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Case Study No. 0734: Casey Benson (library assistant) and Mr. Jenkins

The Librarian's Assistant
While shelving books at her local library, volunteer Casey Benson finds a mysterious book with blank pages and her own name on the Title page. Intrigued, Casey decides to finish the apparently unfinished novel.

Made for the 2010 MELSA Quiet on the Set Short Film Competition.

Winner of Best Acting at the 2010 Quiet on the Set Short Film Competition.
Winner of Best Family Film at the 2010 South Dakota Film Festival.
Official Selection to the Shamrock Film Festival.
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[scene opens inside of a public library, as an older male librarian is walking around the stacks when he finds a young woman sitting on the floor reading a book]
MR. JENKINS: I believe you're supposed to be shelving books, Casey, not reading them.
[she quickly stands up and apologizes]
CASEY: Mister Jenkins! I am so sorry, I was ... I was shelving books, and then I--
MR. JENKINS: I know, Casey, I know. Don't worry about it.
[cut to various shots of Casey pushing her bookcart around the library and reshelving books]
MR. JENKINS: [in voice over] But perhaps it would be better if you read after you finish helping.
CASEY: [in voice over] Yes, Mister Jenkins.
MR. JENKINS: [in voice over] Good, good ... Carry on.
[cut to Casey reshelving some DVDs, when she notices one last book at the bottom of her cart ... she opens it up and flips through the blank pages, until she stops at the title page and stares in disbelief ("The Librarian's Assistant, Casey Benson")]
[cut to the librarian sitting at his desk and typing at his computer, as Casey paces behind him]
MR. JENKINS: And you swear this isn't a joke?
CASEY: Of course not! Why would I--
MR. JENKINS: You're right, you're right ... Well, my search has been as fruitless as yours. I can't find anything on this book, or on this other Casey Benson.
CASEY: It's just so strange ... Where did it come from?
MR. JENKINS: I don't know ...
[she shrugs and starts to walk off]
MR. JENKINS: Perhaps it's a sign.
CASEY: What do you mean?
MR. JENKINS: Haven't you ever wanted to write a book? I know I have. I mean, to actually create the stories you so dearly love to read?
CASEY: Well ... yes, but--
MR. JENKINS: Well, why not take this opportunity?
CASEY: How would I start? I don't have any idea of what to write.
[he picks up the book]
MR. JENKINS: Well, you-you have a title, "The Librarian's Assistant."
[cut to Casey sitting at her desk, as she tries to begin writing but shakes her head]
MR. JENKINS: [in voice over] Sounds like a mystery, or maybe a comedy. See what comes to you.
[she scrunches up her nose, then takes her pencil and writes "Chapter One" inside the book]
LIBRARY PATRON: [from off camera] Excuse me.
[she looks up and sees a young female patron standing in front of her]
LIBRARY PATRON: Can I check these out?
[she holds out her library card, as Casey closes the book]
CASEY: Um, actually, you're gonna go over to that computer and check 'em out.
[she takes her books and leaves]
CASEY: Have a nice day!
[she sighs and opens the book back up, only to find that her handwriting has somehow changed to actual typed print on the page]
[cut to a closeup of the words "Chapter One" in the book (as Casey rubs them with her finger to make sure they're real), then she begins writing again]
[cut to another shot of Casey, as she puts her pencil down and closes the book again ... after waiting a few seconds, she opens it back up to find that her handwriting has again magically transformed into printed text ("Jennifer Bailey arrived at the Oak Street Library 15 minutes before it opened. It was her first day of working at the Library, and she wanted to make a good first impression on Mr. Reed, the head Librarian.")]
[cut to a closeup of Casey's face, as her look of bewilderment eventually changes to a smile, as she begins writing feverishly in the book]
[cut to a montage of various shots of Casey writing in her book (at the bus stop, at her desk, etc.) ... eventually, she stops writing in bed and falls asleep, where she wakes up to find that the previously all-black cover has been magically covered in a dustjacket with "The Librarians' Assistant by Casey Benson" written on it]
[cut to a closeup of Casey's face, as she laughs and shakes her head]
[cut to inside of the library, as Casey pushes her book across the desk towards Mister Jenkins]
MR. JENKINS: You finished!
[she nods, then he puts on his glasses and begins reading]
CASEY: Okay ...
[she leaves, then cut to various shot of Mister Jenkins reading, until he finally smiles and slams the book shut (causing Casey to quickly pop back into the scene)]
CASEY: Well?
MR. JENKINS: I love it!
CASEY: Really?
MR. JENKINS: Yes I do! It's fantastic! But how did you get to print an actual book?
CASEY: You'd never believe me if I told you!
[they both laugh]
MR. JENKINS: Well, a book as good as this can't stay hidden ... It deserves to be read!
[cut to a book display in the middle of the library, as he puts away a copy of "Twilight New Moon" and replaces it with Casey's book]
MR. JENKINS: Your first book, Casey! You'll be the next John Grisham before you know it ...
CASEY: That'll be the day, Mister Jenkins!
[he laughs and walks off, then cut to Casey pushing her bookcart around the library, when she stops and notices another book at the bottom of the cart ... she picks it up and flips through the blank pages, until she gets to the title page ("One Summer Day, Casey Benson")]
[cut to a closeup of Casey's face, as she laughs]
CASEY: I'll get right to work!

This film was produced for the
Quiet on the Set Short Film Competition,
sponsored by MELSA, Comcast, 102.9 FM,

Written & Directed by
Conor Holt


Casey Benson
Jessica Drake

Mr. Jenkins
Tom Schwartzbauer

Library Patron
Yehoon Jong

Shot & Edited by
Conor Holt

Sound Mixer & Designer
Greg Albing

Assistant Director
Andrew Albing

Production Assistant
Joseph Mueller

Andrew Albing

Music by
Andrew Albing

Special Thanks to
Greg Albing
Gregg Martinson
Wayne Powers
Peg Doheny
The St. Anthony Park Library Staff

Shot at St. Anthony Park Library

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