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Case Study No. 0559: Staff of the Savage Public Library

Quiet on the Set - Operation Book Drop
Agent 224's mission: to retrieve the secret files from inside the book. But when enemy operatives, deadly book-drops, and overdue library fees threaten his task, the agent must race against the clock. Espionage and intrigue take a trip to the library in this high-action thriller.
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[scene opens with the image of a rotating green radar display, as a computerized female voice is speaking]
COMPUTER: Initializing network. Accessing data. Commencing ... Operation Book Drop!
[cut to a red-headed male secret agent (wearing sunglasses, a white shirt, and black tie) standing outside of the Savage Public Library, when his cellphone rings]
AGENT 224: [into his phone] Talk to me.
[cut to a young woman sitting in a darkened room, typing on a computer while talking into her hands-free headset]
TECHIE: Hello, Agent 224? This is headquarters.
[cut back to the agent]
AGENT 224: [into his phone] I'm in position.
[cut back to the young woman]
TECHIE: Good. Here are your instructions, so listen closely.
[cut to the library's front entrance]
TECHIE: [in voice over] The exchange is going to take place inside of the library.
[cut to a copy of Doctor Seuss' "Cat in the Hat" sitting on a table, as someone off camera reaches in and places a large manilla folder (labelled "Top Secret") in the middle of the book]
TECHIE: [in voice over] The secret files have been stashed in a copy of "The Cat in the Hat." It is your job to retrieve them.
[cut to a young woman sitting in the library, hiding her face behind a copy of "How to Murder the Man of Your Dreams"]
TECHIE: [in voice over] But remember 224, you'll have to act quickly. We anticipate the interference of enemy operatives, so be on your toes.
[cut back to the agent]
AGENT 224: [into his phone] I will. Agent 224 out.
[he hangs up, takes off his sunglasses, and enters the library]
[cut to the agent browsing the stacks, as he takes a piece of paper (with "JUV SUE" written on it) out of his pocket, then - after reading it - throws it in the trash and walks off camera]
[the female enemy operative then sneaks into the scene, takes the piece of paper out of the trash, and slips it in her blouse]
[cut to the two agents walking on opposite sides of the same bookshelf, when they bump into each other]
[they run off in opposite directions, then cut to Agent 224 stopping at a different bookshelf and finding the copy of "Cat in the Hat"]
AGENT 224: Let me see ... Yes, got it!
[cut to the enemy operative checking another bookshelf, as she reads off each title before throwing the book to the ground]
ENEMY OPERATIVE: Um, "New Cat Handbook" ... "Cat World?" "Complete Cat" ... No! "Cat Stories" ... Ugh!
[she takes the piece of paper out of her blouse and reads it again]
ENEMY OPERATIVE: "Juv Sue?" Wh-What kind of code is this?
[Agent 224 suddenly appears]
AGENT 224: I see you're not familiar with my friend Dewey ...
[he holds up "Cat in the Hat"]
AGENT 224: Decimal, that is!
[she throws away the paper in disgust and charges at him, as he does a shoulder roll to get away before assuming a defensive stance]
[they begin fighting, as Agent 224 uses the book to block one of her punches, then he ducks to avoid another before she knees him in the face]
[he tries a leg sweep, but she jumps over it ... so he just punches her in the face]
[she tries to answer with a punch of her own, but he ducks and then punches her in the stomach before running off]
[cut to several shots of the two running away from each other in the stacks Scooby-Doo style, then cut to a young female patron writing in her notebook as they continue to fight behind her (she looks up as if she hears something, but they're already gone by the time she looks behind her)]
[cut to the enemy operative choking Agent 224, when someone from off camera reaches in and wraps the nearby desk with her pencil]
[the operative stops (as does the dramatic music), then the camera pans around to reveal an older female librarian pointing to the "Quiet Please" sign]
AGENT 224: [quietly] Sorry ...
[the operative (taking advantage of the momentary distraction) grabs a book and hits Agent 224 in the back of the head]
[the screen goes black, then cut to the agent unconscious inside the book return bin (until the slot opens and a book slides down and knocks him on the head)]
AGENT 224: [groggily] Huh?
[he wakes up to realize that his hands have been tied together]
AGENT 224: Ah, book trap! No!
[cut to a different female librarian sitting at the front desk, as the enemy operative brings the "Cat in the Hat" book and tries to check it out]
ENEMY OPERATIVE: I'd like to check this out!
[cut back to the book return bin, as more and more books are falling through the slot and covering up the agent]
AGENT 224: Oh no, it's filling up!
[he begins using his library card to cut the ropes around his wrists]
AGENT 224: Good thing I always carry my library card with me!
[as books continue falling into the bin, he slowly cuts away at the ropes]
AGENT 224: Almost ...
[cut back to the librarian, as she scans the enemy operative's library card]
LIBRARIAN: Oh, I'm sorry. You have a fine on your card.
LIBRARIAN: And you can't check this book out.
[she reaches into her pocket and throws a bunch of loose change on the table]
LIBRARIAN: That ... that won't be enough. I'm sorry.
[she takes the book]
LIBRARIAN: Uh, you won't be able to check this book out today.
[cut back to the book return bin, as Agent 224 cuts the last of the rope with his card]
AGENT 224: Uh, got it!
[he jumps out of the bin]
AGENT 224: Thanks, trusty library card!
[cut back to the librarian and the enemy operative]
LIBRARIAN: Thank you ...
[the operative puts her head down and stomps out of the library, then cut back to Agent 224 as he strikes a dramatic pose for the camera]
AGENT 224: Time to check outta here!
[cut to the agent running up to the bookshelf (as the librarian has apparently had enough time to reshelve the "Cat in the Hat" book]
AGENT 224: Oh, finally!
[he goes to grab the book, but someone off camera reaches in and gets it first, then he turns to reveal that it's a little girl]
AGENT 224: Huh?
[he gets an exasperated look on his face, as the little girl runs off]
LITTLE GIRL: Mommy mommy, look what I found!
[the agent puts his head down and sighs, as the screen fades to black]

This film was produced for the "Quiet on the Set" short film competition
Presented by MELSA and in partnership with Comcast, Channel Z, and IFP Minnesota

Agent 224 ... Alec Bunnell
Enemy Operative ... Kelsey Griffin
Techie ... Kristina Hall
Patron(s) ... Amber Bunnell
Pam Besser ... Herself
Eva Poppen ... Herself
Angela Rasmussen ... Herself
Little Girl ... Elizabeth Bunnell

Written, Directed & Edited by
Amber Bunnell and Kristina Hall

Sound Technician
Alec Bunnell

Team Pack-mule
Emily Bunnell

Team Waterboy
Alec Bunnell

Original Music by
Elliott Etzkorn

"Cautious Path" courtesy of

"Illuminati" courtesy of
Cornerstone Cues

Opening clip courtesy of
Neo's Clip Archive

A Very Special Thanks to
the Savage Public Library!

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