Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Case Study No. 0605: Unnamed Female Librarian (KMart)

Smart is Sexy | Sofía Vergara Kmart Commercial Fall 2012
Things are getting saucier. Introducing Sofía Vergara's Fall 2012 Collection

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[scene opens with actress Sofia Vergara walking through an old library]
SOFIA: [yelling] Attention!
[she puts down a stack of books, sits down, and speaks directly to the camera]
SOFIA: [whispers] Hello ...
[someone off camera shushes her]
SOFIA: [whispers] I'm Sofia Vergara, and I say "Never judge a book by its cover!"
[the camera quickly pans over to a bored looking young female patron (frizzy hair, glasses, ill-fitting blue sweatshirt) sitting at a nearby table]
SOFIA: [from off camera] Look at her.
[the camera quickly pans back to Sofia]
SOFIA: [whispers] Now look again!
[the camera quickly pans back, as the woman now is wearing a sexy red dress and lying on top of the table while seductively taking off her glasses, as "Dresses from $26.99" appears on screen]
SOFIA: [from off camera] I see a juicy mystery you can't put down!
[cut to a nerdy-looking male patron handing a book to a plain-looking female librarian (hair in a bun, no makeup, blue cardigan sweater)]
SOFIA: [from off camera] Check this out!
[the camera quickly pans over to Sofia walking through the stacks]
SOFIA: No, look harder!
[the camera quickly pans back, as the suddenly vibrant-looking librarian (flowing hair, multi-colored off the shoulder top, long black skirt) shoves the book back into the patron's chest, while "Tops from $10.99" appears on screen]
SOFIA: [from off camera] I bet those books won't be overdue!
[cut to Sofia walking through the library, carrying a large copy of "War and Peace"]
SOFIA: I could do this all day, but I have to get some reading done ...
[she turns the corner, and a male patron lowers the nearby bookcase to reveal a bed]
SOFIA: What? I like to do my reading in bed!
[she hops onto the bed, as "Bedding from $79.99" appears on screen]
SOFIA: Smart is sexy!
[the screen goes black, as "Kmart Exclusive Collection" appears on screen]
SOFIA: [from off camera] My collection is at KMart, now go!


From blogspot.com:

Sofia Vergara transforms women in a library for Kmart and their fall 2012 collection in what could be the sexiest Kmart ad we've ever seen, "Smart is Sexy". The commercial also features another lovely woman, the librarian is plus-size model Kailee O'Sullivan.

Brand: Kmart
Ad Agency: Peterson Milla Hooks
Client: Kmart
Agency: Peterson Milla Hooks
Production: Partizan US
Country: United States of America
Director: Michael Gracey
Executive Creative Director: Dave Peterson
Creative Director: Courtney Vincent
Art Director: Nick Fecteau
Copywriter: Courtney Vincent
Agency Producer: Sean Healey

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