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Case Study No. 0570: Unnamed Female Librarian (Am I Normal?)

I'd Like to Know About the Male Penis (Am I Normal?, 1979)
A clip from the sex ed video "Am I Normal?" (1979). Librarians know all about stuff like this.
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[scene opens with young Jimmy waking up in bed, when he gets up and starts feeling around the sheets with his hand]
JIMMY: [in voice over] What was this? A wet sticky spot on my bed!
[he starts taking all the sheets off his bed]
JIMMY: [in voice over] I had to hide the evidence!
[he sneaks out of his room (as a generic version of Henry Mancini's "Pink Panther" theme plays), then enters the bathroom and stuffs them into the hamper]
MOTHER: [from off camera] That you, Jimmy? Anything wrong?
JIMMY: Nothing, Ma!
[he catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror, then smiles and fills a nearby glass with water from the sink]
JIMMY: Oh, by the way, Ma ... I forgot to tell you, but I spilled water all over my bed!
[he takes the water and pours it into the hamper]
JIMMY: I guess I'm gonna have to put the sheets in the hamper ... Okay, Ma?
MOTHER: [from off camera] Yes, dear!
[he closes the hamper, then breathes a sigh of relief]
JIMMY: [in voice over] I decided to take action ...
[cut to Jimmy running down the street, while his friends Tony and Barry are playing basketball]
TONY: Where ya goin'?
JIMMY: Library!
BARRY: What'cha gonna read?
JIMMY: Nothing!
[he continues running]
TONY: What's wrong with that guy?
[cut to an interior shot of the library, as the camera pans across the many patrons sitting and reading books]
JIMMY: [in voice over] I knew what I had to do wasn't too cool, but I didn't have a choice. I had to find the answers out for myself. Of course, it wasn't going to be easy.
[he awkwardly walks up to the older female librarian, who is standing on a stepstool and placing books on the top shelf]
JIMMY: [quietly] Um ... I want to know about the male penis.
LIBRARIAN: [pause] Excuse me?
JIMMY: [loudly] I'd like to know about the male penis, please!
[the librarian makes a face, then everyone else in the library looks up at him and gasps]
[cut to Jimmy sitting at a table, as the librarian reaches in from off camera and hands him a book]
LIBRARIAN: Here's something that you might be interested in.
JIMMY: Thank you.
[he opens the book and begins reading, as the scene changes to an animated sequence featuring a boy looking at an anatomy chart of the male figure]
NARRATOR: Between the ages of eleven and fifteen, boys go through the physical and sexual changes of puberty ...



"Am I Normal?: A Film About Male Puberty" (1979)
22 min

Directors: Debra Franco, David S. Shepard
Writer: David S. Shepard
Stars: Joel Doolin, David Carr and John Perrigo

Summary: Curious about the changes taking place in your growing body? Wondering what "Sexual" terms like Penis, Erection, and Masturbation are all about? Well, ponder these perplexing problems no more! Watch as little Jimmy and his friends Tony and Barry take you on a journey of discovery as they find the answers to these and other age-old questions.

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