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Case Study No. 0713: Ginny Fizz

The Debut of Ms. Ginny Fizz
"A Little Less Conversation"
Michelle L'amour's Burlesque Finishing School for Girls
Student Striptease Showcase
December 9, 2007
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[scene opens on a young female librarian (glasses, hair in a bun, dark blazer and skirt) sorting books on her cart]
[Elvis Presley's "A Little Less Conversation" begins playing, so the librarian throws a book on the floor, then begins dancing around stage (while holding a finger to her lips and "shushing" the audience]
[she takes off her glasses and throws them across the stage, then opens her blazer to reveal a red tassled bra]
[she takes off her skirt (revealing a large "Overdue" sign stitched into the inside), then shushes the audience and continues dancing]
[she takes off her bra (revealing pasties) then wheels the bookcart off stage as the audience applauds]



Working on the Field of Dreams principle, I've been blogging about strippers, sleaze paperbacks--and other scantily clad themes--every single chance I get.

And what do you know, it worked! I sold pieces of burlesque historical material to two fine performers who are upholding the tradition and keeping the tassles spinning.

...and they both have book-related acts!

First Ms. Ginny Fizz and her librarian tease to the tune of Elvis' "A Little Less Conversation"

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