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Case Study No. 0624: Alan Dinsdale

Scooby Doo Mystery Mayhem Walkthrough Part 1
Here goes the first of my commentaryless walkthroughs. This is one of my favorite games.
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["Episode 1: The Haunting of Hambridge" appears on screen, as the scene opens inside the Hambridge University Library at night, where the security guard hears a noise before being attacked by something off camera]
[cut to Scooby and the gang driving around inside the Mystery Mobile]
FRED: Alright, we're almost there!
SHAGGY: Where? The malt shop?
VELMA: [chuckles] Don't you guys ever think of anything else?
SHAGGY: Sure! Like, sometimes we think of breakfast ... or lunch!
SCOOBY: Reah! Runch!
DAPHNE: So, what's the story this time?
VELMA: My old neighborhood librarian, Mister Dinsdale, has just been put in charge of the Hambridge University Library. But it seems the library is full of ghosts!
SCOOBY AND SHAGGY: [gulp] Ghosts?!
FRED: A haunted library? Hmm, interesting.
[cut to the gang walking up the steps of the library, where the older African American male librarian is waiting for them]
DINSDALE: Velma Dinkley, you're late! And speaking of late, you still owe a two-dollar late charge on "The Junior Detective Handbook!"
VELMA: But that was in the fourth grade ...
DINSDALE: [clears throat] We'll solve this matter later, Miss Dinkley. Now, it seems that you and your friends have made quite a name for yourselves dealing with ghouls and ghosts.
FRED: We always get our monster!
DAPHNE: Or man in a monster suit, as it usually turns out ...
DINSDALE: Is that so?
[he opens the library door to reveal that it's been overrun with glowing ghosts and floating furniture]
DAPHNE: Jeepers ... or maybe not!
FRED: Okay gang, you know the drill. Let's split up and get to the bottom of this mystery! Shaggy, you and Scooby check out the basement ...
SHAGGY: Hey! Like, why do we always get the basement?
SCOOBY: Rasement? Ruh-uh!
SHAGGY: Like, no way! There's always freaky stuff in basements!
[an elderly bald man walks up behind them]
PEABODY: I'm so sorry, but we've ... lost the key to the basement.
SHAGGY: See? We can't go, there's no key!
DINSDALE: Allow me to introduce Walter Peabody, my assistant. He's in charge of restoring old books.
FRED: Nice to meet you, Mister Peabody.
PEABODY: The pleasure is all mine ...
VELMA: A missing key? Let's keep an eye out for it, guys!
SHAGGY: Yeah? Well, you can look out for keys ... We're lookin' out for ghosts!
[cut to Scooby and Shaggy exploring the library by themselves, when they see a large blue ghost]
SHAGGY: Zoinks!
[the ghost floats out of sight]
SHAGGY: Like, you go look around, Scoob ... I'll wait here!
SCOOBY: Rhat? Rou're a roward!
SHAGGY: A coward? Me? Why, I resent that! I have sensitive nerves ... Would a coward boldly go through that door over there?
["Walk to the door by using the control stick" appears on screen, as they enter through the door and find themselves in another room with a camera]
SHAGGY: Look Scoob, a camera! Wanna take a picture to keep as a souvenir?
["Cameras are used to save your progress" appears on screen, as they pick up the camera]
SHAGGY: Like, groovy! Now, if things get too scary, we can always remember happier times!
["Lose all your cool and you will restart where you last saved" appears on screen]
SCOOBY: Raggy, rook! Rostumes!
SHAGGY: Hey, maybe we can put these on to confuse the ghosts ...
[they pick up the bedsheets and wear them in order to walk past the blue ghost]
SCOOBY: Raggy, you rook funny!
SHAGGY: Like, look who's talking ...
[they find an old photograph on the floor]
SCOOBY: Raggy, a crue!
SHAGGY: Like, you're right, Scoob! This looks like a clue!
["You found a clue" appears on screen, as they bring the photo to Velma]
VELMA: Great, you found a clue! Remember, at any time, you can look at all the clues in this episode file. Get enough clues and you'll unlock special bonuses too!
[the player selects "A photo of Alan Dinsdale", which shows the librarian as a young man standing in front of the Washington capitol building]
VELMA: [in voice over] That seems to be a young Alan Dinsdale in Washington DC. You can see the capitol in the background.
[the two leave and continue exploring the library, when they enter a room with a couple of book carts strewn about]
SHAGGY: Like, that book cart's blocking the way ... Hey Scoob, maybe you can squeeze under those tables and push the cart from the other side.
["Press A to crawl through narrow spaces" appears on screen]
SHAGGY: You go in, Scoob ... I'll wait here for ya!
[Scooby crawls underneath the tables]
SHAGGY: Good job, Scooby old pal! Now try to push those carts outta the way.
[Scooby goes to the book cart (which is more of a dolly) and pushes it away from the shelves, which allows room for Shaggy to make his way to the other side of the room]


[after exploring some more of the library, Scooby and Shaggy peek into a hallway where another "ghost" (who looks a lot like a man wearing one of their bedsheets) walks past them]
SHAGGY: Phew, we almost got spotted by another one of those ghosts!
[the "ghost" walks up to a door at the end of the hallway and (rather than materialize through it) takes out a key to unlock the door and walk through]
SHAGGY: Is it just me, or did it walk kinda funny?
SCOOBY: A ghost ... ralk?
[they cautiously approach the door and push it open]
SHAGGY: Well, I think we found a way into the basement!
[cut to Shaggy and Scooby entering the basement, consisting of several bookshelves with real ghosts floating around]
SHAGGY: Like, this must be the old library that old Mister Peabody was talking about ...


[Scooby and Shaggy use the "Hideout Key" to enter a locked room, where they find a lone book (with a skull on the front cover) sitting on a podium in the middle of the room]
SHAGGY: Like, look at the freaky book, Scoob!
[he picks up the book, as Scooby starts sniffing around the other end of the room]
SCOOBY: Raggy!
SHAGGY: What did ya find there, Scoob?
[he walks over and picks up a piece of paper]
SHAGGY: Hey! Like, maybe it's a clue ...
[the blue ghost suddenly materializes through the wall]
[it floats towards them]
[Shaggy drops the book in fear, and (as the ghost floats over it) a ghostly hand reaches out and pulls it into the book Ghostbusters-style]
[the book snaps shut, as the two calm down]
SHAGGY: Like, that book just gobbled up the ghost like it was an eggplant and marshmallow sandwich!
[he laughs, but Scooby begins sniffing the air]
SCOOBY: Randwich? Where?
[Shaggy picks up the book]
SHAGGY: Like, hey Scoob, let's show this ghost-gobbling book to the others ...
[the exit the door, and find Velma crawling around on the floor on all fours]
SHAGGY: Velma! Like, what're you doing here?
[she gets up, revealing that she's not wearing her glasses]
VELMA: Shaggy? Scooby? Is that you? I can't see anything without my glasses! I was following a rather strange-looking ghost, when I tripped over a book and lost them. Can you help me find them, please?
[they head off and find her glasses on the top of a bookshelf]
["You found Velma's glasses, bring them back to her" appears on screen, as they head back]
SHAGGY: Here ya go, Velma.
VELMA: Thanks, Shaggy.
[she looks down at the book]
VELMA: Hey, what's this?
SHAGGY: It's a groovy old book me and Scoob found.
[Scooby nods]
SHAGGY: And like, when I say ghosts are into this book, I mean ghosts are "into" this book!
[he hands the book to her]
VELMA: From the looks of it, I'd say it's a medieval grimoire ...
[she opens the book and looks through it]
VELMA: Hmm, it's missing a few pages ... Interesting. There seems to be some instructions on how to capture spirits. It says here that you need to have the right page to capture the right kind of creature.
[cut to a closeup of the book]
VELMA: [in voice over] Right now there's only one page, the ghost page. All the pages for other monsters are missing.
[cut back to Velma]
VELMA: The more pages we can find, the more kinds of enemies we can gobble up! But it says here you need to charge up the book with magical whisps first ...
SHAGGY: Like, how do we do that?
[cut to a closeup of the book]
VELMA: [in voice over] Just walk up to them. Or, if you can't reach them, open the Tome of Doom and they'll be drawn to it, as long as you face them.
[cut back to Shaggy and Scooby]
SHAGGY: Okay, so like, how do we capture the ghosts?
[cut to Shaggy and Scooby standing in front of the blue ghost]
VELMA: [in voice over] It says here that if a ghost passes in front of the open Tome of Doom, it will automatically get hooked.
[Shaggy opens the book to suck in the ghost]
VELMA: [in voice over] Once you've got it, you have to reel the enemy into the book by bringing its energy down.
[cut back to Shaggy and Scooby]
SCOOBY: Roovy!
VELMA: Hey guys, try catching the ghosts over there. Be careful, though; if you get attacked, the ghosts might break free.
[they run off and start looking for ghosts]
SHAGGY: Like, I knew we should've stayed in the childrens' section!
[they suck up a ghost, but then bump into another one which scares them]
SCOOBY: Yikes!
SHAGGY: I just remembered, my books are overdue!
[they use the book again to suck up the ghost]
SHAGGY: Like, that was close!


[Scooby and Shaggy show Velma some more clues they've found lying around the library]
VELMA: Great, you found a clue!
[the player selects "A telegram for W.P.", which shows an old fashioned letter]
VELMA: [in voice over] Hmm, this was probably addressed to Walter Peabody. It says "Package received, check is in the mail. S.D."
[the player selects "A crumpled note", which shows an old piece of paper]
VELMA: [in voice over] This note is about the security procedure used to secure the display cases in the lobby.
[the player selects "Footprints", which shows a photograph of footprints]
VELMA: [in voice over] Hmm, ghosts don't leave footprints ... and certainly not footprints from brand new work boots!
[the player selects "A receipt", which shows a piece of paper]
VELMA: [in voice over] This is a receipt for a high quality leather bookbinding, the kind you would use to restore an ancient book.


[Scooby and Shaggy run into Daphne and Fred]
DAPHNE: Hey guys, we were looking for you ...
FRED: Did you find any clues?
SHAGGY: Boy, did we ever, Fred!
[he holds up the book]
SHAGGY: Like, check out this groovy old book! Velma says it's a "grim-roar!"
SCOOBY: Reah, a rim-roar!
[Velma and Mr. Dinsdale enter]
DINSDALE: That's "grimoire" ... This particular one is quite rare and infamous. It's known as ... the Tome of Doom!
[a thunderclap is heard]
SCOOBY AND SHAGGY: The Tome of Doom? Gulp!
[they begin tossing the book back and forth]
SHAGGY: Here Scoob, you hold it!
SCOOBY: Ruh-uh! You hold it!
SHAGGY: No way, you hold it!
DINSDALE: The odd thing is that we already have a Tome of Doom, right over there ...
[he points to the exact same book, held under glass in a nearby display case]
VELMA: Hmm, one of them must be fake!
FRED: Interesting. If only we had some more clues to go on ...
[Velma turns to Scooby and Shaggy, who are still tossing the book between one another]
VELMA: Cut it out, you two!
[they stop, and Velma notices some papers fall out of the book]
VELMA: Hey, what are these?
SHAGGY: Oh, just some papers Scooby found ...
DAPHNE: What are they, Velma?
[she takes one and reads it]
VELMA: Hmm, looks like receipts, from a book binder's shop ...
SHAGGY: [points off camera] Zoinks! Look up there, it's that ghost again!
[everyone turns, as the camera cuts to the "ghost" (which looks like a man wearing a sheet) ducking into a nearby doorway]
FRED: Come on, gang! Let's try to capture it! Shag, you and Scooby head up the balcony in case he doubles back!
[everyone else runs off, leaving Scooby and Shaggy alone]
SHAGGY: Like, if Freddy wants to go chasing after ghosts, that's fine by me! We'll just stay here and, uh ... look at pictures of food.
[he goes to grab a book off the shelf, as Scooby looks the other way]
SHAGGY: Hey, a cookbook!
[cut to the "ghost" pushing the bookcase from the other side of the wall, revealing a hidden entrance which he pulls Shaggy into]
SHAGGY: [from off camera] Scooby Doo!
SCOOBY: [turns around] Raggy! Ruh oh!


[Scooby eventually finds Shaggy, and they are both able to track down the "ghost" speaking to the blue ghost]
PEABODY: [in ghostly voice] After them! After them, I say!
[the blue ghost does nothing]
PEABODY: [suddenly afraid] Stay ... Stay away from me! Ahh!
[he opens a door and runs off, then cut to Scooby and Shaggy high-fiving as they stand above the fallen "ghost"]
SHAGGY: Good work, Scooby-Doo!
SCOOBY: Hee hee hee!
[cut to the rest of the gang and Mister Dinsdale walking in]
DAPHNE: Way to go, guys! But why is the ghost still here? Shouldn't your magic book have gobbled him up?
SHAGGY: Beats me, Daphne.
[he shakes the book, as two security guards walk up and grab the "ghost" by the arms]
SHAGGY: I think it's busted ...
VELMA: I don't think so, Shaggy. I think this ghost didn't get sucked into the book, because he's not really a ghost at all!
FRED: Is that so? In that case, let's see who the ghost really is ...
[he pulls off the sheet to reveal that the "ghost" is actually Mister Peabody]
ALL: Walter Peabody?!
DINSDALE: Peabody, I'm quite disappointed ...
VELMA: Well, I figured it out when Shaggy showed us that receipt from the book binder's. Peabody, being responsible for book restorations, didn't want anyone to find out that he had a fake Tome of Doom made, while he kept the real one for himself!
PEABODY: And I would've gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids and your pesky dog!
[the guards take him away]
DAPHNE: But why would he do such a thing? And why did he rip pages out of the real Tome of Doom?
VELMA: That I don't know ... yet.
DINSDALE: Well, perhaps I could hire Mystery Inc. to find out about those missing pages.
FRED: That would be great, Mister Dinsdale ... but we have another assignment to take care of first.
[he looks down at his notepad]
FRED: At the Milton Brothers Movie Studio.
VELMA: Meanwhile, I could look the Tome of Doom over, and try and find out why Peabody tried to steal it.
DINSDALE: Very well ... as long as you don't bring it back late.
[Velma gives a nervous laugh, then cut to Mister Dinsdale waving goodbye as the gang drives off]
DAPHNE: So guys, I'd say we did a pretty good job of solving this mystery, don't you think?
SHAGGY: Yeah, but that Dinsdale is one creepy crawlie!
[cut to outside the Mystery Mobile, as it rounds a corner and drives out of sight]
SHAGGY: [from off camera] Like, he's scarier than a ghost!
[a young woman wearing a green trenchcoat walks into the scene, ominously watching the car drive off before walking away]


[the gang are driving the Mystery Mobile towards Shermantech Industries]
DAPHNE: Now we know that Shermantech is behind all of this! But why?
VELMA: According to my research, Shermantech is using all of that land to build giant antennas ... I wonder what they could be for?
FRED: Well, there's only one place we'll find the answer to that ... Shermantech headquarters! I've already called Shermantech, and arranged for us to get on a tour of their facilities.
VELMA: While Freddy, Daphne and I are taking the tour, Shaggy and Scooby will sneak off and look for--
SCOOBY: The rafeteria?
VELMA: No, clues! Specifically, clues about antennas ...
SHAGGY: Like, there could be antennas in the cafeteria ...
VELMA: Oh brother!
[cut to the gang inside Shermantech headquarters]
TOUR GUIDE: Welcome to Shermantech!
DAPHNE: Do you think we'll be able to meet Mister Sherman?
TOUR GUIDE: [fidgets] Uh, Mister Sherman is a busy man ...
[Travis Sherman enters the room]
SHERMAN: No, no! Not that busy!
FRED: Mister Sherman? It's an honor!
SHERMAN: May I introduce my chief scientific officer ... Selena Drake!
[the mysterious young woman in the green trenchcoat (now wearing a lab coat) enters the room]
SELENA: We're currently working on some exciting new technologies ... Perhaps you'd like to see them?
VELMA: Of course ... especially if it involves low frequency electromagnetic waves!
DAPHNE: Uh yes, they're our favorites!
[Velma nudges her, as Mister Sherman clears his throat]
SHERMAN: Well, why don't we start?
[as they turn and start walking out to begin the tour, Daphne whispers to Shaggy and Scooby]
DAPHNE: Alright you two, now try to find as many clues as you can ...
[everyone exits, as Shaggy and Scooby sneak off through a side door]


[Shaggy and Scooby have destroyed the mind control device, which Drake and Sherman were using to brainwash Fred, Daphne and Velma]
DAPHNE: [groggily] Wh-Where are we?
SHAGGY: Like, you guys were mind controlled by that Sherman guy!
VELMA: So, the giant antennas were for amplifying alpha-wave modulation ... or in layman's terms, mind control. Ingenious!
SHERMAN: Enough!
[he turns to his guards]
SHERMAN: Seize them!
[one of the guards, wearing a hazmat suit that covers his face, steps forward]
[Sherman continues addressing the gang, apparently oblivious to this insubordination]
SHERMAN: You'll rue the day you messed with ...
[he finally realizes that the guards aren't moving, so he turns to the guard in the hazmat suit]
SHERMAN: What did you say?
DINSDALE: I said no.
SHERMAN: [angrily] Just who do you think you are?!
[the "guard" takes off his helmet, revealing that he's actually Alan Dinsdale]
ALL: Mister Dinsdale?!
[the librarian holds up a badge]
DINSDALE: That's Special Agent Dinsdale, if you don't mind ...
VELMA: Jinkies! All this time, I thought you were just my local librarian ...
DINSDALE: What, I can't have a second job?
[he walks up and puts Sherman's hands behind his back, while another guard walks up and does the same to Drake]
DINSDALE: Travis Sherman, you are under arrest for fraud, conspiracy, and book tampering!
DAPHNE: I don't understand.
[Shaggy holds up the Tome of Doom]
SHAGGY: Like, is the book overdue?
VELMA: It's quite simple, you guys. Agent Dinsdale was investigating the peculiar land acquisitions at Greenwood Development, but he couldn't get a good lead. So he let us have a go at it, and kept tabs on us the whole time.
DINSDALE: Sharp as ever, Miss Dinkley ... I'm sorry I had to lead you on like this, but Sherman was just too big to touch without solid evidence.
SHERMAN: I would've gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for--
SELENA: Sherman, you fool! You should've let me deal with those kids when I had the chance!
[she steps on the guard's foot (causing her to let go) and makes her escape]
DINSDALE: Don't let her get away!
[she runs through a door, as everyone follows in pursuit]
SELENA: Let's see how you meddling kids handle this!
[she takes out one of the ripped pages from the Tome of Doom, summoning a Fire Ghost]


[Shaggy and Scooby are able to defeat the Fire Ghost, and capture it in the Tome of Doom]
SELENA: No, this cannot be!
[two guards come up and grab her]
SELENA: Let me go ... Blast you meddling kids!
[they take her away, as Mister Dinsdale approaches Shaggy and Scooby]
DINSDALE: Shaggy, Scooby, I wanna thank you both for your help. We couldn't have done it without you.
SHAGGY: Like, it wasn't easy, y'know ... We've been attacked by ghosts, shadows, mummies--
SCOOBY: Zombies!
[he pulls a box of Scooby Snacks out from behind his back]
DINSDALE: Would some Scooby Snacks make it all better?
[Shaggy takes the box and hugs it]
DAPHNE: How did you--
DINSDALE: I did my homework.
[Shaggy goes to open the box, but a ghostly hand reaches over and pulls it off camera]
SHAGGY: Hey, what gives?
[cut to Scooby using the Tome of Doom to pour the contents of the box into his mouth]
FRED: Using the Tome of Doom to snatch away snacks ...
VELMA: Now that's one for the books!
SCOOBY: Rooby Dooby Doo!
[everyone laughs, as Scooby winks at the camera and the scene fades to black]



"Scooby Doo! Mystery Mayhem" is a 2003 video game based on the Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros. cartoon character Scooby Doo. It was created by Artificial Mind and Movement, THQ and Warner Bros.. This is the second Scooby-Doo video game to feature a laugh track.


The gang is called by Velma's former school librarian, Alan Dinsdale (voiced by Jeff Bennett), to solve a mystery at Hambridge Library. He thinks that the villain is not a man-in-a-costume, but a supernatural being because of all of its supernatural happenings. He introduces his assistant, Walter Peabody to the gang. The gang split up and look for clues: Velma looks in the lobby, Scooby and Shaggy look in the basement and Daphne and Fred look in the Archives. A while later, after searching, Shaggy and Scooby find a thick book called "The Tome Of Doom" on a secret floor. They bring it to Velma who analyzes it. Along the search, Scooby finds three clues: a mysterious telegram from "S.D", and a letter. The three find Fred and Daphne, a scared Daphne tells them that she followed several footprints which lead her to a ghost, which lead her to a room, then she got locked in the room by a hooded figure. They try to find Mr Dinsdale who mysteriously disappeared. They also encounter the hooded figure who they find out is Walter Peabody. Mr Dinsdale comes and is shocked to find his own assistant to be a menace. They all question him. But there are still mysteries still to be solved. Who is "S.D"? Why did Peabody rip out papers from the "Tome Of Doom"? Mr Dinsdale hires Velma to investigate the mystery further at the Miltons Movie Studio.

Velma explains to Shaggy to the gang that the book has potential energy and needs more energy if decreasing with wisps. At the movie studio, Robert Zabrinski is trying to buy the studio from the Milton Brothers. But they object. Zabrinski stills has hope and gives them a phone card. Later, the gang split up and looks for clues. Hours later, at midday, Shaggy finds a phone card, but this one smells like cologne, a popular perfume. They also find that one of the brothers have disappeared. The other brother encounters the horrific "Red Knight". They blind him by studio lights, they take off the mask to see it is Robert Zabrinski. It is explained that Zabrinski was trying to buy the studio. He used cologne to attract people for popularity. The missing Milton brother was trapped by Zabrinski, who dressed as the Red Knight, who saw him and wrapped him up in bandages and locked him a cage. One of the clues: which was a brochure from Western Theme Park is revealed that Zabrinski was trying to buy the park as well. The gang drive to Western Theme Park.

They find Johnny Channayakpatra and Mindi Stiles. They again for on the same day split up for other clues. Three hours later, three discoveries are found: a picture of Robert Zabrinski and Mindi Stiles dancing in the Salon, a one-way ticket for Mindi Stiles and a mysterious "pink princess" is wondering on the streets of the park. She gets annoyed of Shaggy and Scooby following her so she uses her power to kill them, but accidentally, she transforms into a tornado. She sucks up Daphne. With the power of the "Tome Of Doom", the book defeats the "pink princess" who is Mindi Stiles. Obviously, someone was summoned by Robert Zabrinski to sabotage the park and scare the park workers and visitors there, so Zabrinski could buy it. Meanwhile, at a secret base, called Sherman-Tech Headquarters, a woman gets a call from Walter Peabody that he hasn't said anything to the police, another person, hidden in the shadows says that Zabrinski was a weak link. So, since three have already been arrested, he "moves on with the plan".

In the afternoon-evening, the gang go to an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. The house was haunted by the living dead and scared all the members of the house. The house is also surrounded by bayous, swamp-like lakes which crocodiles live in. The gang split up. Scooby finds a letter with the sender's name smudged because of the mud and water. Daphne finds a yellow key to open another yard which is zombie-filled. Mysteriously, Fred has found a camp of army men who can fend off the zombies with laser guns. Scooby and Shaggy fight the zombies and their originating starting point, vortexes with the power of "The Tome Of Doom". Later, the master of the camp is run by a Jeremy Rhodes who works at Greenwood Development, a society of people who study the paranormal. One of the clues is a book which is about geographical studies about Colorado. The gang drive to Colorado, which has changed to a land of newly installed satellites and transmitters. Fred have booked a tour at the Sherman-Tech Headquarters, which all the clues eventually ended up to. There is Travis Sherman and his chief executive officier, Selena Drake. While Fred, Velma and Daphne take the tour, Shaggy and Scooby split up. Later, they find the Spooker 3000, a laser gun that can fend off any enemy. They also encounter weird men in lab coats and hoods. Also, clues: a map of California, a computer disk. They find Daphne, Fred and Velma who have been possessed by Selena Drake and Travis Sherman.

The truth is finally revealed: "S.D" is Selena Drake. Travis Sherman was the person who hired Peabody, Zabrinski and Stiles, and created the voids at the bayous. Selena and Travis send the possessed three to try to kill Scooby and Shaggy, they disable the mind-possessing machine in a couple short hours. Fred, Daphne and Velma have been restored to their true selves again. Unexpectedly, Mr Dinsdale comes in, followed by the lab-covered men. It is revealed that they were Mr Dinsdale's agents, revealing that he is one too. Velma is surprised to find her own librarian a secret agent. They arrest Sherman, who confesses it's over with the evil plans to Selena. This is implying that the transmitters in the land were going to "transmit" the possessing waves around the world, possessing every type of intelligience. Selena insults Sherman for his actions, and releases from some ripped pages of "The Tome of Doom", fire ghosts. But her plan, fails after the gang seal the ghosts in the tome. Now, completely insane, Selena releases the strongest spirit of the tome, the Fire King. After discovering that the Fire King is not as invulnerable as they thought, they manage to seal it. Selena, fearing her arrest, runs through to the monrail. The gang ride it as well and manage to catch her. The police arrive and take Selena to the mental asylum. Scooby and Shaggy confesses their need for food, because of a day of hard work, and once again and as always, Mystery Inc has stopped another villain's plans.

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