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Case Study No. 0751: Jasper

Secret Lives of Librarians promo (2/3)
Video sketch from the 2012 sketch show Morning News Zealand. Written by Sara Kidd and starring Thom Adams. Filmed and edited by Matt Taine.
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[scene opens with a young male librarian (long brown hair, black overcoat, orange tie) taking off his glasses and smiling at the camera, as "Meet Jasper" appears on screen]
[cut to Jasper reading a book, when he turns to the camera and smiles, as "He has a secret to share ... " appears on screen]
[cut to Jasper with a blank expression on his face, as "Job?" appears on screen]
[cut to Jasper smiling and speaking directly to the camera]
JASPER: Librarian!
["Secret?" appears on screen, then cut to Jasper holding up a hardcover edition of "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire]
JASPER: I like big books and I cannot lie!
["What do you think New Zealanders would like to know about librarians?" appears on screen]
JASPER: Well, this one time, this guy tweeted on my Facebook page ... he said "Librarianship is for losers."
[cut to Jasper reading from "Wicked" while taking a bite out of a carrot, then cut back to Jasper speaking directly to the camera]
JASPER: Well, I showed him, by tweeting my disagreement from my dimly lit cubicle in the library basement!
[cut to Jasper dancing, then "Craziest thing you have ever done in a library?" appears on screen]
JASPER: Uh ...
[cut to Jasper coyly speaking directly to the camera (as if he's embarrassed to reveal a huge secret)]
JASPER: One time ... I wore my gardening crocs to work instead of my usual day-wear crocs!
[he shakes his head, then "Secret Lives of Librarians" appears on screen]
[cut to Jasper chewing his carrot before walking off camera, as "Tuesdays at 7pm" appears on screen]



Hutt City Musical Theatre ventures into the world of stand-up comedy with its latest production, Morning News Zealand.

"This is an exciting departure from our usual shows," said theatre president Tony Lucie-Smith.

"We want to see whether there is interest in this medium as part of our desire to grow the society."

The production centres on a television breakfast show, Morning News Zealand, under threat from a flashy newcomer - Revelation.

Can presenters Wayne Downdeboat, Anne Kerr and their team of journalists improve their ratings and save their jobs?

For the majority of the young cast, the show is a reunion. Seven of the 10 met as students at Otago University taking part in a Capping Show. They went on to perform together for more than five years.

Finding themselves in Wellington with jobs, partners and mortgages, the group discovered that they still had a passion for being silly and writing sketches.

Teaming up with improvisers Wiremu Tuhiwai, Jennifer O'Sullivan and Steven Youngblood, a new show began to form.

Incorporating a variety of music, the cast worked on the script for two months, picking out their favourite sketches and stitching them into a storyline, Mr Lucie-Smith said.

"It's great to see younger people producing good theatre."

Featuring interviews, dancing, robots, cats, politics and music Morning News Zealand promises an entertaining evening.

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