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Case Study No. 0230: Hi-Fi Sci-Fi Librarians

hi-fi sci-fi library
amazingly cool song and video about the future of libraries. See the full post at: blog/2008/08/23/ hi-fi-sci-fi-library- back-story/

and the lyrics - blog/2008/08/23/ hi-fi-sci-fi-library-the- lyrics-and-credits/

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There is a slew of Libraryland folks singing along in the video (mostly in the second half). Thank you guys!

Here is "hi-fi sci-fi library" ... behind the music!

Several months ago LITA asked me to be one of their keynote speakers at their upcoming National Forum (October 16-19). This made me happy, proud, excited and, well, a little nervous. It also left me wondering ... what should the theme of my presentation be? Hmmm ... LITA, eh? The Library and Information Technology Association of the American Library Association? Well, lets see ... I travel all over the place talking about libraries, library futures and emerging technology, right? And I believe we are in the midst of a sea change in library, culture, community and info services. And I am convinced there are things libraries need to do *right now* to ensure our relevance going forward. And while we are generally smart enough, we surely don't get rich from our jobs ... yet we keep at it. So we need some inspiration AND amusement! We all work so hard and we keep on believing that libraries will and MUST endure as society evolves. So why not talk about libraries present and future in light of current tech, future tech, academic futurism and, yes, science fiction! But what might get people's toes tapping before the presentation? Yep! A groovy library song! A song that shares the same name as that upcoming presentation :"hi-fi sci-fi library"!

As far as I am concerned, what the world needs is a collection of "hi-fi sci-fi libraries". And I was so excited about this idea that I just had to sing it out loud! But alas, I know how to play only the most basic of notes on the most basic of instruments. Soooo, I approached my most helpful and generous Libraryland buddy (and joint author of the "Internet Spotlight" column in each issue of Public Libraries Magazine), David Lee King. You see, before he worked in Libraryland, David worked in Nashville, in the music industry. And as you might imagine, David is also a fairly accomplished musician and producer (though he is far too humble to admit that to most folks despite his great talent and ability).

So I said to David: "David, I want to make a song and a video for this LITA presentation I am doing in the Fall. Something that both you and I could do together and can both believe in and get behind. I'm slightly nervous about this presentation for some reason, but I also see it as a GREAT opportunity to help get the word out about what we both believe in when it comes to society, library futures and technology. I have some basic song ideas and all the lyrics ready. Would you like to help me make a song and a video?"

And David, being the generous and thoughtful friend that he is said "Of course!". Actually, he said something like "Well I like the idea for sure. Why don't you write down your ideas and lyrics, send them to me and we might be able to work on it once things settle down a bit." And, of course, things never did settle down, for either of us. So, slowly but surely we worked on it like a hobby for a few months.

Over the course of those months David and I sent musical ideas and lyrics and rhythmical concepts back and forth. Then, I arranged to spend a day with David in Kansas recording our song. No, it wasn't easy. But yes, we actually DID IT! And lo and behold, one day of recording later ... .we had our song. AND a few goofy video files! So..we were really on our way!

With the song complete, it was time to make the video. And since David had done 85% of the musical work, it seemed only fair that *I* (non-Mac owner that I am btw) handle the video making responsibilities.

So I dove in. And, well, it took a couple of weeks. Actaully, it took almost a month. And it took contributions from librarians all across the planet. Literally! BUT ... we now have a video. And it is, in my opinion, a pretty decent video. Sure, it is goofy! But it is also just as hopeful and honest as it is goofy.

And let me tell you ... it was quite a project. A project involving weeks of editing and nearly 100 different video and audio files. Is it perfect? Nah! Is it a labor of love for Libraryland? Completely. And heck, some of you folks reading this might even be in the thing,lip syncing along to the jaunty little "hi-fi sci-fi LIBRARY!!" chorus.

So, on behalf of David and I, THANK YOU! Thank you so much to the folks that contributed to this video! We both hope it provides some inspiration and energy to the quest we are all on as library professionals as we strive to help libraries realize their unparalleled potential in this crazy, cool and even sometimes scary, hi-fi sci-fi world we all now live in.

Rock on, Libraryland! We hope you enjoy it!


Now playing: David Lee King & Michael Porter - hi-fi sci-fi library



(Oh, I gotta turn the light on too.)
(Oh yeah.)
(That's gonna be hot.)
(Yes it is.)

Here-in contains collected thoughts from our brains
when it comes to the subject of "wow!"
Like, "Wow, it's amazing for thousands of years
That libraries have survived at all"
The razing, book blazing, the techno staff crazing
fighting competition new tech and how
to emerge like a rocketship, speedy and fast
that is demanded in our world right NOW!!!

Hi-fi, sci-fi, library!
Hi-fi, sci-fi, library!

S. R. Ran-ga-na-than 'long with Benjamin Franklin,
Dewey, Kilgour and good people like YOU
Learnt that Mashed up with currents and a whole bunch of circuits
info went to many not just the few.
Now we wrestle with techno, money and limitations,
that might sometimes make a good man go "ewww"
But we're telling you brothers, sisters, ladies and others
that we're near a massive "Wow!" breakthrough.
it is your:


To prepare our libraries we must be informed, explore lots
and have fun learning how to evolve.
Learn about things like gaming, social software and being
just where our users are, that brings HUGE "Wows".
Look at open-source software and the creative commons,
look at Netfilx and iTunes and learn how
We can take competition, turn it into fruition:
It will be:


Now we sometimes might wonder how to succeed not blunder
since we're underneath the specter of "how?"
It's a do or die sea change and we cannot just remain, what we
were before or we'll just sink down.
Take time daily, read lib blogs, build community, and
slog the through the learning, practice, wisdom and "pow!"
It will be fun we promise, you'll work hard but will harness
and endow your libs tomorrow with "WoW!"
The wow of:

Chorus repeated

spoken over the chorus

We can do it.
We just need to be wise
and explain the situation
in a way that's fun and savvy

Be informed
and connect with our communities.
We must engage with em all
from the kids to my mammy

(Uh, mammy?)
(Hey, it rhymes with savvy!)
(Mammy, dude, does not rhyme with savvy!)
(No, I looked it up on Wikipedia!)
(Oh, you mean like "Moons over Mi-HAM-i?)
(Okay, alright, I get it! Mammy!)
(Good job!)
(Here we go!)

hi-fi sci-fi librarians:

Kathryn Greenhill
Murdoch University
Fremantle, Western Australia.

Steven Lawson
Tutt Library, Colorado College

Michelle Boule and Gideon Smith (Michelle's site, not Gideon's;)

John Blyberg - Darien Library

Jessamyn West

Nebraska Library Commission Staff:
Michael Sauers
(as himself AND an alien and sock puppet)
Allana Novotny
Susan Knisely
Christa Burns

Joanna Axelrod - Escondido Public Library
Donna Feddern – Escondido Public Library

Cindy Hickey – State Library of Kansas

WebJunction Staff (l to r):
Chrystie Hill
Michael Shapiro
Allison Severinghaus
Laura Staley
Emily Inlow-Hood
Jennifer Peterson
Emily Warren
Laura Zingg

Chadwick Seagraves

Steve Miller
Allen County Public Library

Jason Griffey
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Eliza Griffey
Future hi-fi sci-fi librarian?

Katie Dunneback

Blake Carver

Christopher Parent

Cindi Trainor
And her two lovely and talented girls. J
Thank you very much, ladies!


Oliver Ingrouille photos/82705724@N00/ 119490271/

Zombie37 photos/zombie37/ 256932981/sizes/l/

quapan photos/hinkelstone/ 2435823037/

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MarkyBonn photos/markybon/ 372522719/

diluvienne photos/diluvienne/ 276026958/

BotheredByBees photos/botheredbybees/ 2389301870/ photos/botheredbybees/ 2389301860/

oskay photos/oskay/ 274464665/

geerlingguy photos/58595467@N00/ 2287062540/

PAUL photos/marxalot/ 378898700/


mnsc photos/mnsc/ 433436548/

MathiasM photos/mathias_m/ 342535332/

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Dano photos/mukluk/ 145939373/

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Synthesis Studio photos/synthesisstudios/ 194274298/

social software:
b d solis (via flickr)

ear buds:
aloshbennett photos/aloshbennett/ 1394564919/

kitty cat cowbell
Chicken Stock photos/arice/ 750801539/

creative commons: presskit


Thank you all so much for being a part of this project!

-Michael & David

Michael Porter

David Lee King

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