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Case Study No. 0604: Dewy De Cimalle

Dewy De Cimalle ~ The Beggar's Alley Sideshow @ El Lenador ~ part 1 ~ December 9, 2011
Dewy De Cimalle performs at The Beggar's Alley Sideshow @ El Lenador on December 9, 2011 ~ part 1 ~ I apologize that my camera's battery died halfway though the act and was forced to switch to another camera...
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[scene opens as a young woman (Dewy De Cimalle the Naughty Librarian) "nervously" gets up on stage, carrying a book while wearing white gloves and cats-eye glasses]
ANNOUNCER: We're gonna show you a little something here on stage, do you wanna see it?
[the audience hoots and hollers]
ANNOUNCER: Alright, well let's get down to business!
[she smiles, as Dolly Parton's monologue from the song "Go to Hell" plays over the sound system ... ]
DOLLY PARTON: Now, I truly am a God-lovin', God-fearin' person, but all my life I've fought that battle between good and evil, as most of us do. The spirit is willin', but the flesh is weak. It's like I got the devil on my left shoulder, and have an angel on the right one, and it depends on the day and the situation as to which side I favor most.
[she paces the stage, shaking her head]
DOLLY PARTON: I'm not a bad person, but I've always been just a little too good to be really bad ...
[she bites her finger]
DOLLY PARTON: And a little too bad to be really good, if ya know what I mean!
[she winks to the audience]
DOLLY PARTON: But if I do lean just a little too far to the left, it scares the holy water outta me and I try to straighten up just as quick as I can to get myself back in line. Now there certainly is a lotta evil out there in the world today, we see it all around us all the time! But I still see a lotta good, and it is my belief that the good is gonna always win out.
[she opens the book, and a spotlight shines on her face]
DOLLY PARTON: Won't you just hate the devil?
[as the music starts, she begins dancing around stage, eventually taking off her sweater and skirt to reveal a black bustier]
DOLLY PARTON: Listen up, hah! In God's name, I rebuke you! I stand up in His name, look you in the eye, and laugh in your ugly face!
[she laughs, then begins clapping and dancing around the stage again]
[she takes off the bustier (revealing pasties), then holds the book over her head as - the song ends - opens it as flames jump out]
[she quickly closes it with a confused look on her face, and the audience applauds]
ANNOUNCER: Dewy De Cimalle, everyone!


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