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Case Study No. 0214: Staff of the James C. Kirkpatrick Library

UCM - Murder in the Library 2010 Part 2
Skit performed by the Kirkpatrick Players for the 3rd production of Murder in the Library at the University of Central Missouri.
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[scene opens with Dr. Vincent Prize addressing the students in the audience from a podium in front of the library, with several members of the staff (in costume) standing behind him]
DR. PRIZE: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Doctor Prize, and I wish to welcome you all to the Kirkpatrick Asylum for the Severely Confused.
[the audience laughs]
DR. PRIZE: I am the director of this esteemed institution, and may I say I'm glad you all showed up to take part in the annual Halloween tour ... It is a funny word, isn't it? "Asylum," I mean. Simply put, the world is a cruel dark place, ever ready to rend our pysches from our bodies. Or our wallets from our cold dead hands. Isn't that right, my friends?
[he turns and looks at the staff members behind him, who give no reaction]
DR. PRIZE: Truly, we are here to provide comfort and guidance to our inmates ... Excuse me, our residents. Those that some of you have seen fit to entrust to us.
FEMALE VOICE: [from off camera] I wouldn't say "entrust" ...
DR. PRIZE: [yelling] It is too late for such sentiments, my friend! We have your money, your mother, and a signed contract!
[the audience laughs, when a hunchbacked man runs up and taps him on the shoulder]
IGOR: Sir! Sir!
DR. PRIZE: What is it, Igor?
IGOR: Sir ... "Eye-gor," sir.
[he starts to twitch]
IGOR: Is it ... time for my medicine yet?!
DR. PRIZE: What? No! This is not the time nor place! Get outta here!
[he puts his head down and exits]
DR. PRIZE: Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen. Now, where was I? Oh yes, I would like to introduce you to some of my staff, and a couple of our model residents.
[he looks behind him]
DR. PRIZE: Doctor Laurie! Doctor Laurie!
[a female African American staff member steps forward]
DR. PRIZE: She is our number two doctor at the asylum. Uh, she is our ward doctor.
DR. LAURIE: [deadpan] Yes, and may I say it's wonderful to see you all ...
DR. PRIZE: Yes yes, do sit down, Doctor Laurie ...
[she steps back]
DR. PRIZE: That's a good girl ... Next, may I present to you our psychiatrist, Stephanie King.
[a woman wearing pancake makeup and walking with a limp approaches the podium, and pushes Dr. Prize out of the way]
STEPHANIE KING: Good evening, it's so nice to see you all. Please, enjoy the worthy doctor's ... prattle. It won't last much longer, I assure you. If you have any questions, come to me. I'm the one with all the answers.
[she steps back, as Dr. Prize resumes his position at the podium]
DR. PRIZE: [under his breath] Harlot.
STEPHANIE KING: [turns] Giggolo!
DR. PRIZE: Now, may I introduce you to--
[the audience laughs]
DR. PRIZE: Silence! Now, may I introduce you to my best ward nurses.
[he looks behind him]
DR. PRIZE: Misses Legosi! Mister Karloff! Front and center!
[a woman in a straitjacket and a man wearing green makeup approach the podium]
DR. PRIZE: These two assist in care for residents. They both have been here for years. Misses Legosi is a little ... batty, shall we say. And Mister Karloff has issues with loud noises and bright lights. He really detests lightning.
[he looks over at the nurses]
DR. PRIZE: Now sit down!
[they turn to leave, when Doctor Prize takes a large book from behind the podium and drops it loudly on the ground, causing Mister Karloff to fall and crawl up into the fetal position]
DR. PRIZE: Ha ha, I could not resist!
[the audience laughs]
MALE VOICE: [from off camera] You're a cruel man!
DR. PRIZE: [yelling] Be careful! You never know when you might find yourself at our tender mercies!
[he quickly composes himself]
DR. PRIZE: I mean our tender care ... Now, on with the introductions. Mister Poe, please step forward.
[a large male resident steps forward]
DR. PRIZE: Remove your earplugs. It's alright, it's safe.
[he slowly takes his earplugs out, then starts freaking out]
MR. POE: [screaming] Do you hear it?! I hear it! The heart! It beats, it beats!
DR. PRIZE: Belosi! Karloff! Take Mr. Poe away!
[the nurses step forward and lead him off camera]
MR. POE: Please, Doctor Coleman! I'll suffocate!
DR. PRIZE: [calmly] My apologies, ladies and gentlemen. I think this time up here is taking its toll on some of our residents ... And speaking of which, may I introduce you to another one of our residents.
[he looks behind him]
DR. PRIZE: Miss Jackson, please step forward.
[a young lady walks up to the podium and snuggles up next to Doctor Prize]
MISS JACKSON: Hello, Doctor Prize. I haven't seen you today, and I do miss you so. We haven't ... "talked" in nearly three days!
[as Miss Jackson begins stroking Doctor Prize's beard, his wife steps forward]
MRS. PRIZE: [coldly] My dear, you seem to have attracted yourself another female admirer ...
DR. PRIZE: [yelling] Karloff! Karloff! Come get Miss Jackson!
MRS. PRIZE: Yes, Mister Karloff, remove her from my husband!
[the male nurse leads her off camera, as Igor comes back and shoots off a noise maker (for no apparent reason) then leaves]
DR. PRIZE: I have no doubt this lovely lady is my wife, Jo Prize ...
[he tries to put his hand on her shoulders, but pushes him away]
MRS. PRIZE: Get your filthy hands off me!
[she storms off, so Doctor Prize returns to the podium]
DR. PRIZE: Now, I hope you enjoy the tour of our little asylum ...
[a ghost suddenly appears above the audience, moaning and wailing, as Igor rushes up to grab Doctor Prize]
IGOR: Doctor Prize! Doctor Prize! It was ... the banshee! Somebody is gonna die tonight!
DR. PRIZE: You fool! She is nothing more than a flimsy urban legend! Now get outta here!
IGOR: Yes, master ... Um, master, is it time for my medicine yet?!
DR. PRIZE: Yes yes, you idiot. Go to my study and I will be there directly.
[Igor claps his hands in glee and runs off]
DR. PRIZE: Get outta here ...
[he turns back to the audience]
DR. PRIZE: It is so hard to find good help these days! Pay no mind to him ... "Banshee!" I am sure it was one of our more troubled residents. Now, please embark on a voyage of discovery, at the Kirkpatrick Asylum for the Severely Confused.
[he leaves, then somebody can be heard screaming]
DR. PRIZE: [from off camera] Hey! What're you doing? Get away from me! Stop it, no noooo!!



There is a murderer loose in the Library. Who is the victim? Who is the killer? come find out when JCK Library presents "Murder in the Library" March 26th at 9:30pm as part of our 10th Anniversary Celebration.

This event is limited to students and we can only let the first 200 in. Come early! The library will close at 9:00pm for the event but the Computer Commons will remain open until midnight as usual.

2009-03-12 15:36
James C. Kirkpatrick Library (University of Central Missouri)



What do private eyes, detectives and bloodhounds have to do with the James C. Kirkpatrick Library? Ok, leave out the bloodhounds. Still can't figure it out? It has everything to do with solving a Murder at the Library!

This entertaining murder mystery event was the brainchild of Alice Ruleman, access services librarian, and was designed to help celebrate JCKL's 10th Anniversary this past March. It was also a unique tool to teach students a thing or two about searching materials within the library and familiarizing patrons with what the library offers.

The event attracted approximately 150 students who buckled down to solve the mystery in teams of 10. The novice gumshoes set about the task of solving the tricky murder of one Franklyn Lloyd-Wright, just one of a cast of many fictional characters in this whodunit. Ms. Ruleman said at least 22 individuals volunteered, including JCKL's own Les Lynam, Carol Smith, and Dean Mollie Dinwiddie. Other colorful characters were portrayed by UCM faculty and students.

The mystery began when a storyline was acted out by cast members. Then each team was given a set of instructions which had students scouring the library from top to bottom in search of additional clues. Simultaneously, students were learning how to use the library's resources. While one team was busy checking online course reserves, title or author searches, or discovering where oversize books were stored, another team was busy finding clues among government documents or the microfilm cabinets. Other areas for clues included the bestsellers corner, the Clyde Bulla piano, the News Center, the reference desk, and the study rooms. The location of clues took participants to all floors of the library including the pitch black basement where flashlights were a necessity.

Participants of the first team to correctly identify the "killer" were awarded a $20 gift certificate each to the UCM Bookstore. Congratulations gumshoes! Second place winners received $5 gift certificates. Oh, and whodunit? One Miranda Alexander Graham Bell (portrayed by Professor of English, Miriam Fuller).

Ms. Ruleman said the murder mystery was quite successful and may grow in popularity. A survey taken shortly after the event suggests that participants would welcome future murder mysteries as a recurring activity at the JCKL.

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