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Case Study No. 0595: Highland High School Librarian

I don't own this it ain't mine (c) MTV Mike Judge obviously do. The following events are REAL.
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[scene opens inside the Highland High School library, as David Van Driessen and his students gather around a single computer terminal sitting on a desk in the middle of the stacks]
VAN DRIESSEN: And this, class, is the computer that will act as Highland High School's gateway to the information superhighway.
[cut to a closeup of the computer screen]
VAN DRIESSEN: Now, I know that all of you will use this responsibly, but the school board is worried that some of you will be tempted to access adult services, some of which do contain pornographic images.
[the camera pans over to Beavis (who is picking his nose) and Butthead]
[they both laugh, then cut back to a closeup of Van Driessen]
VAN DRIESSEN: That's why the faculty will be taking strict measures against anyone who abuses the computer, m'kay? Any questions?
BUTTHEAD: Uh, so ... Uh, how do we get porn?
VAN DRIESSEN: Very funny, Butthead ... Okay, if there aren't any questions, we'll head back to class, m'kay?
[everyone (besides Beavis and Butthead) exit the library]
BUTTHEAD: Whoa, free porn!
BEAVIS: Yeah! Yeah, how do we get it?
[they see Stewart walking into the library and talking to another nerdy kid]
STEWART: Yeah yeah yeah. Sure, you can install it, but I'd like to see you download anything else with only four megs of RAM ...
BUTTHEAD: Uh, welcome to the future. Here is your free porn.
BEAVIS: Yeah! Yeah!
[cut to Stewart typing on the computer, while Beavis and Butthead stand behind him]
BUTTHEAD: Uh, hey Stewart ... We need you to get us some of that free porn.
STEWART: No way, guys! You heard Mister Van Driessen, we'll get in big trouble!
BUTTHEAD: No we won't!
BEAVIS: Yeah, porn is good for you! Yeah, didja know that?
STEWART: Come on, guys!
BUTTHEAD: Uh, get us some porn!
BEAVIS: Yeah yeah yeah! Come on, let's check it out! Come on ... butthole.
STEWART: Guys, can't we just hang out?
[he laughs]
BUTTHEAD: Uh, didn't you like, promise us ... uh, a really long time ago that you were gonna get us some porn?
BEAVIS: Yeah! Yeah, you promised!
STEWART: Guys ...
BUTTHEAD: Come on, Stewart, everybody does it.
BEAVIS: Yeah, it'll be fine ...
[cut to various scenes of Beavis and Butthead following Stewart around school (walking through the halls, standing in line at the cafeteria) and berating him about free porn, until he finally relents in the boys' restroom]
BUTTHEAD: Come on, Stewart ...
STEWART: [from off camera] But, but I ... Sigh. Okay, okay.
[cut back to the library, as Stewart is sitting at the computer (with Beavis and Butthead sitting on either side of him) and downloads a picture of a sexy - but fully clothed - woman]
BUTTHEAD: Uh ... Well, it's a start.
BEAVIS: Yeah, yeah. Keep going! We wanna see naked chicks! Buck naked, yeah!
[he suddenly stands up and points to something on the computer screen]
BEAVIS: Hey, what about that one!
STEWART: Oh no ... That one's illegal in this state.
BEAVIS: Come on, I wanna see it! I wanna see it! Dammit!
BUTTHEAD: Yeah. Come on, Stewart! Do it!
STEWART: O-Okay, guys ...
[the camera focuses on the keyboard, as he nervously downloads the photo, then cut to the reaction shots on their faces]
STEWART: Oh my god!
BEAVIS: Boii-oing!
BUTTHEAD: Come to Butthead ...
[the older female librarian (blonde hair, purple sweater, purple skirt) suddenly enters the scene from behind them, carrying a stack of books]
LIBRARIAN: What in God's name is going on here?
[she stops and looks at the screen]
LIBRARIAN: Oh my lord ...
[she faints, as Beavis and Butthead look over their shoulders at her]
BUTTHEAD: Uh ... I think you killed her, Stewart.
[cut to inside the principal's office]
PRINCIPAL MCVICKER: Uh, now as you boys know, we have strict rules about accessing computer pornography from the library! So before I sentence you to an extremely harsh punishment, I wanna know how you little punks did it! Uh, come on! You idiots can save yourself a lotta trouble if you'll just tell me who helped you log on!
BUTTHEAD: Uh, I did that myself ... but Stewart got us the porn.
BEAVIS: Yeah, he's pretty good.
STEWART: But, but I ...
PRINCIPAL MCVICKER: Uh, that's it! You're all getting detention for the rest of the year, and you've lost all your computer privileges!
[Butthead laughs]
BUTTHEAD: Stewart's in trouble ...
BEAVIS: Yeah, that's cool ...
[cut to the three of them in detention]
BUTTHEAD: [whispers] Hey Stewart ... uh, after we get outta here, can you help us get some more porn?
BEAVS: [whispers] Yeah yeah ... This time, get us more butt shots!
STEWART: [whispers] Leave me alone! You guys already got me in enough trouble ...
BUTTHEAD: [whispers] Uh, so?
BEAVIS: [yellling] Yeah yeah, we need more porn! Come on, Stewart!
[cut to the front of the class, as the gym teacher looks up]
COACH BUZZCUT: Shut the hell up!
[cut back to Stewart]
STEWART: [whispers] Will you guys please leave me alone? Here, you can play with my Game Boy.
[he hands his Game Boy to Butthead, who starts randomly pushing buttons]
BUTTHEAD: Uh ... This sucks!
[Beavis leans in]
BEAVIS: No way, Butthead! If you kinda, like, close your eyes and make 'em blurry, that thing over there kinda looks like a naked chick with big boobs! Check it out!
[cut to a closeup of the screen (showing what looks to be a Tetris piece) as everything gets blurry]
BUTTHEAD: Whoa! Oh yeah ...
BEAVIS: [whispers] Oh yeah! Mmmm ...
[they both start laughing, as the scene fades to black]



Beavis and Butt-Head Season 7 Episode 10 :: Cyber-Butt

Beavis and Butt-head harass Stewart until he agrees to help them access pornography on the school computer. They view activities that are illegal in the state of Texas, making the school's librarian faint.

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