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Case Study No. 0600: Patchouli Knowledge

PatchCon Easy Part 1
This is a fan-made game of the Touhou series which is a pretty decent series of curtain fire games. PatchCon is a tower defense game based on this series. Not a bad game, will upload Normal and harder later, I want to make sure I can beat them before I upload me failing a million times.
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PatchCon is a real-time strategy game where the player must choose 5 characters from the "Touhou Project" series of games in order to create an army and defend Patchouli's library from swarms of oncoming attackers that are after the books. Unlike most RTS games, PatchCon is single-player only, and all lost units will respawn after a short delay (delay varies between characters).

Intro text (translated from Japanese):
Being unable to bear the frequent raids by Marisa,
Patchouli Knowledge was determined to strengthen the defenses of the library.
Faithful and strong soldiers were needed in place of the worthless maids.
With that thought in mind
Pachouli set into order the manufacturing of golems
which when infused with the hair of certain proprietors
successfully took both their form and abilities.
At that time, protection of the library was supposed to be certain...
Except someone had stolen the clay doll manufacturing process
and most of the Scarlet Devil Mansion has been over-run by these rival dolls.
Patchouli, using the dolls she has created,
stands now to defend the last stronghold, which is the library.

Ending text (translated from Japanese):
Patchouli had finally finished defending the library.
The Scarlet Devil Mansion had become plastered with mud
from the immense number of shattered dolls.
Fortunately, Remilia had been out
so there probably won't be any problems after the maids clean it all up.
But the battle is not yet over.
Realizing, as long as she's confined within the library,
the closing curtain won't drop on this incident.
Patchouli had at last rose from her chair.
Her battle has just begun.



Well, stricly speaking, Patchouli Knowledge does not hail from an anime, but a PC game series, The Touhou Project. Never published here, the game claims a small, genuinely fanatical following in the US. The game is a shooter, not to be confused with one person shooters a la Halo or Counterstrike. Classic Japanese shooters are generally 2 dimensional, with the shooter (usually a plane or ship of some sort) following a track and, well, shooting things.

Japan has some really odd examples of the genre, such as the unabashedly homoerotic Cho Aniki. Touhou is what's called a bullet hell, or manic shooter, where the entire screen is alight with fire and enemies. Contrary to how this sounds, the game is incredibly aesthetic, a colorful dance of fireworks and flower petals. Incredibly, it's all a one man project, explaining in part the distinctive quirkiness of the game.

The cast is all-female, or nearly so. The premise is that a succession of exorcists travelled to a remote area to fight monsters. With the monsters under control, the exorcists sealed of their little realm and over the years created their little world. The games have generated an astounding amount of fan support: doujinshi, art work, and even magazines.

Patchouli, our first Great Librarian of Anime, is a reclusive scholar who lives in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. An obvious bibliophile (rarely do you see a picture of her sans book), she serves as a librarian with magical power over the seven elements. Sadly, she suffers from asthma, which hinders her spellcasting somewhat. With her crescent moon ornament and long, purple hair, she is easilly recognised among the large cast.

So here's to you, Patchouli Knowledge! May all your spells explode like rainbows, and may Marissa return all the books she borrowed.



Patchouli Knowledge
* Species: Witch
* Ability: Magic, especially elemental magic.
* Residence: Scarlet Devil Mansion
* Theme Song: Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room
* Title: The Girl of Knowledge and Shadow

Stage 4 boss in "The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil" (the sixth official game of the Touhou Project series), as well as a playable character in "Immaterial and Missing Power" and "Scarlet Weather Rhapsody" (two versus fighting games in the Touhou series).

She is a scholar who is a friend of Remilia Scarlet's. She resides in the library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and is the de facto librarian. In fact, she rarely leaves it and is somewhat of a hikikomori. She has command over the seven elements (which the Japanese days of the week are named after, making her the "One-week Wizard") and is in theory an extremely powerful magician. However, her constitution is very poor and asthma often prevents her from reciting her spells.

She has a tenuous relationship with Marisa, who tends to carry off her books without asking.

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