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Case Study No. 0755: Candace Hare

Librarians At Night
We like to dance to this song before we open the library.

Dance moves: Candace
Director/Camera/Editor: Michelle
Romance Wranglers: Tyler & Christin

This is a cover video of the Francis and the Lights video "The Top". one light, one camera, one tune.
youtube.com/ watch?v=OAP64i5FLF0
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[scene opens with a young female librarian pushing a book cart through an empty darkened library, when a bass-heavy beat starts and she ducks into the stacks ... the camera pans over to find her dancing under a spotlight in front of a microphone stand]

Mother mine
Look at my life
What have I done?
I let you down
But look at me
Look at me now
I said where?
I said where?

Father, father
I spent a long time, long time
Looking for a father figure
No, no, no
I don't care anymore
I don't care
I said where?
I said where?

Baby, baby
I'm sorry now
Sorry that I made you cry
I didn't mean to hurt you, girl
I was just jealous
Just a jealous guy
But I'm a man now
I said where?!
I said where?

[books suddenly fly at her from off camera, while the librarian continues to dance in slow motion ... then cut to the librarian standing outside and looking at the nighttime skyline, then the screen goes black]

Candace Hare
Library Director

Michelle Lovegrove Thomson

Paperback Launchers
Tyler and Christin

Francis & The Lights
"The Top"

c. MLT 2010


From bibliocommons.com:

Librarians at Night [video]

Filmed, directed and edited by Michelle Thompson, starring Candace Hare. Shot in the River Reading Room at the Fredericton Public Library, May 2010.


From blogspot.com:

This funked short features Candace, the Director of the library I worked at for the past year. It all came together when she received her Fluevog leather boots in the mail: time to break it down in the stacks. Shot with one light, one camera. I used a Sony PMW-EX1 HD cam with a fig rig for a hand-held long take.

Librarians at Night from Michelle Lovegrove Thomson

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