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Case Study No. 0613: Staff of Unnamed Library (Andy Gelzleichter)

The Library Fine
The Jester telling why he got a collection agency sent after him.
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[scene opens with the Jester entering his room, holding a piece of paper and speaking directly to the camera]
JESTER: Dude, I am so mad right now ...
[he sits down]
JESTER: Check this out, man ...
[he hands the paper to the unseen cameraman]
JESTER: Dude, that's right, the library sent a collection agency on me. Thirty-four dollar fine for one book! It's ... I mean, I know I had it out for a long time, but dude! Seriously, man.
[he takes back the piece of paper]
JESTER: I know, lookit ... I mean, okay. Here's what happened. I got this book, a mystery book, about this missing guy. And, I mean, it was interesting and I really liked it, y'know. But it was one of those books you really had to trudge through ...
[camera zooms out]
JESTER: I mean, you really just had to dig into it, and I was like, "Okay, I'm not just gonna take this book back before I finish it. I am gonna finish it!"
[he shakes his head]
JESTER: So many times I've had books where, y'know, you get halfway through and it's interesting but ... Eh, throw it in the gutter, y'know. You get bored with it, take it back. I was like, "No, I'm not taking this book back until I finish it! I'm not gonna do it, I'm gonna finish it!"
[he throws his hands up]
JESTER: And y'know, I'm trudging through it, everyday. Everyday just going through this book, and I mean, it wasn't an easy read, but I went through it. I mean, thirty four dollar fine. I mean ...
[he looks down at the paper]
JESTER: Looking back, looking back right now, it was worth it though. I mean, thirty four dollars, because when I got through that last page, and I finally knew exactly where Waldo was ... I mean, can't beat that feeling in the world. Can't do it.

The Library Fine

Writer/Actor - Andy Gelzleichter
Camera - Ryan
Moral Support - Zarazuthra

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