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Case Study No. 0245: Unnamed Female Librarian (Threesome)

Threesome, the library scene with Lara Flynn Boyle
Threesome, the library scene with Lara Flynn Boyle
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[Alex is running through the stacks of the Freeman College library, looking for her dormmate Eddy, when she finds him sitting at a table alone reading]
ALEX: Hey.
[she coyly sits on the table next to him]
ALEX: I think there's something you should know ...
[she stretches out and lies down on the table in front of him]
ALEX: I find libraries very erotic. Smell of old books, this silence. Mmmm, the long aisles. To be lost in the stacks.
EDDY: That's ... very interesting.
ALEX: What're you reading?
EDDY: Hawthorne.
ALEX: Read to me.
EDDY: [annoyed] Look, Alex, alright? I've gotta study for this, okay? I can't--
ALEX: [whining] Oh, please, please, please ...
[he sighs and reluctantly begins to read]
EDDY: "Soon there emerged from under a sculpted portal the figure of a young girl, arrayed with as much richness of taste as the most splendid of the flowers, beautiful as the--"
[Alex begins writhing on the table in apparent ecstacy, as Eddy tries to maintain his composure and continues reading]
EDDY: "Day. And with a bloom so deep and vivid that--"
[Alex knocks a pile of books off the table in her aroused state, as an elderly female librarian (played by Anna Marie O'Donnell) stares at her from the stacks]
LIBRARIAN: [quietly] Oh my ...
EDDY: "One shade more would have been too much. She looked redundant with life, health, and energy, all of which attributes were bound down and compressed as it were, and girdled tensely in their luxuriance by her virgin zone."
[as he finishes, Alex collapses, gasping for air]
EDDY: Are you alright?
ALEX: Golly, I love big words ...



THREESOME (1994). A different kind of love triangle involving two college boys and their roommate, a girl mistakenly assigned to their room because her name is Alex. The college library is the scene of a hilarious seduction attempt that fails.

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