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Case Study No. 0729: Staff of Unnamed Library (Carts)

CARTS The Secret Life of Library Book Carts
WEBSITE: This video won the 2009 DEMCO Express Yourself video competition. Im sure many librarians will recognize the situations. It tells the story of two book carts and their fantasy about what life would be like if they were in charge.
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[scene opens as an unseen male librarian comes whistling into frame, pushing a small wooden bookcart and parking it next to a larger red bookcart before exiting the scene]
RED: Hey there, Woody! Phew, rough day out there today! Lotsa kindergardeners!
WOODY: Tell me about it! I wish that librarian would stick a box of Kleenex on one'a my shelves! I feel sticky all over ... Y'know, it makes me think more and more about, oh I dunno, just poppin' a wheel and rollin' off into the retirement sunset.
RED: Now Woody, none of our wheels roll as straight as they used to! That's no reason for that kinda talk!
WOODY: Maybe so Red, still ...
[a "younger" maroon-colored DEMCO bookcart comes barrelling into the scene as loud rock music plays]
SPEEDY: Look out, Gramps, I'm comin' through!
[the younger bookcart races out of the scene, nearly knocking over a female patron in the process]
WOODY: Darn punks today, with their ball-bearin' wheels and their powder-coat paint jobs!
RED: Whoa, who cracked your shelf today, Woody? You're in a mood!
WOODY: I don't know ... Did you ever think about what things would be like if the carts were in charge instead of the librarians?
[Red chuckles]
RED: I have to say, that would be sweet ...
[cut to a "dream sequence", as the male librarian follows Red around while carrying a large stack of books in his hands]
RED: [in voice over] Yep, we'd see how they feel, cartin' around those books all day! I don't think they could carry half the load we can ...
[someone off camera throws another book on top of the librarian's pile, then he trips and falls from the weight]
RED: [in voice over] Yeah, and they couldn't take the bumps and dings they give us, runnin' into things!
[cut to the librarian as he stubs his toe on a bookshelf and starts screaming]
RED: [in voice over] Yeah, we'd see how they like being loaded down with books all night and left standing in the dark ...
[cut to the librarian carrying a stack of books in his hands and standing in the dark]
[he hears the sounds of coyotes howling and begins shaking, then the dream sequence ends and the scene cuts back to the two bookcarts]
WOODY: Heh heh, that's what I like about you, Red! You've got a great imagination!
RED: Hey, I've had my share of misuse over the years! I'll never forget when they used me to move equipment over here when they changed buildings ... Boy, imagine if the shoe had been on the other foot!
[cut to another dream sequence, as the librarian is walking barefoot outside while carrying a chair and step stool on his back]
MALE LIBRARIAN: Ow! Oooh! Ow! Ouch! You shouldn't be doing this! You shouldn't roll me across the grass like this! I-I'm not rated for this kind of weight! I'm going to crack! Oh, there's glass right there! There's glass in my wheel, I hope you're happy now! I'll never be able to lift books again! Ow!
[the dream sequence ends, then cut back to the two bookcarts]
WOODY: Yeah, it's enough to make you wanna take up a hobby!
RED: A hobby? What would you do, Woody?
WOODY: I think I'd like to try bike-riding ...
[cut to an image of Woody riding a bicycle (where the wheels are made of sneakers), then cut back to the two bookcarts]
RED: You're a little weird sometimes, Woody ... Besides, we had a hobby once. You remember when the librarians did that, uh, cart choreography thing with us?
[cut to a flashback of two librarians (one male, one female) pushing Red and Woody around in a synchronized dance routine to tango music, except they keep messing up and bumping the carts into each other, then cut back to the two bookcarts talking]
WOODY: That was a lotta work! I bet those librarians wouldn't have liked it if they had to do the dancing instead of us!
[cut to another dream sequence, in which the librarians are balancing their feet on the bookcarts while "dancing" with their hands, then cut back to the two bookcarts talking]
RED: Dream on, Woody! Librarians would never work that hard!
WOODY: Heh heh, yep! We are the unsung heroes of the library, alright!
RED: Do you remember when that new librarian came in and painted old Frank pink?
[he laughs]
WOODY: Yeah, Frank never took to that new color ...
[cut to a still image of a pink bookcart as the "Psycho" music plays, then back to the two bookcarts]
RED: Yeah, if he had had the chance, I bet he woulda turned the tables on that librarian! Woulda painted him a nice shade'a Pepto pink, heh heh heh!
[cut to another dream sequence where the male librarian is pink all over, then back to the two bookcarts as Speedy returns]
SPEEDY: Guys, you gotta totally help me! I'm being chased by a herd of first graders that are trying to ride me around the library!
[he turns, as the sounds of running children can be heard]
SPEEDY: Oh no! Here they come! Ahhh!
[he tries to speed away, but ends up falling over, causing Red and Woody to laugh as the screen fades to black]
WOODY: [in voice over] Oh, rookies ...

A film by Doug Valentine

Doug Valentine
Karen Rose

Music by
Kevin McLeod
Incompetech dot com

Licensed under Creative Commons
"Attribution 3.0" licenses/by/3.0/

La Cumparsita Tango
Public Domain
Wikimedia Commons

No carts were actually harmed in the shooting of this motion picture


From "Express Yourself" Video Contest

Grand Prize Winner!
Doug Valentine
McKillop Elementary
Melissa, TX

Demco LibraryQuiet 6 Sloping Shelves Booktruck + Panasonic MiniDV Camcorder PV-GS90
For a total prize package worth over $750!



Doug Valentine, (MLIS '02) - UPDATED

Occupation - Elementary librarian, McKillop Elementary, Melissa Texas
Email - sottovoce7 at aol dot com
Webpage - http://doctorloopy
http://doctorloopy Doctor-Loopys-House-of-Fun/
Recent Events -
2009 Texas Computer Education Association Librarian of the Year.
Winner 2009 DEMCO "Express Yourself" video competition with video entitled CARTS

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