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Case Study No. 0584: Unnamed Female Librarian (Alligator Manners)

Library Manners - Can You Teach My Alligators Manners? - Disney Junior Official
Al learns about good manners in the library.

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[scene opens with Mikey, his mother, and his pet alligator in the school library]
MIKEY: Today's Al's first time at the library, which means he'll be able to check out books. Pretty cool, huh Al?
[Mikey looks over to see that Al is using his tail to spring up and grab a book off the top shelf, when a young female librarian walks up to him]
LIBRARIAN: Hello, Mister Gator. I am the librarian. The next time you need help reaching a book, please let me know.
[Al gives an embarrassed look as she pushes her bookcart, then the camera cuts to Mikey sitting at a table]
MIKEY: Sounds like Al's met the librarian ... [whispers to Al] Al.
[Al brings the book to the table and sits down]
MIKEY: A joke book, huh?
AL: Mm-hmm!
MIKEY: Alright, now be a good gator and read it quietly.
[he starts reading, then quickly starts laughing loudly, as all the other children in the library shush him]
MIKEY: Looks like Al caught the gator giggles. Can you please teach my alligator manners?
[two pictures - one with Al giggling quietly, and the other with Al laughing loudly - appear behind him]
MIKEY: In which square is Al being polite? The green square, or the red square?
[the green square lights up]
MIKEY: The green square is right!
[cut back to the library, as Al continues reading while keeping his laughter quiet]
MIKEY: Whenever you talk in a library, keep your voice down to a whisper so that people can read.
[cut to Mikey and Al in the stacks]
MIKEY: Alright Al, it's time to pick out another book.
AL: Oooh ...
[a book falls off one of the shelves behind him, so he picks it up and opens to a picture of a turkey]
AL: Yum!
[Al licks the page, which sticks to his tongue and rips out of the book]
AL: Huh?
MIKEY: Can you teach my alligator manners?
[two more pictures - one with Al licking the boo, and the other with Al calmly turning the page - appear behind him]
MIKEY: In which square does Al have good manners? The green square, or the red square?
[the red square lights up]
MIKEY: The red square is right!
[cut back to the library, as Al calmly leafs through the book]
MIKEY: When looking at library books, take good care of them, so that other people can enjoy them too. Right Al?
[he looks over, and sees that Al is using his tail to lift the librarian up to the top shelf]
LIBRARIAN: [laughs] Going up!
MIKEY: Looks like Al's made a new friend! Thanks to your help, Al has become a polite book-loving pal!
AL: [laughs]



Can You Teach My Alligator Manners? is a show that airs on Disney Junior in the USA, Canada and Great Britain and Ireland.

Mikey's pet alligator Al needs some help learning how to behave properly. Preschool age viewers help Mikey to instill good manners in his scaly sidekick.


Library Manners - Mikey and Al go to the library to borrow some books. Al learns some manners.
Airdate: 9 August 2008
Rachael MacFarlane - Voice of the Librarian

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