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Case Study No. 0716: Hester Primm

The Sims Bustin' Out Walkthrough (GBA) Part 7
The Sims Bustin' Out Walkthrough Part 7: Bug Infestation. In this episode we help the librarian squish some bookworms.
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[the player talks to the young female librarian waiting outside of her library]
HESTER: It is so delightful to meet you. I'm Hester Primm. I run the SimValley library, so stop by for a visit any time. But be sure to wash your hands if you plan to touch any books.
[the player selects "Will the library be open soon?"]
HESTER: That, my young friend, is a super question. Thank you for asking.
[the player selects "Thank you for thanking me."]
HESTER: Oh such good manners! Your uncle must be proud. Unfortunately, the library won't be open for some time. I'm afraid it has a rather disgusting book-worm infestation.
[the player selects "I'll squash those bugs, ma'am!"]
HESTER: Would you? That's just super! So many people in SimValley still have books checked out and have library fees to pay that we can't afford an exterminator. But if you can get people to return their books, squash the bookworms, and ... um, read one chapter in my new cookbook, then I'll set you up with a library card on the spot!
[the player selects "Whatever you say, ma'am!"]
HESTER: So polite! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
[the player enters the library and squashes all of the bookworms underfoot, as "Goal Complete!" appears on screen]
[the player exits the library, then heads off and eventually finds Claire Clutterbell, selecting "Do you have a library book checked out?" from the menu]
CLAIRE: Why I sure do! I haven't returned it yet as little Pooky likes it so much! Why just the other day he ...
[the player selects "'Pooky' reads?"]
CLAIRE: Why no silly! Cats can't read ... well anyway, here you go!
[the overdue library book is added to the player's inventory]
NARRATOR: "500 Gelatin Recipes, Vol. 4, Entrees" by Julia Kinder. The fourth book in this inexplicably popular series. Where does Misses Kinder get her ideas?
[the player leaves and eventually finds Nicki Knack in SimValley's trinket shop, selecting "Do you have any overdue library books?" from the menu]
NICKI: Well this is just so embarrassing, sugar. I meant to return it, I really did, but ... anyway, be a dear and bring it to Hester for me, will you?
[the overdue library book is added to the player's inventory]
NARRATOR: "The Aesthetics of Ice Sculpting" by Buzz Cutter. Mister Cutter's cultural and historical analysis of this age-old winter-time folk tradition is one of the best around.
[the player leaves and eventually finds Misty Waters on the beach, selecting "I am looking for overdue library books. Do you have any checked out?" from the menu]
MISTY: Why sure! I have plenty! Books on fitness, Marine Biology, David Hass ...
[the player selects "Ok! Can I bring one of them back to the Library for you?"]
MISTY: Sure thing! Take this one, I never even opened it!
[the overdue library book is added to the player's inventory]
NARRATOR: "When X Was Y, the Secret History of Logic" by Xena Xavier. This endlessly readable tome is light on theory and heavy on gossip and innuendo.
[the player leaves and eventually finds Mad Willy Hurtzya on the beach, selecting "Can I borrow your borrowed library book?" from the menu]
WILLY: Sure, no problem. I wasn't planning to return it anyway. I checked it out last time I was here three years ago, so give in now? Take it away!
[the overdue library book is added to the player's inventory]
NARRATOR: "Oh Yes You Can, You Crybaby!" by Kent Biggerstaff. SimValley's top-selling motivational book and doorstopper. Now in hardback ... again!
[the player leaves and eventually finds Daddy Bigbucks in Club Rubb, selecting "I need a book to help rebuild the Library, can you help me out?" from the menu]
DADDY: Always willing to help out a cause! They make for great Tax write-offs! I'll just give you one from my personal collection, which luckily I keep in my pocket!
[the overdue library book is added to the player's inventory]
NARRATOR: "Ubiquitous Desire, A Romance" by Merv Collins. The final book in the acclaimed "Desire" trilogy, this book is better than "Cantankerous Desire" and "Deluded Desire" combined!
[the player returns to Hester Primm and selects "I've got something for you!"]
HESTER: Hey thanks!
[the player selects "All clear, ma'am!"]
HESTER: Bless you! Now we can continue to nurture the young minds of this town! The library is open from 9AM to 5PM everyday. Anytime you want to study a book, just come on by!
["Goal Complete!" appears on screen]



The only librarian in all of SimValley. She's also the only self-appointed manners and etiquette guru.



"The Sims: Bustin' Out" Game Boy Walkthrough

Misson 3 / Goal 3: Library Card - Talk to Hester Primm to learn about the library.

* Destroy all 15 Bookworms - Go to the library and walk over them
* Get 3 books (Collect at least 3 books from any of these Sims) = Mad Willy Hurtzya, Daddy Bigbucks, Claire Clutterbell, Misty Waters, Knicki Knack
* Return 3 Books to Hester
* Learn Cooking - Raise cooking skill by 1

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