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Case Study No. 0574: Librarian Ute

Let's Play Legend of Dragoon 092: Librarian Ute
Meet a bookworm with the most epic voice ever.

Special guest commentator OhScottyDoesKnow. Turn up your volume to hear him.
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From ign.com:

"The Legend of Dragoon" (PSX, 1999)

Upon leaving the Evergreen Forest, Rose and Meru will depart from the group temporarily for their own reasons. Continue towards Denningrad regardless; they will rejoin soon.

Denningrad is one of those times that you get see what the playstation can deliver without needing CGI. This town has to be one of the most beautiful in the whole game, especially the Crystal Tower. But, enough about the view - time to get to work. There is a hospital to the left and an item/weapon store to the right (second house to the right)

Head up the long staircase and you'll be inside a temple. Talk to the bishop there and he will tell you about the divine tree; from there, talk to the man at the altar and he will tell you that he is the Librarian Ute. He'll get you in the library (and you just saved yourself the whole trip about figuring out what to do!)

From the temple head north to the second part of town. There will be an Inn at your first right. The Library is the second door on the left.

Once inside, Albert will turn into a kid iniside a candy store (I can't really poke fun at'im for what he's doing because I do the same thing at the N.Y. Barnes and Nobles...). Talk to the group members on the way up to get more background, finally stopping at Ute.

Ute will give you another CGI background into the game...nice.... After the CGI, Dart will ask Ute about the Black Monster. Ute will be surprised that Dart has even heard of it and will be more shocked to learn that Dart was a survivor from Neet. It seems that a holy lady Luanna is also a survivor and she resides in Denningrad; he'll show Dart more about the Black Monster.

Once you're done talking to Ute, the screen will switch over to Rose in the town of Neet. She will meet the holy lady Luanna there and they will talk to each other for a bit; you'll get more CGI of the Black Monster invading Neet, kind of like a P.O.V. from the monster. Rose will then escort Luanna back to Denningrad.


From thelegendofdragoon.net:


Bishop Dille: The Divine Tree is the tree of life. All life comes from this Divine Tree. In the beginning, nothingness filled the world. Then the creator, Soa, descended from the sky. He and his followers created the world. In the end, Soa sowed a seed to the earth. The seed soon grew, to be a great tree. The great tree bore 108 fruits. And various life forms arose from the ripe fruits. Thus, 108 forms of life were created to fill the world. The Divine Tree completed its role, but the story says it is still protected, by the Signet of Soa.

[FMV/CG ends]

Bishop Dille: It is like this, the world was established with a fate determined by Soa.
Dart: God's tree, sown by Soa, is the Divine Tree.
Bishop Dille: If you would like to find out more about this, you can go to the National Library.

[At the library]
Albert: Is that the Mille Seseau National Library!! I can step into the treasury of knowledge. I wonder if I am capable of receiving all this incredible luck and still remain calm. No! I cannot! The treasure of knowledge is shining and calling me!
Dart: Al, Albert? Are you okay?
Albert: Let's go!

[It's locked. They go to find the librarian]
Librarian Ute: Who are you people? Do you realize that you are talking to Librarian Ute?
Dart: No. Sorry.
Librarian Ute: So, what do you want? Have you interrupted my ceremony for no reason?
Haschel: I don't like stubborn old guys because I want to be an adorable old guy.
Librarian Ute: Did you say something?
Albert: Please wait. We were told by Bishop Dille that there is a wonderful library here.
Librarian Ute: If you want, you can just go to the library. ... Oh, wait. I locked the door when I left!
Albert: So, could you open the door? I would love the opportunity to touch such treasures of intelligence!
Librarian Ute: All right. Stop looking at me like that!
Albert: I appreciate it!

[At the library]
Librarian Ute: I'll let you in now!
Haschel: He is such a haughty old guy.
Dart: Don't say that. We have to do what we can until Lloyd shows up.
Albert: That's true. He used a Dragon and a Dragoon in Serdio, and in Tiberoa, he obtained the cooperation of a Wingly. We don't know what he will do here.
[looking around the massive library]
Albert: This is incredible!!
Librarian Ute: This is the knowledge source of Endiness! Go look for what you want!

Shana: The entire wall is filled with books. Maybe we can find out something about Virages and the Moon That Never Sets.
Haschel: Doesn't looking at these things all the time have an affect on you?
Librarian Ute: It made me wise!
Kongol: Kongol feels dizzy. Gigantos lose to books.
Albert: Here is something about Dragons! It talks about Dragoons too!
Dart: We can say that the Serdian War was started from the Dragoon Spirit that was brought by Lloyd.

Shana: Let's split up and look.
Dart: Let's just do it.
Haschel: I guess I have to use my brain for the first time in a long time.
Kongol: Can Kongol read human words?

Shana: If Rose were here, she would tell us a lot.
Dart: They will be back when they finish their errands. We have to do what we can do now.
Kongol: It is about Winglies, I guess.
Dart: "You guess"?
Kongol: Kongol cannot read human characters. Kongol looks pictures.
Dart: Let me read it. "Winglies are people with wings of light who employ magical power. They had their glory 11,000 years ago, and had enormous magical power that could float colossal cities."
Kongol: City floats.
Dart: Yes. It is unimaginable in the current world. "They became extinct after the war with Humans who were seeking their liberation." But Lenus, who was a Wingly, was alive. Besides, us Dragoons are supposed to be only a legend. A legend does not necessarily tell the truth. Take a look at this picture.
Kongol: Humans and Dragons. No. Dragoons and Dragons. And what is this?
Dart: Virage manipulated by Winglies.... Shana, did you find out something?

Shana: This book is talking about Divine Moon Objects, but they are just divine objects from a legend to begin with. There are no details.
Dart: If we can find out the meaning of the "Divine Moon Objects", we think we can find out what Lloyd wants.

Shana: Okay, let me read the part I found. "After the Dragon Campaign, Humans controlled the Continent of Endiness, and divided the continent into four, and established three new countries. To the east, Serdio. To the south, Tiberoa. To the north, Mille Seseau. And to the west of the continent, the untouched land, the Death Frontier. Each country shared three divine objects inherited from the Winglies as proof of their alliance. The divine moon objects are said to conceal magical power, however, their usage is unknown."
Dart: "Usage is unknown.", hmm. His mystery must be hidden in there.

Shana: I will look into it more.
Haschel: This book talks about the Dragoons.
Dart: The Dragoons from legend?
Haschel: Yes it is. The heroes of the Dragon Campaign. According to this, we are the first new Dragoons to come along since that time.
Albert: Maybe. Dragoons are to be called when history requires them.
Dart: When history requires them.... Is that now? Lavitz was a Dragoon. And Greham, Doel and Lenus too. Were their deaths necessary?
Haschel: That is what.... Only history can tell. I, of course, don't know.
Albert: However, it all started out from the Dragoon Spirit that Lloyd brought. If Lloyd is a part of history that is necessary...
Dart: Then our journey seems to be dragged along by his fate.
Haschel: "In spite of the fact that they were Humans, the seven heroes who led the Dragon Campaign to victory 11,000 years ago, crossed the sky and cast spells. After they fulfilled their roles, they vanished with the Dragoon Spirits as if it were some unavoidable fate". This legend seems to be telling us that after this journey, we will vanish.
Albert: This is a marvelous place. It seems that all the wisdom that Humans can possibly know is here. I am reading a book on politics now. This is very....
Dart: Can you do politics after we take care of Lloyd?
Albert: Y, yes indeed. Now, let me read the portion that talks about Dragons. According to this, "Dragons are the second most powerful species of all 107 creatures given life by the Divine Tree. Their attacks and life power overwhelm others, however the creator Soa created a balance by reducing the dragon's intelligence. Therefore, they were to be controlled by Humans with their wisdom. During the Dragon Campaign 11,000 years ago, they had fierce battles against Virages manipulated by Winglies and couldn't avoid being annihilated."
Dart: But they weren't annihilated like the book says.
Albert: True. And again, they were ruled by the Dragoons. I'll look for more.
Dart: ?
Librarian Ute: Hmm. Hmm!! It led to the Dragon Campaign! Hmm. Hmm! What do you need?
Haschel: Are you acting superior again?
Librarian Ute: Of course. I am superior.
Haschel: I prefer being a hit with girls over feeling superior.
Librarian Ute: I don't care about those things! It seems you are interested in the Dragon Campaign. Winglies, Divine Moon Objects, Dragons and Dragoons. These all had something to do with the Dragon Campaign.
Dart: Then Lloyd has something to do with the Dragon Campaign?
Librarian Ute: The Dragon Campaign is my specialty. Maybe I can be of assistance.
Dart: Tell me.
Albert: We only know fragments.
Librarian Ute: I see. This is the legend of the Dragon Campaign that I know....


Librarian Ute: There were seven Dragoon warriors in the legend of the Dragon Campaign. Dragoons reputed to be the incarnation of Dragons. With Dragons at their side, the Dragoons fought boldly. However, in the age where the legend was reality, the Winglies dominated all, even the gods. The gods answered to dictator Melbu Frahma's prayers and granted him ultimate power. But, the power was abused. The earth of St. Imperial Gloriano was scorched by the god's fire, and became ashy. The anger and sadness of the people was fuel for the Dragoon's cause. Then, at last, they freed the gods. Without the gods' power, the Winglies perished; and our age, the Human age, began. Thereafter, the gods floated in the sky. For 11,000 years, they have been looking over the world as the Moon That Never Sets.

[FMV/CG ends]

Librarian Ute: That is the story. Did you find out something related to Lloyd? Oh well, that's unfortunate. You are already here, so you might as well check the Reference Room upstairs.
Dart: Are there more books?
Librarian Ute: No. It contains the historical material of Mille Seseau. For other people, it may seem to be mere trash, however, for our country, they are all historic objects. This is something left by the Black Monster that brought an inferno down on this country.
Dart: The Black Monster!?
Librarian Ute: It has already been 18 years. It is surprising that a young man like you knows about it.
Dart: I was born in Neet!
Librarian Ute: God! Are you a survivor from the village!?
[they head upstairs]
Librarian Ute: This is the stained glass of the church in Neet. Do you remember seeing this?
Dart: Yes. Faintly, but I do remember.
Librarian Ute: It was really a monster. These are the only things that survived the black flame.
Dart: Do you know anything about what happened to Neet back then? Any survivors or....
Librarian Ute: I know only one.
Dart: Who is that!?
Librarian Ute: The Second Sacred Sister of Mille Seseau, Sister Luanna. It seems you don't know her. However, I can tell you a little about the Black Monster. There is a legend about the Black Monster and the Moon Child. Would you like to hear it?
Dart: [No, thanks.]
Librarian Ute: When you are ready, come to me. I'll wait for you here.
Dart: [Yes, please.]
Librarian Ute: It is ironic, but.... The people who visit the church in Neet pray for their own happiness by looking at this stained glass which shows the legend of the Black Monster and the Moon Child.

Librarian Ute: Why did the gods create him ... The Black Monster. He appears in various legends as a demon who rebels against and devours the gods. An evil plague that rejects peace in the world. The god that is the Moon That Never Sets. The Moon That Never Sets glows red every 108 years. It is a sign that a herald will be sent to earth. The herald is known to us as the Moon Child. The legend says the Moon Child revives the gods on earth and purifies the world. The Black Monster abhors, hates, and despises it, and kills the Moon Child. This sad karma is endless. This god stays forever in the sky, and the world is in never-ending chaos.
[FMV/CG ends]

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