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Case Study No. 0707: Lexington Public Librarian

Lexington Library Commercial #1
Winner of a Gold Addy and the 2004 Ralph Gabbard Television Excellence award. One of two commercials we produced for the Lexington, KY libraries. Shot on 35mm film with all original music and sounds.
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[scene opens with a young boy putting on his bicycle helmet, as the camera focuses on the pile of library books sitting on the back wheel of his bike]
[cut to the boy riding his bike along the sidewalk, as the camera zooms in on a red card attached to the spokes of the front wheel with a clothespin]
[cut to the boy picking up speed, as he passes a man watering his lawn, then he gets on the road and (with piped-in sound effects of a cheering crowd) raises his arms as if he's crossed the finish line of a race]
[cut to the boy coming to a stop, as the camera zooms in on the card as he pulls it off the clothespin]
[cut to inside of a public library, as the boy hands his books to the young female librarian at the front desk]
ANNOUNCER: A library card ...
[cut to a closeup of the top of the stack of books, where the boy's library card (which we now realize was the card in the spokes of the bicycle wheel) is sitting]
[cut to the librarian holding up the card (now in tatters) with a look of disapproval, as the boy simply smiles]
ANNOUNCER: What will you do with it?
[cut to a shot of the boy riding his bike away from the camera, as "Get a library card! Lexington Public Library" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: Get a library card, free, at any Lexington Public Library location!



A Library Card - What Will You Do With It?

These two :30 television commercials were produced by the Lexington Public Library to kick off "September is Library Card Sign-Up Month". Don Simandl and High Road Productions, Inc., of Lexington was hired as the production company. Jeremy Horton from the Library Marketing Department was the Creative Director. (2003)

On Saturday, February 21, 2004, the Library received three awards for these commercials at the 2003 ADDY Awards, sponsored by the Lexington Advertising Club.

* Gold ADDY Award for the Spokes commercial
* Gold ADDY Award for the Artist commercial

Additionally, the "Spokes" commercial was the sole winner of the separate 2003 Ralph Gabbard Television Excellence Award.

Gold ADDY winners are automatically entered into a regional competition, then those winners into a national competition.

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