Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Case Study No. 0252: Unnamed Female Librarian (The Book 2)

The Book 2: Revenge of the Librarian
Sequel to the first one.
And sorry, though this is a movie trailer, there will never be an actual movie.
This was a project for school.
Same concept of the first one.
Student steals book, librarian gets mad.
Librarian gets injured.
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[scene opens as a male student walks into class with a black eye]
GIRL: What happened?
BOY: The librarian hit me!
[cut to a black and white scene from the first film, where the librarian hits him in the face with a giant atlas, then back to a closeup of the boy's face]
BOY: It's time for payback ...
NARRATOR: This summer ...
[cut to a female librarian (with frizzy hair and thick glasses) scanning a book in the school library]
NARRATOR: One boy ...
[cut to a shot of the boy slamming his locker shut]
NARRATOR: Will risk getting bad grades ...
[cut to the boy grabbing a stack of books and hiding behind the front desk, as the librarian looks around]
LIBRARIAN: Where's my books?
NARRATOR: To get revenge!
[cut to the boy taunting the librarian, by waving one of her books at her from the stairwell]
BOY: Want it?
[he throws it down the stairs]
NARRATOR: She'll do anything to stop him ...
[she climbs over the staircase and falls down]
NARRATOR: Though it always ends in pain ...
[cut to the librarian laying motionless at the bottom of the stairs, then cut to the librarian chasing the boy out of the school]
LIBRARIAN: Sir! Gimmee back my book, sir!
BOY: No, I can't!
[she tries to pull the book out of his hands, but loses the "tug of war" and ends up falling backwards]
[she reaches for the book, but he kicks her back down onto the ground, then cut to a closeup of her face (with her glasses comically askew) as she loses consciousness]
LIBRARIAN: Ohhhh ...
[cut to several more shots of the librarian in pursuit, including one sequence where the boy slams the door in her face]

Matt C.
Emily M.
Chelsea C.
The Book 2: Revenge of the Librarian
August 5

[cut to the librarian chasing him down a flight of stairs]
[she falls down (losing her glasses), as the boy laughs at her and continues running away]

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