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Case Study No. 0618: Kelly Reiss, the Vegetarian Librarian

Vegetarian Librarian Gumbo Zombies - Director's Cut
The scarier director's cut of VL GUMBO ZOMBIES!!

In June 2010 we were excited to have this video screened at the 1st Well Slept Film Fest inside the historic Gateway Theatre in Jefferson Park, IL. For future WSFF events check out

...and of course more Vegetarian Librarian fun at
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[scene opens with a young female librarian walking calmly through the park, when she stops and speaks directly to the camera]
KELLY: What a beautiful fall day! Perfect for some gumbo ...
[she continues walking, failing to notice that a number of zombies are suddenly following her]

The Vegetarian Librarian: Gumbo Zombies

Starring the VL, Kelly Reiss
With Jess Flynn Rambo
Tyler Flynn Rambo
Graham Jordan
Jessica Douglass
Johnny Misfit
and Rich Salamander

Music by Mr. 666
Directed and Edited by Jason Waclawik

[cut to some stock footage of a zombie horror movie, then to inside Kelly's kitchen as she stirs a pot of gumbo on the stove]
KELLY: The gumbo's done. Let's serve it up.
[as she takes a ladle-full of gumbo and pours it into a bowl, a zombie starts climbing through the nearby open window]
KELLY: What's that noise?
[she leaves and heads for the front door]
KELLY: Someone's at the door ...
[the door suddenly opens, and she screams as zombies start to come walking through]
KELLY: Get back, zombies!
[cut to a large group of zombies surrounding her in the kitchen, as she tries to fend them off with her spoon]
KELLY: Get back! Get back!
[footage from the zombie movie starts to play over the footage of Kelly, as she makes her stand in the corner of the room]
KELLY: Get back, zombies! Get back! Get back!
[she throws a bowl of gumbo at one of the zombies, who starts screaming and writhing on the floor]
ZOMBIE 1: Ahhhh!
[after convulsing on the floor, he suddenly wipes some of the gumbo off with his finger and decides to taste it]
ZOMBIE 1: Uhhhh ... Mmmm!
[the other zombies start grabbing at the gumbo on him and begin eating it]
ZOMBIE 1: Ahhhh!
[Kelly sees this, and suddenly has an idea]
KELLY: Gumbo!
[cut to Kelly with a basket of muffins, handing them out to each zombie as they pass by]
KELLY: Don't forget your corn muffins!
[they grab at the basket's contents, then cut to the zombies shuffling down the street and away from the house]
KELLY: [from off camera] Zombies, begone! Hope we don't see anymore of you tonight!
[she enters the scene and chucks a muffin at the "retreating" zombies, then cut to several zombies eating bowls of gumbo as they walk away]
ZOMBIE 2: Uhhhhh, it's really good!
ZOMBIE 3: You've really outdone yourself this time! Yaaarrrgh ...
["veglib dot com" appears on screen, then cut to Jason walking into the kitchen, as Kelly has her back to him and is working on something at the stove]
JASON: Kelly, that was crazy! Is there any, uh, gumbo left--
[Kelly turns to reveal that she has become a zombie, and stabs him with a knife]
JASON: Ahhhh!



Scrumptious smells are escaping out of Kelly Reiss's Logan Square kitchen in Chicago. On the inside a flood light from Home Depot lights up the stage and husband Jason Waclawik mans a hand held camera as Kelly, the self proclaimed Vegetarian Librarian, cooks up some creativity with a side of vegetables.

"About three years ago the phrase 'vegetarian librarian' gave rise to the idea of filming DIY cooking demos," explains Kelly. After letting the idea "marinate" for a while Kelly (a research librarian at the Chicago Center for Green Technology) and Jason (with a background in film and media) began producing webisodes called, "The Vegetarian Librarian."

Not to be confused with other cooking shows the Vegetarian Librarian is far from your bland Martha Stewart type. Local Indie/Rock band Strawberry Horsecake developed the theme song and can be heard throughout many webisodes, while all other music used is created by local Chicago artists and friends. Some of the most unconventional and artistic of the webisodes include "Gumbo" and "Master of the English Muffins" both from season 2. During Gumbo Reiss strolls through Palmer Square Park on a beautiful fall day and is compelled to make gumbo. Meanwhile zombies emerge from behind tall trees and lurk in the background. Back in the kitchen the absent minded VL finishes her hearty dish when she hears someone at the door. The undead must have rounded up a few more of their own frightening kind with a freaky fetish for gumbo. As they attack the VL she finds her only defense is to pour the gumbo on them. Her ploy works and she sends them on their way with a bowl each and corn muffins to follow. This spooky Halloween themed webisode is entertaining and dishes on how to create a seasonal meal or an anti-zombie potion, which ever you may need.

Whether shot in locations unique to Chicago such as the Hideout, Palmer Square Park, Salon Miniscule, Atlas Recording Studios or in her own kitchen Reiss cooks up delicious recipes mixed with amusement. Now in her third season the Vegetarian Librarian promises more taste bud pleasing recipes along with more vegetarian/vegan blog content for fans. When not fulfilling her vegetarian side Kelly entertains her librarian side by feeding her brain with information from the Center for Books and Paper knowledge at Columbia College. And when out for some vegetarian cuisine Kelly frequents restaurants like Sultan's Market, El Cid, Karyn's on Green or Handlebar. Being a very smart vegetarian Reiss has found some unique places to find her ingredients. You won't find the VL shopping at any ordinary grocery store but you might be able to sneak a peak into her grocery cart at the Green Grocer Chicago on Grand Ave, the Logan Square Farmer's Market on Sunday, a speciality Korean store called Joong Boo Market, or Whole Foods in Lincoln Park. So if you run into the Vegetarian Librarian at any of her favorite Chicago niches ask her what she's cooking up next.

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