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Case Study No. 0266: Staff of the Camden-Carroll Library

Phantom Of The Library (part 1)
A tale of terror and intensity set in a isolated 4th floor of a library. A Librarian, Lyle, searches for his missing co-worker, Frank, Upon investigation he is met by a terror beyond imagination. The Phantom of the Library.
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[scene opens outside the Camden-Carroll Library, then cut to inside the library as a male librarian is reshelving books when he drops one on the floor]
FRANK: [to himself] Shit ... If I have to touch another fucking book today, I think I'm gonna go crazy.
[he continues shelving]
FRANK: They don't pay me enough money to do this ... Not enough money at all.
[he hears a weird sound coming from down the hall]
FRANK: The fuck was that?
[he suddenly hears the same noise behind him, and drops the rest of his books]
FRANK: What the fuck?!
[he runs off and tries to make it to the stairwell, but the door opens by itself]
[cut to the POV of "something" as it looks at Frank, who falls down and tries to crawl away]
FRANK: Ahhh!
[cut to another male librarian reshelving some DVDs, but he drops one on the floor]
LYLE: Dammit ... Y'know, people rent movies all the fucking time, no one reads anymore. Can't say I blame 'em, since books suck!
[he looks at one of the DVDs before violently slamming it onto the shelf]
LYLE: "Harvey", that movie was made in like 1950 ... Nineteen fifty-shit! About a fucking rabbit, he lives with a rabbit! Who came up with that idea?
[he looks at the spine label on another DVD]
LYLE: What does this say? Where the fuck's the number? Oh, 791 ...
[he continues shelving DVDs, when another male librarian approaches]
LYLE: [to himself] Piece of shit, where do you go?
EVANS: Hey, Morelos!
LYLE: Hey ...
EVANS: Tell Frank to get his lazy ass back to work on the fourth floor!
LYLE: Hey ... Hey, I'm busy! I am shelving these movies, thank you very much.
EVANS: Dude, he's not doing a good job, tell him to go get his lazy ass--
LYLE: That's not my job!
EVANS: Go to the fourth floor!
LYLE: [sighs] Dammit. Well, let me finish shelving these books, I'll go up there and I'll set his lazy ass straight ... Dumb idiot, can never shelve books right.
[Evans motions for him to leave]
LYLE: What?!
EVANS: Come on!
LYLE: Quit waving your hands!
EVANS: Go! Go! Go!
LYLE: I'm gonna find out where Citizen Kane goes, because Orson Welles is a damn idiot that doesn't know how to shelve his own books!
EVANS: Go! Go! Go! Move!
[Lyle takes all of the remaining DVDs and just mashes them onto the shelf]
LYLE: Okay, I'm just gonna put them right here! Okay, I'm done, get outta my way!
[he shoves him out of the way and heads for the stairwell]
[cut to the stairwell, as Lyle slowly makes his way up the stairs, mumbling to himself]
LYLE: Mister Evans, he wants me to call him Mister Evans. I'm not calling him Mister Evans ... It's Sean, ya dumb prick! Make me go up to the fuckin' fourth floor where no one ever goes! That fuckin' Frank, dumbass! Up there shelvin' and shit, that doesn't even matter! No one wants to read about Russian history, or the Holocaust ...
[cut to Lyle exiting the stairwall]
LYLE: Frank? Where are ya, man? The hell are ya? Frank, you're supposed to be shelving these books, and you're fucking things up! And ... man, Frank!
[he walks past the bookshelves, as the figure of a man can be briefly seen at the other end of the hall (which Lyle fails to notice)]
LYLE: Y'know what? You are just ... You're wasting my time, making me come up here and help you shelve these books, and you just, you just disappear on me!
[he sees the books that Frank dropped]
LYLE: Dammit ... So I'll just pick up these dumb books.
[he bends down and begins reshelving them]
LYLE: Who cares ...
[he puts a book on the top shelf, but it falls back down by itself]
LYLE: The fuck?
[he continues shelving, but another book falls down]
LYLE: The hell, what is going on around here? These books are fallin' over ...
[another book falls by itself]
LYLE: Shit ... The hell is going on here?
[he picks the book up off the floor]
LYLE: Dammit ...
[he tries to put it back on the shelf, but it won't fit]
LYLE: Dammit, that doesn't fit on the shelf.
[he takes it and just tosses it on top of the other books on the shelf, then bends down and picks up another book ... but when he goes to shelve it, a gloved hand reaches out from the other side of the shelf and begins choking him]
LYLE: Ahh! Ahh!
[he takes a book off the shelf and begins hitting the hand with it, forcing the unseen assailant to let go and sending Lyle tumbling to the floor]
LYLE: Shit! Holy shit!
[he tries crawling away, when the figure (with "his" face covered in bandages and wearing a hat and trenchcoat) slowly walks towards him]
LYLE: What the fuck? What the fuck are you?
[the same noises that Frank heard begin to play, as Lyle continues crawling away]
LYLE: This isn't real ... Holy shit!
[the phantom grabs him by the leg]
LYLE: Shit ... oh god!
[he picks up a book and throws it at the phantom, knocking him down]
LYLE: Fuckin' ...
[he gets up, but the phantom also rises and slowly puts his hat back on]
LYLE: Oh, nice hat ...
[he runs off and hides behind one of the bookstacks, as the camera switches to the POV of the phantom as he looks for Lyle]
[cut to Lyle grabbing a book to defend himself as the phantom gets closer, then cut to another male librarian exiting the stairwell and looking at the clock in the room]
BRETT: That's not right ...
[he checks the time on his cell phone]
BRETT: Frank, Lyle! It's closing time!
[with the phantom distracted, Lyle leans out and hits him with the book, knocking him down]
[Lyle runs towards the stairwell]
BRETT: Lyle, what're you doing?
[Lyle knocks him down to make his escape, but finds that the stairwell door is locked, so he hides in the bathroom ... but when he runs in, Frank's limp body (which was propped up by the door) falls to the floor]
LYLE: Frank!
[he checks his pulse]
LYLE: Shit ... Oh my god, that fucker killed you!
[he props a chair up against the door, then cut to Brett picking his glasses up off the floor, when the phantom slowly walks up behind him]
[cut to the POV of the phantom, as Brett throws up his hands in terror]
BRETT: Ahh! Help!
[cut back to Lyle hiding in the bathroom]
BRETT: [from off camera] Ahhh!
[cut back to the POV of the phantom, as he makes his way towards the bathroom door]
[cut to Lyle struggling to keep the door closed, as the phantom pounds on it from the other side ... he eventually gives up and tries to hide in the stall (standing on the toilet so that the phantom can't see his feet) when he finds a can of "End Bac II" disinfectant spray]
[cut to the phantom opening the stall door, but Lyle sprays him in the eyes with the disinfectant (which can apparently penetrate through the phantom's sunglasses)]
PHANTOM: Ahh! Ahh!
[Lyle picks up the trash can, puts it over the phantom's head, then punches the can]
LYLE: Gotta get those keys!
[as the phantom falls to the floor, Lyle runs out and searches Brett's dead body for the keys to the stairwell ... he finds them, then tries to open the stairwell door]
LYLE: Gotta get outta here!
[just as he opens the door, the phantom emerges from the bathroom and grabs him]
LYLE: Holy shit!
[they tumble through the door and struggle]
LYLE: You killed Frank!
[Lyle kicks him, causing the phantom to fall down]
LYLE: You're dead, mother fucker!
[he punches the phantom, causing him to fall down the stairs]
LYLE: You're dead! Dead, mother fucker!
[as the phantom lies motionless at the bottom of the stairwell, Lyle gets up and opens the door back up]
LYLE: I'm gonna go get Frank! I'm gonna go get Frank!
[cut to outside the library, as Lyle carries Frank's lifeless body outside]
LYLE: [looks up and screams] Frank! Frank ...
[cut back to inside the library, as the phantom's POV shows him reaching over and picking his hat up off the floor]

Directed by: Evan Scott, Zach Barker & Eric B. Mauk
Based on the concept of "Phantom of the Waterplant"
Produced by: Evan Scott, Zach Barker & Eric B. Mauk
Edited by: Evan Scott, Zach Barker & Eric B. Mauk
Sound Design by: Evan Scott & Eric B. Mauk
Costume Design by: Evan Scott & Eric B. Mauk

Lyle - Evan Scott
Frank - Eric B. Mauk
Brett Bailey as Brett Bailey
A special guest appearance by Sean Wolfgang Amadeus Evans as Mr. Evans
And the Phantom - ???

Special Thanks to Morehead State University & Keith Stevens

The Phantom Will Be Back ...

A Cruise & Urban Vandals Production, 2007

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