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Case Study No. 0560: Stanford University Librarian

TVLib: Chuck
Librarians in TV series:
Season 1, Episode 7
(Chuck Versus the Alma Mater)
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From wikipedia.org:

"Chuck Versus the Alma Mater" is the seventh episode of the first season of Chuck. It aired on November 5, 2007, and finds Chuck returning to Stanford to track down a data disk.

Professor Fleming is in a lecture hall at Stanford University, giving a lesson on subliminal imagery, when he sees a sinister figure enter the class. He hastily calls an early dismissal and flees, grabbing as many papers as he can and calling for help: He had made a copy of intelligence he shouldn't and now someone is after it. Chuck and the team attend a briefing with General Beckman in the Home Theater room of the Buy More, where Chuck is stunned to learn that Fleming, the professor that had him expelled, was working for the CIA.

Chuck agrees to accompany Sarah and Casey to pick up Fleming, and though told to stay in the car while they go inside the safehouse where Fleming is staying, he gets out when the Professor arrives. Fleming is pleased to see Chuck, and teaches him a secret phrase: "Are you coming to the toga party?" to use if he's in trouble. Chuck asks him why the CIA has a file on him. Fleming apologizes, but before he can say more is shot from behind with a crossbow by Magnus Einar, an Icelandic agent. Fleming tries to give Chuck a scrap of paper with a cryptic number code written on it and asks him to give it to Bryce Larkin, but Einar takes it first.

Fleming is taken into surgery, while Sarah and Casey ask about the numbers. Chuck is unable to remember them all, however, and once again declines joining them to follow-up on the lead at Stanford. Ellie gives him a copy of "Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire" that he checked out before being expelled, and while looking at the spine, he realizes that the numbers Fleming gave him was shelving code for a book at the Stanford library. He quickly passes on this intelligence to Casey and Sarah, and realizes that Fleming must have hidden the data in the library, where Chuck and Bryce played games of Gotcha! There was a particular location Bryce used to hide spare darts, but Chuck realizes he has to go there to find it.

Chuck, Sarah and Casey join Ellie, Awesome and his frat brothers at Stanford. Leaving his family at the tailgate party, Chuck and the team head to the school's library, where (after being confronted by a male librarian about his late fees) Chuck finds Bryce's hiding place and the disk.

The number on the paper (219 F5U922) given to Chuck by Professor Fleming does not correspond to a Library of Congress Classification code nor a Dewey Decimal number.


From imdb.com:

Stanford Librarian [played by Phil Abrams]: Hey, you, don't move, Charles Bartowski ... You still owe the library $294.68 in late fees!
Chuck Bartowski: Do ... Do you take credit cards?
Stanford Librarian: This isn't funny!

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