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Case Study No. 0557: Coelin the Librarian

Jamie Preston and Coelin the Librarian on Arrowe Sound Hospital Radio
Jamie Preston interviews Coelin the librarian live on Arrowe Sound Hospital Radio.
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["An interview with Ceolin the librarian a prospective Arrowe Sound presenter. Jamie Preston the interviewer" appears on screen, then cut to Jamie in studio as Keith Robertshaw mans the camera]
JAMIE: That was Bruce Springsteen, with "Born to Run." Thank you very much for listening to Arrowe Sound Hospital Radio, we really appreciate your choice today. Now, next up we've got an interview, Coelin the librarian. He's gonna be here very very shortly, so don't go anywhere folks. This next track is one by the--
[the sound of a door opening can be heard outside the studio]
KEITH: [from off camera] Alright--
COELIN: [from off camera] Hello?
KEITH: [from off camera] I think here's here, Jamie. Watch him.
[a young man (blue sweater, blue jeans, sideways baseball cap, sunglasses) walks by the studio]
COELIN: Hello!
KEITH: [from off camera] This way!
JAMIE: Hold on! This way, please!
[they wave him into the studio]
COELIN: Oh, hello!
[he trips and stumbles into the studio]
JAMIE: What're ya like?
COELIN: Sorry! Sorry 'bout that ... Oh, a camera!
[he stares into the camera and waves]
COELIN: Hello!
KEITH: [from off camera] Uh, don't look in the camera. Don't look in the camera.
JAMIE: Please sit down, Coelin ...
KEITH: [from off camera] Oh, we're gonna have a no-win, no-fee here ...
COELIN: Ya what?
KEITH: [from off camera] Oh, just sit down ...
COELIN: You're a bit cheeky ...
KEITH: [from off camera] Just, just--
[he sits down next to Jamie]
JAMIE: Just sit down Coelin, right? We're gonna go on air in about two minutes.
COELIN: Hey, that's an interesting desk. What's that button do there?
[he reaches over towards the control board, but Jamie slaps his hand away]
JAMIE: Don't press that, don't press anything.
COELIN: Sorry ... Gotta be careful, some'a the buttons go "bang!", y'know?
JAMIE: [pause] Yeah. With you around, I'm sure.
COELIN: Y'know, they wouldn't let me join the radio, y'know? Hospital radio ...
JAMIE: I wonder why ...
COELIN: Yeah, I wondered as well! Y'know ...
JAMIE: Right, so we're goin' on air any second now, so get ready.
[he puts his headphones on, as Coelin just stares at the giant microphone in front of him]
COELIN: Some buttons ...
JAMIE: Be quiet, we're on the air.
COELIN: Oh, sorry!
JAMIE: Okay--
COELIN: I talk into that?
JAMIE: Yeah, yeah ... Welcome back to Arrow Sounde, thank you very much for joining us today. Now, in the studio right now with me, is Coelin the librarian. He wants to join our--
COELIN: Hello! Oh, sorry ...
JAMIE: Thank you very much, and he is gonna ... we're gonna do a little bit of an interview with him right now. So Coelin, how ya doin'?
COELIN: Fine, very good! A bit cold ...
JAMIE: It is a bit, isn't it?
COELIN: Bit cold! Nice and warm in here, though ...
JAMIE: It is, it's like a sauna in here today.
COELIN: It's lovely.
JAMIE: Right Coelin, you want to join us.
COELIN: Oh, yes!
JAMIE: Why do you want to join us?
COELIN: Well, because I'm very good on radio! I've got the face for radio, y'know, people have said.
JAMIE: I can, yeah, I can see that. He has got the face for radio, listeners. Um, so Coelin, what's your favorite type of music?
COELIN: Oh, lots of things. I like quality music, y'know, like uh ... like Bob the Builder! I think that's really good, y'know.
JAMIE: Oh yeah.
COELIN: I love that!
JAMIE: Very good ...
COELIN: He can't stop singin' it, y'know!
JAMIE: No ... And, uh, you dress quite sharply.
COELIN: Oh yeah, very trendy!
JAMIE: You're quite unique with your fashion sense.
JAMIE: Who would you say you look up to in the fashion world?
COELIN: Well, Chris Moyles, I think!
JAMIE: Chris Moyles ...
COELIN: I'd like to be like him, y'know! I think I'd be better than him, actually ...
JAMIE: So you just want to be like Chris Moyles ...
COELIN: Oh ay, yes! Be a DJ, cuttin' edge!
JAMIE: Well, Chris Moyles, watch out! Now, we're gonna have more from Coelin in a little while. Let's hear this one now from Kings of Leon, and "Revelry" ...
COELIN: What happened to Bob the Builder?
[Jamie takes off his headphones in exasperation]
JAMIE: Now Coelin, we're gonna be back in a minute, so don't go anywhere, okay?
[Coelin gets up and wanders out of the studio]
COELIN: Hang on a minute ...
JAMIE: Coelin, where ya goin'? We'll be back on in two minutes!
KEITH: [from off camera] He's gone in the back!
[a loud crash is heard outside]
COELIN: [from off camera] Ow!
JAMIE: Coelin, what ya playin' at?
[he stumbles back into the studio]
COELIN: Oh, sorry!
[Jamie gets up and walks towards him]
JAMIE: Coelin, what ya playin' at?
[Coelin bumps into the door, which hits Jamie and knocks him to the ground]
COELIN: Where's he gone? Hello? Where's he gone to? Hello?
[he looks down and see Jamie unconscious on the ground]
COELIN: Oh, what're ya doin' down there? What're ya doin' down there, then?
KEITH: [from off camera] I think he's out ...
COELIN: Hey, this is my chance! To become a DJ!
[he sits down at the control board]
COELIN: I'll take over!
KEITH: [from off camera] No no, don't touch anything!
[Coelin leans down and pats Jamie on the leg]
COELIN: You have a little rest now, you'll be okay!
KEITH: [from off camera] Don't touch anything!
COELIN: I'll take over, eh?
KEITH: [from off camera] No! Don't touch anything!
COELIN: No, this is me chance! Don't spoil me chance!
KEITH: [from off camera] Don't touch!
COELIN: I could be a star!
[he leans in and yells into the microphone]
COELIN: Okay, you're listening to ... What, what's the hospital again?
[he turns to the cameraman]
COELIN: What's the radio?
KEITH: [from off camera] It's Arrowe Sound ...
COELIN: Hello, you're listening to Arrowe Sound Hospital Radio! And it's Coelin the librarian here! Much better than the other fellah! Uh, we've got some music, we're gonna try and find Bob the Builder!
KEITH: [from off camera] Don't touch anything!
COELIN: I think we all like Bob the Builder ... It's a really lovely song!
[Jamie (holding his head) gets up]
COELIN: Uh, maybe I could sing Bob the Builder?
JAMIE: Coelin, what're you doing?! Get off! Get outta my seat now!
COELIN: Oh, sorry!
[he gets up]
COELIN: Sorry buddy, are you okay?
JAMIE: I've lost my patience with ya! Get out! I'm fed up with ya!
COELIN: That's not very nice, is it?
[he pushes him out of the studio]
JAMIE: Get out now, get out! I'm fed up with ya!
[Coelin peeks his head back in]
COELIN: I'm sorry, could I ... could I come back in again?
JAMIE: Get lost! Get out of here right now!
COELIN: Sorry, I'll pay for the damage ...
[Jamie slams the door shut]
JAMIE: Just get out ...
KEITH: [from off camera] This is supposed to be--
[Coelin knocks on the door]
COELIN: Can I come in?
JAMIE: Get out!
KEITH: [from off camera] This is supposed to be a promo, isn't it?
[Coelin opens the door a crack]
COELIN: Sorry, I won't do it again.
JAMIE: Too late, you've had your chance. Now get ... get out.
COELIN: Come on now ... Just give me another chance.
KEITH: [from off camera] Can, can you just go? We're tryin'--
COELIN: It was an accident!
KEITH: [from off camera] We're tryin' to do a promo video here for Arrowe Sound ... Can you just go?
[he turns and leaves]
KEITH: [from off camera] Thank you ... and don't come back! And if you end up in hospital, we'll play some Bob the Builder for ya!
[the sound of another door closing outside is heard, as Jamie gives the thumbs up]
KEITH: [from off camera] Thank goodness for that ... What a character!
[Jamie laughs]
KEITH: [from off camera] Right? I'll let ya carry on with your program, Jamie.
[he sits back down in his chair]
KEITH: [from off camera] Thanks a lot. You've got a lotta patience.
["Coelin has now decided to try broadcasting from a rowing boat on the Irish sea. Maybe Pirate radio will be his only hope." appears on screen]



Jamie Preston has another encounter with Coelin the librarian!

This is the official blog of Arrowe Sound's Sunday Sports Special Presenter Jamie Preston, he has been with the station since October 2004, after completing stints on Soul Fm UK and Liver Fm 105.8. Arrowe Sound is the only hospital radio station in the North West of england that broadcasts around the world through Live 365.



Arrowe Sound Hospital Radio was established in 1971 and broadcasts to Arrowe Park Hospital, 24 hours a day.

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