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Case Study No. 0563: "All the librarians"

Lunch Money "Going to the Library"
Lunch Money performs "Going to the Library" at the Charleston Public Library on May 30, 2012. J.P. also gives a shout out to AlphaOops! (About which Alethea failed to scream because she was recording...but she totally should have screamed anyway.)
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Lunch Money ("indie music for the whole family")

SQM 002 / Released 2009

Our second album, released January 2009. This one's a party, and the horns make all the difference

1. 5' 7"
2. I Love My Library
3. Everybody's Coming to the Zoo
4. Somehow a Frog Finds a Pond
5. It Only Takes One Night to Make a Balloon Your Friend
6. Are You a Rabbit?
7. Dizzy
8. Ate Too Much of My Favorite Food
9. At the River
10. Wake Up, World
11. Tiny Dinosaurs
12. A Cookie As Big As My Head

Lunch Money began in 2003 when singer/guitarist Molly Ledford (The Verna Cannon - Cargo/Headhunter) decided to try her hand at bringing the live music experience to young audiences. She enlisted fellow Verna Cannon bandmate Jay Barry (drums) and multi-instrumentalist J.P. Stephens (bass, mandolin, harmonica) to form Lunch Money, the name chosen to honor that first taste of childhood independence and power. Focusing her writing, which had been described as "full of memories left in a shoebox in the dusty corners of your brain" (, on the stuff of childhood, Molly soon accumulated a new catalog of songs about such things as wishing for a pet dog, getting up the nerve to ride a roller coaster, and twirling around in rain and sun beneath an umbrella.

The band has traveled beyond their Columbia, SC home base to perform at such venues as World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, the New York Public Library in Manhattan, the Summer on Southport Festival in Chicago and the XM/Sirius Performance Studio in Washington, DC.



This next one is interesting (I thought). It's called "I Love My Library" by Lunch Money who are an Indie rock band aimed at kids/families. Not a bad little ditty, actually.



If Buddha took up guitar and decided to sing music that blurred the lines between age groups, he'd likely be doing back-up for the South Carolina band Lunch Money. There are so many reasons to love this band. And they recently released one more reason to love them – because they love libraries ... and they put it in song on their latest release DIZZY! Read the lyrics, go listen to the track then repeat. It'll make you feel good ...

I'm going to the library
To see my librarian
Who'll send me home with 60 things (60 things!)
As if I could carry them (I'll bring my red wagon)
Passing out the picture books
Like my granny hands out food
"Leggi, leggi, take all of these
"And you might like this one too"
And my brains getting fat
On stories and facts
And it feels like love
All the librarians
They say come follow me
They're looking straight at me
They take me seriously
And all the things that I'd never have picked (never have picked!)
Become my new favorites
I show them to my friends at school (friends at school)
And they get addicted too (to Nancy Drew)
I feel so understood
When a story's this good
Oh, it feels like love
All the things that I could ever wonder about are waiting here for me
All the places I could ever wander to, I have a ticket for free
And guess who tossed me the keys?
Books about boys and girls
And magic worlds
Heroic dogs
A toad, a frog (I love my library!)
Sleuthing teens and big machines
Hippo friends and astronauts (I love my library!)
Freight trains and snowy days
Wind-up mice and caps for sale (I love my library!)
Lightning and wild things
I love my library!

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