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Case Study No. 0263: Unnamed Female Librarian (Harry and the Hendersons)

harry and the hendersons library
harry and the hendersons
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[scene opens with a closeup of an overweight female librarian sitting behind the reference desk]
LIBRARIAN: May I help you?
[cut to a harried-looking George Henderson standing in front of the desk]
GEORGE: Yes. Uh, I'm on my lunchbreak and I'm kind of in a hurry. Could you point me to some books on the, um ...
[he looks around and then whispers]
GEORGE: Bigfoot?
LIBRARIAN: Sasquatch?
GEORGE: [whispers] Sasquatch.
LIBRARIAN: [whispers] Sasquatch.
GEORGE: That's the one.
LIBRARIAN: [dryly] Fantasy, folklore, myths and legends. Basement stacks, take the stairs.
GEORGE: Thank you ...
[he quickly turns to leave]
LIBRARIAN: [yells after him] Could also try childrens' books ...
GEORGE: Oh, right!




Dear, William (Director). Harry and the Hendersons. United States: Amblin Entertainment, 1987.

Starring: Peggy Plat (Librarian); John Lithgow (George Henderson); Kevin Peter Hall (Harry)

The library scene is brief in this movie, as George Henderson goes to learn more about Bigfoot (his destructive souvenir of a family camping trip). The librarian is a youngish female with big glasses and an unfortunate mullet. They converse. "Could you point me to some books on the, uh, Bigfoot?" "Sasquatch?" "Sasquatch?" "Sasquatch." "That's the one." "Fantasy, folklore, myths and legends, basement stacks, take the stairs. You could also try children's books." One of the books he takes home is entitled Bigfoot One on One: A True Story by Oliver Dear (no doubt related to the film's director). George's son's review: "This book sucks!" The acting is well done and there are lots of familiar faces (David Suchet, decidedly NOT Hercule Poirot) in an otherwise unremarkable family film.

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