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Case Study No. 0726: Alex (Elastic Bridge)

Elastic Bridge Trailer


Three strangers decide to take there lives, at the same time, same day, on the same bridge...
A straight laced Accountant.
A glamorous Actress.
A Librarian.
Each hold a secret.

Who will jump?


Showing at Unity Theatre June 14th to June 16th

http://www. unitytheatreliverpool.co.uk/ whats-on/atunitytheatre/ details/ 33-elasticbridge.html
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[scene opens with three people standing on a bridge]
ALEX: I'm Alex. I'm a librarian ... and I'm here to kill myself.
SYLVIA: My name's Sylvia. I'm an actress ... and I'm here to kill myself.
KURT: I'm Kurt. I'm an accountant ... and I'm here to kill myself.
SYLVIA: It's nice to meet you, Kurt.
[various shots of the three strangers fighting and laughing with each other]
SYLVIA: So, we're all gathered here to end it all. What a strange coincidence.
ALEX: Killing ourselves ...
SYLVIA: Killing ourselves ...
KURT: Killing ourselves ...

Unity Theatre
Elastic Bridge
Tue 14 - Thur 16 June 2011
8 PM


From unitytheatreliverpool.co.uk:

A lonely, isolated bridge awaits. Footsteps are heard, the patter of six feet rushing towards a shared fate?

Three strangers; an accountant, an actress and a librarian find themselves on the same bridge, same day with the same intent - 'to end it all.'

Secrets and pasts revealed.

Who will jump?

Who will fly?

Strawberry Blonde Curls are a three-piece based in the North-West who produce hard-hitting dramas with subtle comedy.

Written and performed by: John James Tomlinson, Eddie Fortune and Rosie MacPherson.

A Strawberry Blonde Curls productionk


From facebook.com:

"D'you think I'll fly?" asks Kurt, after revealing his shocking secret at the end of Elastic Bridge. No, he wouldn't if he launched himself off the bridge, but there's no telling where he and his two fellow professionals may yet end up after this lively and original performance. The three young professional actors who give us this witty and strangely uplifting story about how the lives of three strangers bent on suicide are transformed by their chance meeting on a bridge, are surely not destined to end up dashed on any rocks below.

Eddie Fortune's performance as Alex, the pretentious librarian, mixes camp tragedy and blades of barbed repartee with Sylvia, played by Rose MacPherson, who hides a forlorn guilt and unsatisfied yearning for celebrity behind masks of droll banter and pathos. Sylvia proves a foil and a conscience both for Alex's jittery pretensions and the nerdy, resentful, accountant, Kurt, who is nursing a terrible, unexpected, secret. The set is minimal, functional; a breeze-block bridge and cast iron railings as bleak as the drama unfolding before us across its parapet. The production team did well with the available resources. We begin with a bang and end not quite with a whimper following this story of three disillusioned, disappointed, and disenchanted lives.

These three young people with their wild longings looking the wrong way down life's telescope hold us from the start: Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Alex and Silvia don't want to die. That much becomes clear – their banter and barbed repartee reveal this to us -- they want to change, to transform themselves, to live different, livelier lives; Kurt wanted to, once; but that's not the way it turns out for him. Harbouring his terrible secret, he is already dead; all that remains for him is to complete the act by throwing himself from the bridge to destroy the body he is ashamed of.This is a stimulating tale of three intertwined lives told to us in a straight, traditional manner, and the use of three brief and fiery flash-backs which don't interrupt but rather add to the complexity and relentless propulsion toward the play's unexpected climax; one character is left dead on the bridge, one soon will be on the rocks below, and one will be forever transformed. It's always exciting to see new talents setting out on their journey.

Rose MacPherson, Eddie Fortune, and John James Tomlinson are the three strangers, brought from the edge of darkness by sharing one desire --- to die.They seem to have worked together for years. They are bringing Elastic Bridge to Liverpool soon. Go and listen to Alex's jokes, watch Sylvia's repertoire of sad faces, wonder at Kurt's repressed secret. Go and see them. Watch and listen. Their stories will not only bring laughter bubbling up inside you, but may also bring a lump to more than a few throats in the audience.

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