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Case Study No. 0728: Staff of Hyrule Town Library

Hey! Lets Play! Legend of Zelda Minish Cap EPS 16: Library!!!!!!
We get to go to the library yay!!!! I love the library!!!

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[Link enters the Hyrule Town Library and speaks with one of the female librarians at the front desk]
LIBRARIAN 1: Welcome to the library! Hey! Aren't you Smith's grandson, Link? Enjoy your browsing!
[Link goes up to the second floor and speaks with the elderly male librarian standing next to a bookshelf]
STURGEON: Sometimes, these books move on their own! I've seen it with my own two eyes! An' don't tell me I'm crazy! I ain't crazy!
[Link goes up to the roof of the library, and uses Ezlo (his sentient hat) and a Minish Portal to shrink down to microscopic size in order to speak with the Minish who is living on the bookshelf next to Sturgeon]
LIBRARY MINISH: Hey, hey, hey! This is no good! No good at all! The humans have checked some books out of the library! Thanks to them, none of us can get back to Elder Librari ... How will he get by all alone? I'm so worried! I'm sure the librarian knows something about where those books went ... I wish I were big. Why, I'd walk right up and ask her where those books went!
[Link returns to normal size, then speaks with the other female librarian at the front desk]
LIBRARIAN 2: I'm in charge of checking out books, so it's not my problem. Still, I feel really bad for the girl over there in charge of returns ...
[Link speaks to the first librarian at the front desk]
LIBRARIAN 1: Welcome to the library! Say, aren't you Smith's grandson, Link? Hm? The books missing from the bookshelf on the second floor? Yes, they've been checked out for quite a while. They're very overdue! Take "A Hyrulean Bestiary," for example. Been gone for ages. Checked out by a girl with a cat. She said she had a new cat at her house. Wanted to learn more about it, she did.
[Link exits the library, then enters Romio's house and finds Julietta]
JULIETTA: Huh? A book from the library? "A Hyrulean Bestiary," is that the one? Yeah, I checked it out a while ago. You came all this way to get it? Wow! You're one dedicated librarian! But ... I don't know how to tell you this, but it's back at my house. Would you mind going there to get it? I just can't leave right now, see ...
[Link throws water into the fireplace (extinguishing the flame), then uses a Minish Portal to shrink down, climb up the chimney, cross the plank that connects to Julietta's house next door, and climbs down the chimney and into her house (which contains a large white cat)]
EZLO: Whoa! Did you see that cat looking at me?! I know it wants a piece of me!
[Link walks towards a bookcase in the middle of the room]
EZLO: Hmn?! Say, look at that, Link! There's a book up on top of the bookcase! But how are we going to get it? We can't reach it, and we have no ladder. And I don't think just shaking the bookcase will make it fall, either. This presents an interesting problem, wouldn't you say?
[Link climbs a ladder on a nearby wall, walks over to the bookcase, and pushes the book off onto the floor (all the while trying to avoid the cat)]
EZLO: Waaah! That really startled me! Everything's scary when you're small!
[Link returns to Romio's house, grows back to normal size, then enters Julietta's house and picks up the book]
["You got a library book called A Hyrulean Bestiary!" appears on screen]
[Link returns to the library and gives the book to the librarian]
LIBRARIAN 1: Hey! Look at that! Our long-lost copy of "A Hyrulean Bestiary"! Link, are you returning this book?! Thank you so much! I can't begin to describe how much I'm looking forward to putting this back!
[she places the book on the shelf behind her]
LIBRARIAN 1: The next overdue book is ... Let's see ... Ah, yes! Of course ... "Legend of the Picori"! It's been out forever! It was checked out by a somewhat absentminded scholar, I believe ...
[Link exits the library, then tries to enter Doctor Left's house (but the door remains locked)]
DR. LEFT: [from off camera] What, huh? A book? From the library? Ah, yes ... of course. I knew this day would come. Please, come in.
[he enters the house, and speaks to the green-haired scholar inside]
DR. LEFT: I am a researcher of Picori legend and lore. My name is Doctor Left. You're here about that book, "Legend of the Picori", aren't you? Well, I hate to say this, but I haven't seen it in several days. Perhaps a mischievous little mouse has taken it? Well, I'm sure it's in this house somewhere. I just don't know where. But I'm very busy right now, so why don't you just look for it yourself?
[Link throws water into the fireplace (extinguishing the flame), then uses a Minish Portal to shrink down, climb up the chimney, and crosses a plank which leads to Stranger's house (and speaks with the Minish inside)]
TOWN MINISH 1: Hey, I've heard about you ... So you're gonna go ahead, are you? Well, onward to glory then! Just don't die out there, OK?
[Link exits the small hole in the wall, then finds himself back outside and heads for a tiny door underneath a water fountain]
EZLO: Who knew there'd be someplace like this behind one of the town's fountains?! Well, let's get moving and see if we can find that item those Minish mentioned.
[Link defeats the enemies inside and finds a treasure chest, as he opens it and "You got the Power Bracelets! You're filled with strength, even while tiny!" appears on screen]
[Link returns to Doctor Left's house, and (using the Power Bracelets while still tiny) is able to move the bookcases to form a "bridge" that leads to another tiny doorway, where another Minish is hiding up in the rafters and standing on the missing library book, so Link stands on it as well (causing it to drop down to the floor below)]
[Link grows back to normal size, then re-enters Doctor Left's house and picks up the book]
["You got a library book called Legend of the Picori!" appears on screen]
[Link returns to the library and gives the book to the librarian]
LIBRARIAN 1: Oh my goodness, will you look at that! It's our copy of "Legend of the Picori"! It's been checked out for so long! Link, you deserve a medal for all this! I am moved ... deeply, deeply moved by this thoughtful gesture!
[she places the book on the shelf behind her]
LIBRARIAN 1: And the last book we will need is "A History of Masks". I think it was checked out by Hagen, the mayor. How could he keep a library book so long! He's a public official!
[Link exits the library, then enters Hagen's house]
EZLO: That mustachioed guy strikes me as somewhat unreliable. There's something fishy about this room, too.
HAGEN: Aherrm! Yes! That's me, Hagen. I am mayor of this town. What's that? You want a book? "A History of Masks"? And you say I checked it out, do you? Yes, indeed I did ... Or wait ... Did I?
[Link uses the Pegasus Boots to knock down the masks hanging on the wall, then uses a Minish Portal to shrink down and speak with the two Minish who were hiding behind them]
TOWN MINISH 2: The mayor took off for his cabin by the lake clutching a book. We saw him go ... But when he came back, he didn't have the book anymore. I'm sure he just forgot it at the lake cabin. Yes, he is forgetful like that. You want to go to the cabin by the lake? Well, let me just mark it here on your map. Err ... Yes! There. It's right here. You should be able to find it now.
[the location appears on the player's map, then Link speaks with the other Minish]
TOWN MINISH 3: That cabin by the lake is really quite far.
[Link travels to Hagen's cabin, pushes the book off the top of the bookshelf, then grows back to normal size and picks up the book]
["You got a library book called A History of Masks!" appears on screen]
[Link returns to the library and gives the book to the librarian]
LIBRARIAN 1: Would you look at that! I can't believe it! It's our copy of "A History of Masks"! That mayor of ours is a real piece of work, isn't he? It must have been quite a challenge to get this back from him. You are my new favorite person, Link! Thank you so much!
[she places the book on the shelf behind her]
LIBRARIAN 1: You know, Link, you've now returned all of our overdue books! Now I can finally get that bookshelf on the second floor in order! Hey, Sturgeon! Books to shelve!!
STURGEON: [from off camera] Yo, yo! Here I am! Leave it to me!!
[Sturgeon comes running in from the second floor and grabs the books before heading back upstairs]
LIBRARIAN 1: The bookshelves are back in order! I feel so ... refreshed! Renewed! Enjoy your browsing!
[Link heads up to the second floor]
STURGEON: Oh ho ho! All the books are back on the shelves! Isn't it grand!
[Link uses a Minish Portal to shrink down and speaks with the Minish who is living on the bookshelf]
LIBRARY MINISH: Hey, hey, hey! Listen up! Listen good! That book is back now! It's true! It's true! Haha! Now we can get back to Elder Librari! So you brought the books back? Good for you! Thank you! Please take this as a sign of our thanks!
["You got 50 Rupees! You must be very happy!" appears on screen, then Link climbs the book spines to get to the hollowed out book where Librari is living inside and holding a giant quill pen]
LIBRARI: Wohohoho! Oh? A visitor after many long weeks! Even Jotari has been away so long, I've grown almost ... lonely. But what is it? What do you need? Hm? You want to visit the Temple of Droplets? Very well ... You are the first such brave person is a long while! Stand on the clover in front of me!
[Link stands on the clover on the floor]
LIBRARI: All right, all right. You kids today ... No patience for an old man. Well, just stand right there, like I told you! Wohoho! Now ... Open, secret mystery panel!!
[a trap door opens in the floor, and Link falls in]
LIBRARI: Wohoho! Wasn't that fun? Now then ... It's up to you to pass this trial safely and recover the item your require. Oh, what fun! I do so love the real nitty-gritty of adventuring!
[cut to Link landing in an underground dungeon]
EZLO: Urk ... Owowow!! I just smacked my hip on something! Well, not my hip. My ... whatever it is I have now. My brim? Whatever! That old fool must just love sending people on dangerous missions! And how did that Librari get into the Temple of Droplets, anyway? I guess the answer lies up ahead. Keep moving, boy!
[Link traverses the dungeon and finds a treasure chest, which he opens and "You got the Flippers! Press A to glide through the water and B to dive!" appears on screen]
EZLO: Hmm! Yes, yes, yes! Why, it all makes sense now, doesn't it, boy? Librari used these flippers to swim to the entrance to the Temple of Droplets. So, if you put these on, you should be able to swim, too! Remarkable!



Hyrule Town Library is a location from "The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap". Located in northern Hyrule Town, it plays a part in the main quest of the game, as Link needs to get information from Librari, the Minish Elder who resides there. He leads a special group of the Town Minish known as the Library Minish. They live in the library's bookshelves and books.

In order to reach Librari, Link must collect three overdue books and return them to the librarian: "A Hyrulean Bestiary" (the book had been borrowed by Julietta, who had forgotten to deliver it), "Legend of the Picori" (Link has to get the book from Dr. Left), and "A History of Masks" (left in Mayor Hagen's cabin).

The library is operated by a few librarians, one of which is Sturgeon. He walks around the library and remarks that something is strange about the place. The tiny footprints in front of the shelves on the second floor prove him right.

The Royal Hyrule Library has a top titles of the week list. The top titles during the events of The Minish Cap are "Married to the Moblin", "Gorman's Guide to Good Grub" and "Learn to Like Your Like Like: A Good Guide to A Bad Pet". Other titles include "Hyrule on 10 Rupees a Day", "Rem's Anthology for Sleepless Nights" and "So Your Son Wants to Be a Hero... It Could Be Verse!"



Librari is the elder of the Town Minish in The Minish Cap. He lives in Hyrule Town's library and is the twin brother of the Forest Minish elder, Gentari.

The Minish who lives near the Temple of Droplets says that Librari used flippers to travel into the temple. Link then speaks to Librari and falls down a hole where the flippers are hidden, and after maneuvering in the small dungeon runs into the flippers which allow him to swim and dive.

Librari's feather comes from a cucco he fought when he was younger. Librari's name is probably a reference to the word Library, also the place in which he lives.

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