Monday, January 14, 2013

Case Study No. 0721: "Mrs. Librarian" (KTXL Fox 40)

Comic Book Librarian.wmv
Did some drawrings (english accent) for a news update!!
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[logo for the KTXL Fox 40 News at Ten program flashes on the screen]
[a comics panel labelled "1985" shows an elderly female librarian saying "Don't forget to return your book on time!" while handing a Dr. Seuss book to a young boy, who replies "I won't, Mrs. Librarian!"]
DONNA CORDOVA: [in voice-over] Great, just what you need!
[cut to another panel labelled "Today", as the librarian is shown standing at a man's front door saying "Hello there. Is little Timmy here?", to which the man replies "Uh, I'm Timmy. Can I help you?"]
DONNA CORDOVA: [in voice-over] Another form of collections hot on your tail!
[cut to another panel showing the librarian shaking her fist and chasing the man, saying "Get back here, Timmy!"]
DONNA CORDOVA: [in voice-over] You might not know it, but you could have a librarian chasing you down for something you did eons ago!
[cut to another panel showing Timmy running down an alley and screaming "Stay away from me, crazy lady!", followed by another panel of Timmy lying on the ground as the librarian stands over him in a menacing fashion and declares "You owe me $3.4 million!!"]
DONNA CORDOVA: We'll explain tonight, at ten!
[the "Fox 40 News at Ten" logo appears again, then fades to black]

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