Monday, October 22, 2012

Case Study No. 0601: Unnamed Female Librarian (Chard Hogan)

Chard Hogan - "Librarian".m4v
Chard Hogan is a comedian. In this video he is finishing a show at the Ventura Harbor Comedy Club in Ventura California. Chard has been a comedian since 1989, has toured the US and Canada and has been in the Mitch Hedberg film, "Los Enchiladas" and the Ian Harris Film, "It Burns When I Laugh" which is currently featured on NETFLIX. Chard has CDs available at or via
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Chard Hogan - Comedian
And Writer
And Actor
And Improvisor
And Dad
And Pizza Guy
And Logistician
And Janitor
And Paperboy ...

www dot chardhogan dot com

CDs are available!
www dot chardhogan dot com
www dot cdbaby dot com

[cut to Chard standing on stage speaking to the audience]
CHARD HOGAN: And then I'm outta here, lemme just grab this ...
[he takes his microphone and pretends to place it on an invisible mike stand, as the audience laughs]
CHARD HOGAN: Um, over the weekend, I went with one of the other comics. We went to a library, and I know that sounds like a lie ... two comics in a library! Sounds like a joke already!
[the audience laughs]
CHARD HOGAN: But, we're walking in and there's this really cute girl behind the counter. And I turn to her, and I go "Hey" ... Ah no, I turned to her, I turned to my friend!
[he laughs at his own mistake]
CHARD HOGAN: Turned to her! I turned to her ...
[he pretends to french kiss her, as the audience laughs]
CHARD HOGAN: No, I ... Uh, I turned to him and said "Hey, check out the librarian!" And he said ...
[he pauses]
CHARD HOGAN: "Can you do that?"
[the audience laughs]
CHARD HOGAN: No, you can't do that, ya moron, she's ... She's reference material! She stays in the library!
[the audience laughs]
CHARD HOGAN: Thanks you guys ...
[the audience applauds]

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