Monday, February 13, 2012

Case Study No. 0232: Barbarian Librarians

Barbarian Librarians: NWPL, Woodstock VT
Even barbarians love the much so that they want to make it their own!

Norman Williams Public Library
10 The Green
Woodstock, VT 05091
nik@ normanwilliams.lib.
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[scene opens on an open field covered in fog]
NARRATOR: Far away, in the wasteland valley of the 'Oodst'k, a people lived in isolation and darkness, until one day ...
[cut to a closeup shot of a barbarian woman crouching down, as "Last Saturday, about ten in the morning ... " appears on screen]
[a clap of thunder is heard, as a book falls from the sky ... she picks it up to reveal that it's a copy of "Joy of Cooking"]
BARBARIAN WOMAN: [opens the book and reads the label on the inside cover] "Norman Williams" ...
[she slams the book shut]
BARBARIAN WOMAN: We need more of these! We need a whole library!
[cut to the female Barbarian Librarians (Nik, Jan, Rom and Syd) storming the Norman Williams Public Library]
NIK: [in voice over] At first, we thought ... Um, we have to use force to be able to bring home these treasures to our people. See, this is the way we do things.
[cut to the Barbarian Librarians looking around the library]
NIK: [in voice over] Uh, your people do them differently. Uh, people here are very nice. They share. We tribe of the 'Oodst'k, um, we very brave people but not ... what you say, sophisticate?
[cut to Nik staring at a computer screen]
MALE LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] Internet ...
NIK: [smiles] Ah yes ... Internet, fish! Is good!
[cut to the Barbarian Librarians standing at the front desk, talking to a female librarian]
NIK: [in voice over] So, we feel must take this opportunity. We want to learn, learn what your library like. Um, become librarian for our own people.
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: You must become a member ...
NIK: [pause] Member of Norman Williams tribe?
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: Exactly ... And this is how you do it.
[she hands Nik a form to get her own library card, and Nik smiles]

Music: "A Spell is Cast," from Etain, by Tim Janis ... available on CD at NWPL

Swordsmaster Nik now works as a reference librarian ...
Warrior Jan teaches art in the Children's Room ...
And Princesses Rom and Syd sing jazz ...

Thanks to Norman Williams Public Library ... for being there for ALL members of our community.

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