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Case Study No. 0761: Unnamed Female Librarian (High School Library)

High School Library Walkthrough
High School Library Walkthrough Complete Solution
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"High School Library"
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STORY: Shhh! You can't speak and you can't whisper. But go ahead and laugh all the way to the High School Library!

INSTRUCTIONS: Click on objects around the library to make events happen. Some events can be triggered by clicking on two or more different objects. Make sure you capture the Librarian's embarrassing moments using your camera. Left click the mouse at the right time to snap.

Librarian's wardrobe: Pink dress, glasses, hair in a bun
Click student in the library to knock off his headphones and cause music to play. Librarian will get up from desk to yell at him about the noise, then loosen screws off her chair so that she falls when trying to sit back down.

Librarian's wardrobe: White blouse, black skirt, glasses, hair in a bun (pink bra if successful)
Click telephone to make it ring. When the Librarian goes to answer, take the insect and place it in the overhead ceiling fan. When she sits back down, turn on the fan and the insect will fall on her blouse. Take a picture of the Librarian in her bra when she rips off her shirt.

Librarian's wardrobe: Striped sweater, purple skirt, glasses, hair in a bun (red panties if successful)
Click on the janitor outside the library. When the Librarian goes to complain about the noise he's making, turn on the table fan and then take the clock off her desk and put it on the top shelf. When she returns, the Librarian will climb the ladder to turn off the alarm clock, and the breeze will blow her skirt up so you can take a shot of her panties.

Librarian's wardrobe: Yellow dress, glasses, hair in a bun
Click the noisy teenage girls standing outside the library. When the Librarian goes to yell at them to be quiet, take the bottles of red and black ink off of her desk. Next, take the bottle of glue and place all three on the shelf above the window (next to the rat), and pop the caps off of each bottle. When the Librarian sits back down, click the "Things To Do Today" list on her desk ("Principle work, Teachers' meeting, Office file, Office work"). Click on "Office file", and the Librarian will go to the shelf near the window and start reshelving books. A little girl will then approach the Librarian; when this happens, click the rat and it will knock over the contents of all three bottles onto the Librarian (messing up her clothes and freaking out the little girl).

Librarian's wardrobe: Green shoulderless blouse, dark green skirt, glasses, hair in a bun (white panties if successful)
Take the pen cap on your desk and throw it at the window. As the Librarian's attention is occupied with the broken glass, knock the bottle of White-Out off of her desk. Then, position the book truck next to the puddle of White-Out. When the Librarian tries to walk back to her desk, she will slip in the puddle and try to steady herself by grabbing the book truck, giving you a chance to take another upskirt shot.

Librarian's wardrobe: White dress, glasses, hair in a bun (blue bra and panties if successful)
Activate the security alarm above the door. When the Librarian gets out of her chair, grab the box near the window. When she sits back down, throw the box at the fire alarm. When the alarm sounds, the Librarian will try to exit the door, walking right underneath the sprinkler and having her white shirt soaked.

Librarian's wardrobe: Purple dress with yellow polka dots, glasses, hair in a bun (no glasses and long red hair if successful)
Knock one of the keys off the wall opposite the Librarian's desk. When she gets up to put it back, open the desk drawer. Click on the magnifying glass and focus on the picture of the swarthy-looking man inside the drawer. Click on the portable radio sitting on the top shelf, and click the "Elvis Presley" song on the playlist. This will cause the Librarian to let her hair out of its bun and start dancing; while she's distracted, click the note on the bulletin board behind her desk (which features a picture of the same guy and the phone number "12578990033521"). Click the phone on the Librarian's desk, then take the banana peel out of the trashcan. Turn the radio up to maximum volume, then place the banana peel on the floor. When the man arrives through the door, the Librarian will slip on the banana peel and fall right into his arms for a kiss!

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