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Case Study No. 0580: Th3LIb4arian/Dongle

Watching the Librarian
I got a gift from the Librarian so I decided to be a good partner and share with Baron, even though he quit the PIE Network. Movie night at the old PIE HQ. Bring the popcorn or protein bars. It's going to be fun.
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[scene opens with Baron and Hector sitting in front of their laptop at PIE Headquarters]
BARON: So Hec, wadda we got going on here? Movie day?
HECTOR: Librarian footage.
BARON: Oh boy ...
HECTOR: Thought we could watch it together, might inspire you.
[Baron points to the candy bar that Hector is holding]
BARON: Eh, you didn't bring me a snack, ya bastard ...
[they both start watching the footage sent by the Librarian playing on the computer screen, which is facing away from the camera]
BARON: Hey, what's uh, what's that there? Looks like, uh ...
HECTOR: The blue jumpsuits ...
BARON: The blue jumpsuits, huh? Cartel suits, like a bunch of 'em ...
[they continue watching, as Baron gets an angry look on his face]
BARON: You have gotta be shittin' me, look! That's those things from the woods, those tinfoil covered--
HECTOR: They're filled with bugs.
BARON: They ain't filled with bugs!
HECTOR: They're filled with bugs ...
BARON: Your head's friggin' filled with bugs ...
[Hector points to the screen]
HECTOR: Those are my lunchboxes!
BARON: What're they doin' in there? Wh-what the hell's the Librarian doing with your lunchboxes?
[Baron gets a surprised look on his face, as they watch the camera focus on a teddy bear (although that is not apparent from this video)]
HECTOR: There's your little friend ...
BARON: Uncle Wilty? There's three Uncle Wiltys! What, they're triplets now? Like, what the hell are they, the three bears? Where's ...
HECTOR: There's a box in there ...
BARON: What're you, expecting Goldilocks to creep around the corner next?
[the continue watching the footage]
BARON: What is that disgusting shit? Oh god, looks like someone vomited in a bucket or something! What the hell is in there? Ugh.
[Hector suddenly begins slowly backing away from the computer, as Baron moves in closer to the screen]
BARON: What is that?
HECTOR: [nervously] I don't know, dude! That's not ...
BARON: What the hell is that?
HECTOR: That's not--
[he points at the screen, which (unseen by the viewers) shows a number of rubber masks which looks suspiciously like Hector]
BARON: That looks like you!
HECTOR: That's not me ...
BARON: Waddaya mean? That's that big-ass nose of yours, that looks like you!
HECTOR: I, dude, I do not know. No no no, I don't know ...
BARON: No, wait wait wait wait. This is just ... You hang tight, Hector! This is really interesting, you hang tight! Don't go anywhere!
[he points to the screen]
BARON: There's the rocks from the woods! Wait, there's the ... You're the Librarian!
[Hector runs out of the room, so Baron jumps out of his chair and runs after him]
BARON: Hey, come back here!
[Baron chases Hector up the stairs]
BARON: C'mere! Come on! What are you? What're you, Hector? What are you, you traitor? You're not even human! C'mere! C'mere, if I catch you ...
[Baron starts chasing Hector around a table]
BARON: If I catch you, you're through! You're through! Bullshit, man, this is bullshit!
[Baron catches Hector and puts him in a headlock]
BARON: C'mere, you sunava bitch, c'mere! You're done! Don't move or I'll choke you out, you sunuva bitch! Don't move! I'll choke you out! What are you? Who are you?
[Baron looks up and addresses the cameraman]
BARON: Dongle, gimmee the pliers, I'm taking this damn mask off!
HECTOR: No, stop stop stop!
[Dongle hands Baron a pair of pliers]
HECTOR: Dongle, don't!
BARON: I'm taking the mask off this damn thing! Shut up!
[cut to Baron using the pliers on Hector's face (since he believes him to be an alien wearing a rubber mask)]
BARON: That's right, scream!
[cut to Baron standing over Hector, after he's realized that his partner's face is actually real]
BARON: You are human after all, aren't ya, huh?
HECTOR: You gonna help me up?
BARON: Yeah.
[he takes his hand and helps him to his feet]
BARON: You are human, huh? I thought you were something else. Sorry about that.
[Hector pushes him away]
HECTOR: I am something else, man!
BARON: You're lucky I didn't take your head off, huh?
HECTOR: Well, why'd you chase me?
BARON: Well, why'd you run?
HECTOR: Why'd you chase me?
BARON: Why'd you run, 'cause I thought you weren't human!
[the cameraman chimes in with a timid voice]
DONGLE: [from off camera] We're all human ...
[they both look at the camera and give a disgusted look]
HECTOR AND BARON: Oh, shut up, Dongle!



Slicing Code for PIE Theory: A Sun Microsystems Alternate Reality Game
March 25, 2009
By Michael Andersen in News

Baron Rude and Hector Macchiato are quickly establishing themselves as the arbiters of all things paranormal on YouTube. The pair of nerds offer caustically humorous analyses of paranormal sightings. These Paranormal Investigations Experts (colloquially referred to as "the PIE Guys") are looking for evidence of legitimate paranormal activity to support their theory. The PIE Guys are part of a new alternate reality game sponsored by Sun Microsystems that promises to give programmers a chance to get out and play.

The PIE Guys have a theory about technological development. According to their research, strange events preceded many of history's greatest developmental leaps in science, technology, and agriculture. Throwing everything we know about causation to the wind, the pair are convinced that recent sightings imply the next JUMP is quickly approaching. In order to prepare, they have created a website at to track strange phenomena and debunk hoaxes.

According to the website's Terms of Service Sun Microsystems is behind the game, offering free downloads of Netbeans 6.5 and the JavaFX Production Suite 1.1 as part of the "Recruit Toolkit." The Terms of Service also implies that some of the challenges of the game will involve the development of source code.



Put on your gloves, grab your camera and explore the depths of The Librarian's mind. A point and click adventure demo written in JavaFX 1.2. It is based on The Chase video by Th3LIb4arian ( user/Th3LIb4arian)



Leaving Here
Today, 3:14 AM
First off thank you Vally for turning this on after we've left. I didn't have the courage to see it posted on the boards.

It's been a weird couple days of packing, saying goodbye, and putting stuff in storage. Mailing goodies out to our friends in the community.

Lint, a Cartel insider, is now a member of PIE. With that comes inside knowledge that we can use against them. They have working laboratories all over the country. Places that haunt Baron and make clones of goofy bearded guys.

We can't let these places continue to operate and we sure can't stay in our "secret" headquarters anymore.

So we're leaving.

Baron and I have one last video set to post on Friday and Dongle said he was going to make a "tribute to PIE" video for the fans tomorrow, so expect something.

Thank you again for everything.

FAR AND AWAY (LINK: watch?v= Ui2lwMgcYdw)
Baron, Hector and Lint head off on a new adventure together, while Dongle (who stays behind) reveals himself to be the Librarian.

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