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Case Study No. 0712: "Whales are the molecular librarians of Earth's evolution"

Whale Message for Humanity
4:01 - The humpback whales are the healers for humanity. They are the Akashic and Molecular Librarians for earth's history.
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Laurie Reyon & Puddah will present a talk and our Original new Film, entitled "MESSAGES OF THE WHALES & DOLPHINS" for Humanity! Come and experience the healing energies and wisdom of the Whales & Dolphins with Animal Communicator and spiritual teacher, Reyon and the Master Cat "Puddah." Reyon has spent 16 years exploring communication with animals, dolphins and whales. The film contains messages from the Group Consciousness of the Great Whales & Dolphins who are stewards for Humanity and has beautiful footage of the cetaceans around the world. Come and hear the cetacean messages for humanity, regarding healing and our life purpose here on beautiful planet Earth. Experience healing with the Cetaceans who came to Earth prior to human colonization to prepare the healing frequencies and patterns we will share. During our talk we will present the current information the dolphins are sharing on how to re-strand and weave your DNA and we are open for your questions!


Whale Message for Humanity from Reyon & Puddah

We are the ancient of the ancients. We are the Soul of the Souls. We are your past and we are your Memories. We are your present and we are here with you in the Now Time. We are your link joined with you to create the future for the Healing and Ascension of Mother Gaia. We are a Group Consciousness, stewarding this planet as an example of the Good of the Many.

The whales are the molecular librarians of Earth's evolution. What we call the Akashic records lives in the oceans of planet Earth. The information is stored in the water molecules. Since water is never destroyed, only recycled, Earth's entire history remains safe in our ocean archives. The whales can access the information, circulate it and contribute to it, communicating by connecting to the intelligence in the water molecules. They tell me that the information in the water will teach us that in the future the body fluid of the human will eventually be used to provide flawless individualized treatment for people's health maladies.

The whales would like to assist us in remembering who we truly are. Knowing and honoring who we are is an important aspect of our personal growth toward love of self and our earth. They tell us that it is important for the human to reach a point in our evolution where we truly become the seeker of ourselves. It is important to reach for the knowledge that is held in the Akasha that tells us who we truly are, and where we are from and what we are made of and why we are here today.

In our quest for this knowledge of self awareness we are identifying ourselves as beings who value Love above all else and we are confirming our belief in Love by changing our life styles accordingly. We are coming to know our selves as vibrations of Love and in doing so are coming to remember our world and our beautiful Mother Gaia in a new light.

In our remembrance we are drawn to gather with like minded people and start to take back the conscious control of our environment. We are remembering that what we think and feel affects our environment and the others living around us. Once we take control of our emotions and thoughts we see that we do truly create our own realities and that we do have control over our own environments and that we are not the victims. The whales call this intentional evolution.

And finally the last piece of remembrance of self is to recognize and develop our connection to the cosmos and to life beyond the third dimension. We are not alone in the Universe and never have been. There are billions of other life forms that are not visible from our 3D perspective. We can connect with these other planetarians, who are our brothers and sisters of Light. We can benefit from their wisdom and knowledge and join with them as we move through our fears back to the truth of who we are and why we are here. The Dolphins & Whales are masters of cosmic travel and masters of multidimensionality. They are here to teach us, assist us in healing our minds and bodies are they are here now inviting us to open our belief systems to multiple realities of Love.

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