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Case Study No. 0593: Staff of Unnamed Library (MTV Roadies Battleground)

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["Roop Shouts In Library" appears on screen, as the scene opens with a young Indian woman walking up a flight of stairs, and addressing the unseen cameraman who is following her]
ROOP BHINDER: Hi, let's get inside. This is the library, and let's get mad!
[she enters the library and begins screaming]
ROOP BHINDER: Aaaaaaaah!!! Aaaaaaaah!!! Aaaaaaaah!!!
[two Indian librarians approach her]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: What's going on?
MALE LIBRARIAN: What happened?
[he sees the cameraman]
MALE LIBRARIAN: What are you doing? You gotta go.
ROOP BHINDER: [laughing] I'm sorry. See ...
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Photographer.
ROOP BHINDER: [points to the cameraman] He's getting paid for this. Sorry. Actually, I am in an online show off MTV, obviously you must've heard about it.
ROOP BHINDER: So I'm part of it, and ... it's my MTV, it's my library!
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [angrily speaks in Hindi]
ROOP BHINDER: Well, this is not any bakra. I'm a roadie ...
[she says something in Hindi]
ROOP BHINDER: So I'm an online roadie, and I'm performing my task, so this was part of my task.
MALE LIBRARIAN: So, you could've informed us before that, huh?
ROOP BHINDER: [laughs] Sorry, but if I would have informed you, the task would not have been--
[he turns and angrily points to the cameraman]
MALE LIBRARIAN: Please, stop it. Stop.



"MTV Roadies Battleground"

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