concert, he can leave the scene and visit the library, where the Pigtail Girl asks questions about Zell.
4. After liberating Balamb from Galbadia, the player can enter the library with Zell in the party and the Pigtail Girl's friends hold a questionnaire for him.
5. After visiting Trabia Garden the player can take Zell to the library to the screen with the Esuna draw point and overhear the girls talking about Zell.
6. On Disc 3 the girls on the Library Committee will tell Zell the Pigtail Girl is looking for him.

The magazine can be obtained at any time after having liberated Balamb from Galbadian soldiers. After talking to one of the girls of the Library Committee, the player can head to Balamb and a girl in a red skirt will tell Zell that a girl with a pig-tail stopped by his house.

At Zell's house he will ask about the girl. The player must have Zell in the party and sleep in the Balamb Hotel. Upon waking the party notices Zell is gone, and find him downstairs where he's having a conversation with the Pigtail Girl, who hands over the Combat King 003.



-Open Hours
9:00 a.m.-lights out.
-Library Usage
All materials are open to the public. You may check out materials at the
-Remain quiet at all times.

[Library Committee Announcements]
*The following materials are overdue. Please return them to the library
"Insect Guidebook (Colour Edition)"
"Goodbye Pupurun"

The following requested materials have arrived.
"Edible Flowers"
"Turbine Engines (Revised Edition)"
"We Meet Again, Pupurun"
"The Sorceress' Knight (Scenario Edition)"

[Balamb Garden-Centre-Library Hallway]

*Walking Instructor
"Studying in the library!? I'm impressed!"

[Balamb Garden-Library]

*Library Girl with a Pigtail
"The following acts are prohibited within the library:
1. Talking loudly.
2. Eating and drinking.
3. Running around."
"And also...
4. Avoid late returns.
5. No fighting over seats."
"I have to go over the library rules with the children, next period."
"I'm very nervous. I hope they understand..."

"I have a question for ya! Esthar was the country that was governed by this
evil sorceress way back when, right?"
"So what happened to this sorceress? Did someone overthrow the sorceress?
Did we learn about this in class?"
"I think I cut class that day, so, like, I have no idea what this sorceress
is about."

*Walking Student
"I hope there's a seat left..."
"There's always a lot of people in the reading room."
"And not everyone's there to read books, either!"

*Student at bookshelf
"Darn...I can't remember the name of the book the instructor was talking
"It's too much of a hassle to ask him again. I'll just check out whatever."

*Student at bookshelf (second time)
"Hmm...I can't find anything that's relevant!"

[Balamb Garden-Library-Reading Room]

*Garden Faculty
"The desks aren't squeaky clean! Those 3 from the library committee...I bet
they're slacking off somewhere!"

*Garden Faculty (second time and onward)
"All they do is yippity-yap, yippity-yap...Even when they're alone,
"So annoyingly loud, I tell ya!"

*Female Student
"So, like, did you read it?"

Male Student
"Oh, you mean that bloody murder mystery?"

Female Student
"Did you find out who the killer was?"

Male Student
"Y'know...You should read somethin' more enlightening."

Female Student
"So, like...You found it boring?"

Male Student
"It was good...But what I'm tryin' to say is..."

Female Student
"So you liked it! Then you'll like this one, too!"

Male Student
"...Oh, ok..."

*Female Student (Second time)
"So, like, this book is written in a new style. The narrator is actually the

Male Student
"Hey! Geez, don't give it away!"


[Balamb Garden-Library]

"There's so much competition for books before a test."
"That's why I'm scoping out a book now."

[Balamb Garden-Library-Reading Room]

*Girl Cadet
"I saved a seat, but where's my study partner?"
"I'll get in trouble if she doesn't come back soon."

"I have a test comin' up. It's actually a make-up test."
"It's the worst, man...I'm the only one takin' it."


[Balamb Garden-Library]

*Library Girl with a Pigtail
"If there's a book you're looking for, please let one of the library
committee know. We'll be happy to help you."

"I've been waitin' FOREVER for 'Good-bye Pururun'. Has anyone returned it

Library Girl with a Pigtail
"I...I'll put a search on that...P-Please hold on a second..."

*Library Girl with a Pigtail (second time and onward)
"I...I'll put a search on that...P-Please hold on a second..."

*Conceited SeeD
"So the new issue isn't in yet. I was looking forward to it."

Library Committee Member
"I...I'm sorry. I was so busy with the budget meeting and all..."

Conceited SeeD
"Oh, I'm in no rush. Besides, I don't have that much time to read."

Library Committee Member
"Yes, I'm sure. SeeDs must be very busy."
"P-Please stop by again!"

Conceited SeeD
"Yeah sure, thanks."

*Conceited SeeD (second time and onward)
"You a SeeD, like me? Well, good luck to ya."

*Library Committee Member
"OH-MY-GOSH...!!! He spoke to me!!!"

*Library Committee Member (second time and onward)
"That SeeD comes to the library often. He's been our topic of conversation

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