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Case Study No. 0591: Hugi the Librarian

Runescape King of the Dwarves part 3 of 5 Meike and the Records
Go to the west bar and ask Luitger about Meike and then ask him why he was absent from the protest.

After learning there were arrests, head to the Blackguard HQ to get info from Klaas. He will reveal Meike is on top of the tower where you met your first dwarf cannoneer.

Meet with Meike and reach a consensus with her and Veldaban that you three need to enter the records chamber. Meet her and Veldaban in the Keldagrim library in the north-west quadrant of the city.

Talk with the librarian to get the key case open. Try to take the keys and Meike suggests that you give her soft clay so she can make moulds. In order for her to start the process, you need to distract the librarian by asking about the history of the keys. When she gives you the key moulds, use them on a normal furnace (not the blast furnace) with the mithril bars in your inventory to make keys.

Return to Keldagrim with the keys and enter the dungeon on the wall west of the Blackguard HQ.

From the southern most key hole and northward, the order the keys go in is
5 1 4 6 3 2

Enter the chamber and follow the dialogue until you're able to ask Veldaban to take you to the Barendir caves. Gear up for a small fight. You only need a bite a two of food if you use prayer. Bring an excellent weapon. When you're ready, go with Veldaban to the caves.
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[the player and Veldaban enter a tower south of the city of Keldagrim, where they find Meike]
MEIKE: Veldaban. Human.
VELDABAN: Meike. You're not an easy person to find.
MEIKE: I wanted to be on my own. What do you want, Veldaban?
VELDABAN: We need your help. You're an expert on the monarchy. Down at the palace, Hreidmar is--
MEIKE: He wants to open the sealed records chamber, yes. And he sounds like he knows what we'd find if we looked in there, doesn't he?
VELDABAN: He's a villain, Meike. He's kidnapping people, turning them into chaos dwarves. The chaos dwarf army is under his command.
MEIKE: I believe you. It's just ... All my adult life, I've looked at that statue and thought about how much better life would be under a king. I believe in the Azdaran Fragment. "Only a king." But did it have to be Hreidmar to be the one to bring it close? And everyone's being taken in by him ... This isn't how I wanted it to go.
VELDABAN: We've got to stop him. There must be something we can do.
[the player selects "We should discredit him"]
VELDABAN: He's been careful. We may know what he's up to, but we don't have strong evidence to tie the Red Axe to the chaos dwarves. It would be our word against his.
MEIKE: That would be no good. He's played the crowd exactly right.
[the player selects "We could get into the records chamber first"]
VELDABAN: If only we could. No one can get in there.
MEIKE: Actually, there might be a way. I don't like to suggest it, but ...
VELDABAN: For Guthix's sake! This is no time for qualms!
MEIKE: Alright! The keys to the records chamber are kept in the library in Keldagrim West. Normally, they're locked away, but the librarian knows me. He might let me handle the keys. We can make moulds out of clay and use them to forge new mithril keys.
[the player selects "I'll meet you both at the library"]
MEIKE: Alright. You'll need six pieces of soft clay to make moulds of the keys, and later you'll need six mithril bars to make the duplicates.
VELDABAN: I'll see you at the library, Player.
[the player heads for the the Keldagrim Library, where he finds Meike and Veldaban waiting in front of the male dwarven librarian]
MEIKE: Alright, we're all here. You should speak to the librarian and ask him to open the case with the keys in it.
[the player walks up to the librarian (bald, glasses, long grey beard)]
LIBRARIAN: Welcome to the Keldagrim library, human traveller!
[the player selects "Could you open the case, please?"]
LIBRARIAN: There are some valuable historical artefacts in that case. It wouldn't be right for an outsider to see them.
MEIKE: I'm helping this human to research a book about Keldagrim for Varrock Library. We need to see some of the documents in the case.
LIBRARIAN: Hmm, alright, Meike, if he's with you. I'll need to keep an eye on you, though. Those are valuable artefacts and they mustn't leave the library.
MEIKE: Of course.
["The librarian gives you a key to the cabinet" appears on screen]
MEIKE: You've got the key! Now you can open the case.
[the player walks up to the cabinet near the entranceway, as "You open the cabinet using the key" appears on screen]
[the player selects "Talk to Meike"]
MEIKE: These are the keys to the sealed records chamber.
[the player selects "Take keys"]
LIBRARIAN: What do you think you're doing?
MEIKE: Player! We don't need the keys themselves. Soft clay, remember?
[the player selects "Use soft clay" and "Cabinet"]
LIBRARIAN: What do you think you're doing? I'm going to keep an eye on you, human.
MEIKE: Looks like you're not going to be able to do it yourself. Give me the clay, then keep the librarian talking.
[the player selects "Use soft clay" and "Meike"]
PLAYER: Here, take this soft clay ...
["You gave six pieces of soft clay to Meike" appears on screen]
MEIKE: I think I know what to do with these. Why don't you have a talk with the librarian so his attention isn't on the display case?
[the player walks up to the librarian again]
LIBRARIAN: Welcome to the Keldagrim library, human traveller!
[the player selects "Can you tell me more about the library?"]
LIBRARIAN: Why, certainly, it is one of my favourite subjects! I am Hugi, you see. I am the chief librarian here. Hugi, my parents named me that, it means "personification of thought" in the ancient dwarvish tongue. Quite like the name myself ... The books in this library have been collected for many centuries now, through various generous donations. You'll find books dating from many different eras as well, such as the Era of Kings, the Rise of the Consortium, and the Era of Prosperity, our current era.
PLAYER: And do these eras correspond with the Ages of the world?
LIBRARIAN: Oh, they are quite different, and most of them take place in the Fourth Age. Since we dwarves hid underground for a long time to sit out the wars that raged above the ground, our history books differ slightly from those written by humans.
PLAYER: Thanks for the information!
[the player walks back to Meike standing in front of the cabinet]
MEIKE: You'll need to talk to the librarian, so his attention isn't on me.
[the player returns to the librarian]
LIBRARIAN: Welcome to the Keldagrim library, human traveller!
[the player selects "What do you know about impenetrable rocks?"]
LIBRARIAN: You're confusing me, what rock exactly are you talking about?
PLAYER: The big one in the mines south of the city. Dondakan's big rock.
LIBRARIAN: I see, I see ... but I don't know much about that rock, I'm afraid. It's baffled us for many generations. There is a dwarf in the mechanics shop, though, who I believe has some connections with a certain scholar.
PLAYER: Where can I find him exactly?
LIBRARIAN: Go south to the palace, the shop is called Wemund's Wrench Warehouse. He should be working there somewhere.
PLAYER: Thanks!
[the player walks back to Meike standing in front of the cabinet]
MEIKE: You'll need to talk to the librarian, so his attention isn't on me.
[the player returns to the librarian]
LIBRARIAN: Welcome to the Keldagrim library, human traveller!
[the player selects "Can you tell me more about the keys?"]
LIBRARIAN: Oh, of course! Those keys are the library's most precious artefacts. They're a fine example of the style of craftsmanship from the end of the Era of Kings. Notice how ornate they are compared with the style of Keldagrim metalworking today. The records chamber itself dates back to the middle of the Era of Kings, but the current door was built by the Consortium during the reign of Alvis, the last king. After Alvis's death, the Consortium closed the records chamber and the six major company directors took a key each. As the Consortium expanded beyond six companies, the directors started arguing over who would keep the keys. Eventually they decided to lock all the keys together in the library. The records chamber has been opened a few times since then, at the Consortium's orders, but not often. I hear it might be opened again soon, which will be exciting! It's nice to have a chance to tell someone all that. No one's shown such an interest in the keys since that Hreidmar fellow, and that was about twenty years ago ... I hope that helps you with your book!
[the player walks back over to Meike]
MEIKE: I've done it. I've made a clay mould of each key ... the original keys are fine.
["Meike gives you six key moulds" appears on screen]
MEIKE: You'll need to take the key moulds and six mithril bars to a furnace in order to make duplicate keys. I don't think there's a suitable furnace in Keldagrim. The closest one is probably Rellekka. Once you're done, meet me and Veldaban in the records chamber. The entrance is built into the west wall of Keldagrim, near the Black Guard HQ.


From runescape.com:

"King of the Dwarves" is the fourth installment in the "Rise of the Red Axe" quest series for the MMORPG "Runescape." It is the second quest in the series developed by Mod John A, who has taken over from "Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf."

The Red Axe is still kidnapping citizens of East Keldagrim and now that Veldaban has resigned from the Dwarven Black Guard, he may investigate it, along with you.

Official Description
There has been a growing trend in Keldagrim of anti-Consortium feeling, most vocally from Veldaban, the one-time leader of the Black Guard. Others have taken this to the extreme, calling for a return to the old days - the Age of Kings. Even if there were a surviving heir of the royal bloodline, would the Consortium give up power, how would Hreidmar and the Red Axe view that, and what could a king do about the growing chaos dwarf problem?

To start the quest, speak to Lava-flow miner Sven standing outside of the lava-flow mine in Keldagrim East. The lava flow mine can be found on the eastern wall of Keldagrim, to the east of the Blast Furnace. Tell him that you would like a tour of the mines, and the quest will be started. A cutscene will start, in which Foreman Jaak will show you around the Lava-flow mine and explain a little bit, until he spots an odd person who is not supposed to be there. This cloaked figure will then turn around, revealing himself as a chaos dwarf, and commit suicide, after which the boilers of the mine are seriously damaged and the ceiling collapses. Speak to Jaak, who is standing near the entrance, who will tell you to rescue the Lava-flow miners who have been hit by rocks. One free inventory space is required to pick up the miners, and each must be handed over to Jaak before rescuing another one.

In order to save the miners, you will need to mine the smaller, lighter-coloured piles of rubble to reach them. If a piece of rubble can't be mined, a message will appear saying so and you will have to try another. Upon reaching a miner, free the dwarf from the rubble and take him/her back to Foreman Jaak.

After two of the dwarves have been freed, a Black Guard squad will appear on the scene, but they will place the state of the damaged equipment at a higher priority than the injured miners at the order of the Consortium. Rescue the remaining four miners from the rubble and exit the mine. Two miners will have died, and two will be unconscious. Talk to Jaak after rescuing them all, who will thank you and send you outside.

Outside the mine there will be a crowd of protesters led by Veldaban demonstrating against the Consortium. After talking to Veldaban about what transpired inside the mine, a Black guard soldier will arrive and arrest Veldaban as the Consortium suspects that he was involved with the explosion. The guard will take him to the top floor of the palace. Head to the top floor of the palace and talk to the directors to convince them that Veldaban was not involved with the incident.

First, speak to Veldaban and ask him why he is so angry. Tell him to calm down, or the directors will not release him.

Talk to the Blue Opal Director, and select "Tell me about the lava flow mine." Respond with, "So the chaos dwarf blew up the secondary boilers?"

Talk to the Green Gemstone Director, and select "I was there when the explosion happened." Then tell him, "I rescued some of the miners."

Tell the Brown Engine Director, "What did you want to do about the miners?" Answer with, "It was a difficult decision. I understand."

Talk to the Yellow Fortune Director, and select "Why did you arrest Veldaban?" Then tell her, "Veldaban's popular. Arresting him makes you look worse."

Once you have finished talking to all of the directors and Veldaban, talk to the Consortium general secretary. Tell him that you've talked to everyone that you need to talk to, and a cut scene will commence. You cannot have a familiar or pet out during this vote! The directors will agree to free Veldaban into your care, but just as they do, another Black Guard will interrupt the meeting. He will tell you that protesters are gathering outside of the palace walls demanding a king be put into power, and also that Colonel Grenda and her First Division have been sent to the caves of Barendir to ward off an army of chaos dwarves.

Now that Veldaban has been released into your care, he will follow you around the city. If you should somehow lose him, he will be waiting for you at the Laughing Miner pub located in East Keldagrim.

Take Veldaban with you to the crowd of protesters gathered on the east side of the palace, and talk to Hreidmar, who is leading the protest. Hreidmar will have the crowd eating out of his hand with all of the protesters energetically agreeing to everything he says. Veldaban will suggest that you find Meike, the leader of Monarchist Society. Talk to one of the protesters and ask them where Meike is, and they will respond saying that they don't know, but she's usually at the King's Axe Inn, just south of the bank in Keldagrim West.

Head to the pub in Keldagrim West and talk to Luitger, who is sitting in the pub by himself. He will say that he too doesn't know where Meike is either. Ask him why he didn't join the protest, and he will tell you that he got cold feet when the revolution actually started, especially since he heard that a protester was arrested. Veldaban will suggest that you check in the Black Guard headquarters to see if Meike was the one who was arrested.

Go to the Black Guard HQ, which is located north of the pub and west of the bank. However, Klaas was the dwarf that was arrested, not Meike. Talk to Klaas and ask him where Meike is, but he will refuse to reveal her location. Veldaban will step in and intimidate and threaten the dwarf into telling you where she's hiding. He will tell you that she's at the top of the tower where you killed Hilda in Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf, which is just south of the western palace and south-east of the Stonemason.

Meike will be standing alone at the top of the tower. Talk to her and ask her why she's not participating in the protests. She will reveal that she doesn't know what to do, because if the revolt succeeds, Hreidmar would be the new king. Suggest that you go to the records chamber first to find out if he truly is the successor, and Meike will offer to help. She will tell you that you need the keys to the chamber, which she might be able to make duplicates of from the library. Meike and Veldaban will then leave, telling you that they'll meet you when you're ready in the library, which is located north-east of the bank, near the river. If you do not already have 6 pieces of soft clay and 6 mithril bars with you, quickly go and get them from the bank and meet them in the library.

Once you have the necessary supplies, proceed to the library and talk to Meike and Veldaban. Meike will tell you to talk to the librarian about unlocking the display case. She will say that he will most likely give you the keys since she is there to supervise you. Ask the librarian to open the case, and he will give you the keys to the case. Unlock the cabinet and try to take the keys back, but the librarian will stop you. Meike will suggest that you give her the clay so she can make the moulds while you distract the librarian. Use the soft clay on her and then talk to the librarian.

Ask the librarian about the keys, and he will explain how the keys are one of the most ancient and treasured artefacts of the library, dating back to the age of the kings. When you are finished talking to the librarian, return to Meike, who will have successfully made clay moulds of the six keys. She will give you the molds telling you to make mithril copies in a furnace. However, there aren't any suitable furnaces in Keldagrim, so an outside furnace will have to be used. A simple solution is to take the mine cart back to the Grand Exchange and use the furnace in Edgeville. This will allow for an easy return to Keldagrim. However, this requires the completion of at least all of the easy Varrock Tasks. Any furnace may be used to complete this part of the quest, but Superheat Item will not work. Once you have made copies of the keys, return to Keldagrim and meet Meike and Veldaban in the Records Chamber.

The Records Chamber is located in West Keldagrim, to the west of the Black Guard headquarters. Go through the entrance and speak to Meike or Veldaban. Meike will tell you that the symbols have worn away over time, so you will have to figure out which key goes where by yourself. There are 6 keyholes to match the 6 keys that you have, with three keyholes on either side of the door. The correct combination to unlock the door is (from southern-most keyhole to northern-most keyhole): 5, 1, 4, 6, 3, 2.

After all of the keys are in the correct keyhole, open the door. as the door opens and reveals the Record Chamber, Meike will exclaim that she never thought she'd live to see the chamber. During a short cutscene, it will be revealed that Hreidmar truly is the heir to the throne. Should the Consortium yield to the protesters and reinstate a king in charge of Keldagrim, Hreidmar and his chaos dwarf army would take over Keldagrim. Meike will offer to alter the records to make it look like Hreidmar is not the rightful heir, but Veldaban will refuse to let her. Meike will then suggest that you first find a way to deal with the Chaos Dwarf army while she looks for a rule to potentially disqualify Hreidmar from the throne. Speak to Veldaban and ask him to show you the way to the Barendir caves.


From wikia.com:

Hugi the Librarian is a dwarf that works in the Keldagrim Library, which serves a massive underground dwarven city (Keldagrim) accessible from the tunnel entrance east of Rellekka.

He takes care of the library and its many books.

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