Thursday, January 17, 2013

Case Study No. 0732: Leslie, the Lesbian Librarian

"Leslie, The Lesbian Librarian" remix and remaster.wmv
"Leslie, The Lesbian Librarian" c2010 Blind Cheetah Music, Ltd. (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. Composed and Performed by Blind Cheetah. Lyrics by B. Richardson. Music by B. Keller. Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by B. Keller at Galaxy Records, Indianapolis, IN. Full album coming 2011.
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I saw her, asked her for her name
I quickly realized I would never be the same
As I couldn't get this woman off my mind
She had those glasses, down at the tip of her nose
And those no-nonsense professional clothes
She was really just one of a kind
Her name was Leslie, the Lesbian Librarian
How was I to know she was on the other team?
Leslie, the Lesbian Librarian
So for now, she'll just be a good dream

I just can't stop, with all my waitin' and wishin'
She can teach me the Dewey Decimal System
She's the type of girl I'd like to marry
I've got no interest in fiction or non-
I'm interested in this most exquisite woman
It isn't books I'm checkin' out at the library
I want Leslie, the Lesbian Librarian
I would never treat that lady mean
Leslie, the Lesbian Librarian
All my thoughts for her are just obscene

I couldn't stand it, I couldn't take anymore
I had to tell her how I felt, that was for sure
And I was prepared to be shot down in flames
She told me, "It isn't true what they say ...
"I'm not a lesbian, I go either way!"
And then she removed those red glasses frames
And I'm with Leslie, the Lesbian Librarian
And I know I'll never leave her side
Leslie, the Lesbian Librarian
I know I'm gonna make her my bride

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