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Case Study No. 0731: Brett Bonfield and staff of the Collingswood Library

Collingswood Library Promo
A promo for Collingswood Library's "Beat The Director" 5K race on Saturday, September 26, 2009 at 8:30AM. It benefits the new Teen Area of the library. Registration is $25. If you beat the library director, Brett Bonfield, registration is just $15!
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[scene opens with a black and white exterior shot of Collingswood Library, as old-timey piano music plays]
[cut to inside the library, as a male librarian ("Brett Bonfield, Library Director Extraordinaire") is reading a book at his desk, when the phone rings]
BRETT: [into the phone] What! You were on your way to return a library book and a tree branch fell on you?! Don't worry, Mister Johnson. I'll be right there!
[he hangs up and runs out of his office, then stretches in the main reading room (as the camera focuses on his running sandals) while a male librarian looks over from shelving books and gives him a thumbs up]
[he grabs a pile of nearby books and then runs out the door, as a young female librarian chases after him and cheers]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: Go, Brett! Go! Deliver those books to teenagers that may otherwise resort to less glorious habits! Yay!
[cut to Brett running outside the library (nearly knocking over a passerby), then cut to him running down the street, as he finds a male teenager about to smoke a cigarette]
[cut to Brett stopping in front of the teenager, then a quick cut later the cigarette in his hand is replaced with a book, as Brett continues his run]
[cut to Brett running through the park, when he passes a man in a Hank Baskett jersey who tries to get his attention, but he continues on]
[cut to Brett running past a female teenager about to tag a building with graffiti, then he stops and (another quick cut later) the spraycan in her hand is replaced with a book]
[cut to another shot of Brett running, when he yells to someone off camera]
BRETT: Hey, Matthew Quick! How's the new book coming?
[the man in the "Baskett 84" jersey enters the frame and starts running side by side with him]
MATTHEW: Good, Brett. Thanks! Hey, I hear there's going to be a 5K race that benefits the Collingswood Public Library!
BRETT: That's right! We're having a 5K race called "Beat the Director" on Saturday, September 26 at 8:30 AM. It benefits the new Teen Area of the library! Beat me and registration is just 15 dollars. However, if I finish before you it's 25 dollars.
MATTHEW: Well, Brett, if it's for teens you count me in! See you there!
[he runs off, then cut to two teens about to fight ... before Brett arrives and gives each one a book (so they immediately begin reading)]
[cut to Brett running through the park, when he sees the man trapped under a tree branch]
MR. JOHNSON: Help me! Please! My library book is due today and I am stuck under this branch!
[Brett takes the branch off of him, then helps him up]
MR. JOHNSON: Thanks so much, Brett! I hope my predicament didn't take time away from your daily routine of helping teens.
BRETT: Not at all, Mister Johnson. And soon these teens will be able to "hang out" in the new Teen Area at the library. That is, as long as enough folks participate in our 5K race on September 26 at 8:30 AM.
MR. JOHNSON: Well, I know I want to help, too! You can count me in, Brett!!
[Brett runs off, then cut back inside the library, where a young female librarian is scanning books at the front desk]
[cut to Brett entering the library and handing the book to the librarian (who doesn't even look up to acknowledge him), then runs back to his office ... However, just as he sits down, his phone rings again]
[he answers the phone, then immediately stands up and runs out of his office again]


Saturday, September 26 at 8:30 AM
$25 Registration
$15 if you finish before the library director, Brett Bonfield

Visit: or for more information

On behalf of Collingswood's teens, we want to thank ...

The Collingswood Friends of the Library for sponsoring the race
The Collingswood Book Festival and the Borough of Collingswood for hosting it
Mayor Jim Maley
Commissioners Joan Leonard and Mike Hall
Collingswood's Police and Public Works
Brad Stokes
Jerry Chambers
Our amazing volunteers!!
Kent Green and Ernie Rockelman of Emerald Productions
And thanks to everyone who registers to run (even the fast ones)!

Video produced by
Emerald Productions

Music by:
Greg Collins

Starring (in alphabetical order):
Brett Bonfield
Kumar Dari
Ronald Dunne
Kent Green
Elisabeth Henry
Matthew Quick
Ernie Rockelman
Carissa Schanely as the Circulation Librarian
Peter Urian
Mark Wyatt

Copyright 2009

Brett wants everyone to know that he would have renewed Mr. Johnson's books for him if there hadn't been a hold on it.
And that he would have rescued him, anyway.



Last year's Collingswood Book Festival kicked off with the Friends of the Library-sponsored "Meet the Director," a discussion with new library director, Brett Bonfield. To kick off this year's Book Festival, the Friends are sponsoring a 5K race around Knight Park at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, September 26.

Registration is $25 and the proceeds from the race will be used to set up a new teen area in the Library. However, if runners finish ahead of Brett—if they "Beat the Director"—they'll be given $10 back.

The event is being hosted by the Collingswood Book Festival and the Borough of Collingswood, and TNT Event Management is handling the timing, scoring, and course setup. Jerry Chambers and others who organized the races that used to be held as part of the May Fair are lending their expertise, helping to ensure that the first ever Collingswood Book Festival 5K will be a success—and that Collingswood's teens will have a great new place to hang out at the Library.

Trophies will be awarded to the top male and female overall finishers and medallions will be awarded to the top three male and female finishers in the following categories: 14 & under, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70 (no duplicate awards). Amenities include t-shirts, an awards ceremony, giveaways, and refreshments.

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