Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Case Study No. 0561: Dexter the Librarian

I am a Librarian
Don't take them lightly
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["The Librarian" appears on screen, as a male librarian walks into the scene while a smaller window in the upper right hand corner shows a young woman using "sign language" to translate his speech]
[the woman waves, as the librarian adjusts his glasses]
LIBRARIAN: I'm not a bookworm, or a nerd.
[the woman wags her finger, then pantomimes a worm wriggling, then makes circles with her fingers and covers her eyes]
LIBRARIAN: I haven't read every book in the building, although I will help you find anything that you need.
[the woman wags her finger, then pantomimes a book opening up and a building, then spreads her arms out]
LIBRARIAN: I don't know who wrote "The Atkins Diet."
[the woman wags her finger, then shrugs her shoulders and rubs her belly]
LIBRARIAN: We lend books, we don't sell them.
[the woman flicks her hands as if she's passing out money]
LIBRARIAN: You mark your spot with a bookmark, not by dog-earing the pages.
[the woman wags her finger, then puts her hands up to her ears]
LIBRARIAN: Almost anyone can get a library card, but ... the day your book is late, you better believe you're gonna get a fine.
[the woman puts her hands on her hips, then wags her finger]
LIBRARIAN: "Quiet please" is not a suggestion ...
[the woman shushes the camera]
LIBRARIAN: It's a polite way of saying "Hey moron! I'm trying to read over here!"
[the woman pantomimes opening a book, then points to her forehead]
LIBRARIAN: This is a place of learning and resource, open to anyone and everyone ...
[the woman pantomimes opening a book]
LIBRARIAN: But there's no adult section and there's no swimsuit edition for the National Geographic!
[the woman begins dancing around, then pantomimes swimming]
LIBRARIAN: The Dewey Decimal System is a truly practical and efficient system, like Google for smart people!
[the woman wags her ringer, then points to her forehead]
LIBRARIAN: My name's Dexter, and I am a librarian!
[the woman puts a fist to her chest, then pantomimes shelving a book, then gives the camera the "gesto dell'ombrello" salute]

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