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Case Study No. 0579: "The Librarian Wants Chinese"

The Librarian Wants Chinese
short film
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[scene opens with a black-and-white closeup of "Love's Young Dream" by S.R. Crockett, then the camera pans up to reveal that a young female librarian (wearing thick glasses attached to a chain around her neck) is reading the book]
[cut to the librarian slowly pushing a cart while reshelving books, as Chopin's "24 Preludes, Op.28 - 24. In D Minor" plays]
[cut to an overhead shot of the librarian as she reshelves another book]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's hand as she tries to reshelve "Love's Young Dream", then another hand reaches in from off camera and closes over her hand]
[the camera zooms out to reveal a young man staring deeply into her eyes, as she adjusts her glasses and smiles]
[cut to several closeups of each person's face, then cut to a slow-motion shot of the book falling to the ground]
[cut to the two of them running through the stacks, as the librarian throws him up against a wall and begins to kiss him passionately]
[as they slowly slide down to the ground, the scene fades to black, then cut back to the same closeup shot of "Love's Young Dream", as the camera pans up to reveal the librarian reading the book]
[cut to a wide angle shot of the room (now in color), which reveals the same man - another librarian? - sitting at a nearby desk and talking into the telephone, when he covers up the receiver and turns to the librarian (still reading her book)]
MAN: Hey.
[she replies without looking up from her book]
MAN: We're ordering Chinese ... want some?
[she suddenly looks up (as if snapping out of a spell)]
LIBRARIAN: [quietly] Yes.
MAN: What?
[she adjusts her glasses]
MAN: [into the phone] Uh yeah, an order of Moo shu ...
[she smiles, then looks embarrassed and goes back to reading her book]
MAN: [into the phone] Uh, and an American Buddhist's Delight ... Mm, and three Cokes. Okay, thanks. Mm hmm, thanks.
[he hangs up the phone, then cut to a closeup of the librarian reading, as the scene fades to black]

The End

written and directed by
Randy Baruh

Librarian ... Rana Kazkaz
Man ... Matt Neely

cinematography and editing by
Flackman Bros. Productions

produced by

copyright 2002 MoMar

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