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Case Study No. 0747: Staff of Dinand Library

Information Faire and Festival
Holy Cross Libraries held its first annual Information Faire and Festival October 5, 2010. It was a great evening!
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["Scenes from IF2" appears on screen, then cut to a shot of students walking around the tables set up in Dinand Library at the College of the Holy Cross (Worcester MA)]
[cut to a shot of one of the female librarians standing next to her table]
JANIS DESMARAIS: Oh, am I being videotaped?
SLAVIC ZUKIC: [from off camera] Yeah!
[cut to another shot of one of the students shooting baskets at the Archives table (set up next to a picture of alum Bob Cousy]
[cut to more shots of students exploring the various tables ("Science Library", "ITS", "Writer's Workshop", "Music Library", etc.)]
["See you at the library!" appears on screen]



Did you know that the library can borrow books for you from other libraries all over the world?

And did you know that the Worcester Art Museum Library is another Holy Cross Library?

Students were able to learn about all kinds of resources and services like these at the library's Information Faire and Festival on Oct. 5. While enjoying popcorn and other treats, students visited different informational tables set up in the Main Reading Room at Dinand Library. Tables included the Visual Resources Library and the Worcester Art Museum Library; the Music Library; the Science Library; the Archives; Interlibrary Loan and Circulation Services; Research and Electronic Resources; Educational Technology and Information Technology; and the Writers Workshop. As they stopped at each table, students spoke with staff members about different resources and services.

Several tables had an interactive component, such as Visual Literacy Skills Test and a Bob Cousy basketball contest at Archives. For those interested in even more gaming, video game stations were also set up in the Reading Room. Students who visited every table were entered in a raffle to win gift certificates to local restaurants and stores and a $100 iTunes gift card. Even students who did not win raffle prizes left the library with bags of goodies - earbuds from the Music Department, insect bookmarks and rock candy from the Science Library, create your own Jackson Pollock cookies, and more!

The event was a great success! The library is especially grateful for the generosity of: Boynton Family Restaurant, 86 Winter American Bistro, Flats Organic Pizza, George's Coney Island, Flying Rhino Cafe, Wings Over Worcester, Best Buy, and Springshare!

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