Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Case Study No. 0725: StR8Hype92, the YouTube Kid (Wannabe Librarian)

Library Databases | YouTube Kid
Some sources can't be trusted. Luckily, the Harold B. Lee Library has access to thousands of current, scholarly, citable sources. Just ask a librarian for help or check out the databases at the library website. Library databases are THE source for current reliable information. Trust us.
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[scene opens with a young man (yellow spiked hair, braces) yelling excitedly into the camera, as a fake YouTube progress bar (0:22, 480p) runs along the bottom of the screen]
YOUTUBE KID: Hey guys! It's me, StR8Hype92!
[quick cut to the man jumping up and down as a sped-up laughing sound effect plays, then back to him speaking directly to the camera]
YOUTUBE KID: First I wanna say, thanks for all the comments last week! LOL, right?
[quick cut to the man laughing (with a fake laugh dubbed in), then cut to him staring blankly at the camera with a serious look on his face, as a fake "Click here for more StR8Hype92!!" annotation appears on screen]
YOUTUBE KID: Anyways, maybe your owls haven't come in yet, but the Muggle world is going to explode!
[cut to a closeup of the man's face]
YOUTUBE KID: James Cameron will direct the last "Harry Potter"!
[cut to several quick cuts of the man jumping around his room, screaming]
[as the man looks into the camera and screams with his hands on his face ("Home Alone" style), the image freezes and "Some sources can't be trusted" appears on screen]

Ours can be.
Library Databases
Current Citable Sources

Trust us.
Harold B. Lee Library


From byu.edu:

The Harold B. Lee Library Multimedia Unit specializes in media production through several visual mediums.

Core services and functions include lecture recording for broadcast and archiving, disc authoring, exhibition media and documentary production.

The unit primarily provides media services for the Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University's main library, as well as for other special university projects.

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