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Case Study No. 0242: Turtle Princess

The Place Where Knowledge Lives!
Jake has to remind Finn that sometimes they go to normal places too.
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[Finn is nervous because the princess has invited him to speak at a science conference]
JAKE: You're just gonna give a speech to a bunch of brainiacs ...
FINN: I can't hang with those guys, I'm full of stupid!
JAKE: Then we'll just borrow some brains by going to the place where knowledge lives!
FINN: Oh, Brain Town ...
JAKE: Uh, no! The library!
FINN: [whispers] The Library of the Undead ...
JAKE: No, just the regular library!
[cut to inside the library, as Finn and Jake are quietly sitting at a table reading books while the female librarian (a turtle/human hybrid creature with blonde hair) walks by]
JAKE: [stands up] Hey Finn, let's split! This turned out to be boring ...
FINN: But I have to cram this info!
JAKE: Okay, okay ... I'll just keep reading this book about figs.
FINN: And I'll just read this book about ... pigs.
[they continue reading, until Finn notices that the blinking of their eyes is making a rhythmic squishing noise, so he stops to "make music"]
JAKE: [perks up] Ha ha, whatcha doin'?
FINN: I'm bored-in' out too!
[Finn jumps on the table and begins dancing while Jake cheers him on, then the librarian approaches]
TURTLE PRINCESS: [in a husky voice] Hey! That's completely inappropriate ...
[she pushes them out]
FINN: But ... but we were just enthusiastic about learning!



"The Real You" is the fifteenth episode in season two of "Adventure Time."

Finn and Jake are headed to the Candy Kingdom castle, where Princess Bubblegum is holding her science barbecue. They're carrying a gift Finn made for her: a scale model of the candy castle made from his own spit bubbles. Jake teases that Finn wants to trade spit with Princess Bubblegum, which embarrasses him. Outside her castle, PB is setting up a stage and lighting the grill with Flambo. Finn presents his gift to her, but when she closes her eyes, she sneezes, popping the bubble sculpture. However, PB thinks the pink tray it was on is actually the gift and gladly accepts it. Chet and Peppermint Butler get into an argument over who will get to be grillmeister, and accidentally knock over the grill. Finn jumps in to save the day, putting out the fire. Impressed by his heroic actions, the princess asks him to be a speaker at her barbecue.

Finn fears that he isn't smart enough to impress the princess, so he and Jake go to the library to get smarter. After trying to read books about figs and pigs, they quickly grow bored and start dancing and hollering, which causes Turtle Princess to kick them out. They then seek out Nerd Worms who run a college in an old rotten apple. Finn and Jake try to sneak into a worm class, but Finn gives the name of "Wormy McSquirmy" and the teacher says he's on the list of students but he hasn't shown up for a single class, which makes the worms angry and starts a fight. After getting out of Academia, Jake suggests the easy way out: magic. They visit Choose Goose's magical shack, where he offers to give them the Glasses of Nerdicon in exchange for being entertained. Finn entertains him with a finger puppet dance, and puts on the glasses. Finn's old perception of reality is shattered, as he instantly becomes a genius and understands the nature of space and the universe.

At the barbecue, Finn presents the Bubble Creator. He shows everyone a two dimensional bubble, telling them is casts a one dimensional shadow. He then presents a three dimensional bubble, telling them it casts a two dimensional shadow. And he finally shows them a fourth dimensional bubble which resembles a tesseract, it cast a three dimensional shadow beyond comprehension, time and space to later collapse and become a black hole. Finn then tells Bubblegum that he got smart by putting on the glasses, which she asks to take them off because she needs the real Finn. She takes them off, and Finn sees the black hole. He goes to destroy it, but the Bubble Creator flies toward him, and he stabs it, destroying it. But, it turns his sword into a fourth dimensional sword. He then gets an idea, and lets himself get sucked in. Once he's in, the black hole explodes, and Finn comes flying out with no sword. Bubblegum then goes to tell him that her barbecue turned into a fiasco, but everyone cheers. She then catches Finn's list he wrote down when he had the glasses on and learns that Finn intended to "Win the heart of the Princess." When confronted about this, Finn explains how he wrote all that when he wore the glasses. Bubblegum then kisses him on the cheek, which causes him to pant heavily, and faint. When he does that, she starts to giggle. The episode then ends.



Turtle Princess is a princess who is also the head of a library in Ooo.

She first appears in a brief cameo appearance in "What is Life?" when she was seen in Ice King's Imagination Zone.

She is seen again in "Loyalty to the King" as one of the many princesses who is interested in the Nice King (Ice King). However, he doesn't want to marry her, so on her way out, Nice King (Ice King) tells Finn and Jake to tell her she's been rejected.

In "The Real You," she is at the library Finn and Jake go to so they can prepare for PB's science barbecue party. She is later mentioned in conjunction to the library in Holly Jolly Secrets Part I, when one of Ice King's confessionals mentions that an attempt to take her both lead to Finn and Jake stopping him and having his library card revoked.

In "Paper Pete", Turtle Princess is constantly trying to keep control of Finn's volume in the library as he tries to help the Pagelings defeat the Moldo. She ultimately confronts Finn, but is embarrased to see him take off his shirt, which he did to appease the Moldo with the peace offering of the shirt to save the books.

Turtle Princess looks like a turtle with long yellow hair. She has a crown similar to that of Princess Bubblegum and Slime Princess, but with a green gem. She has a very deep voice(although she sports a much higher voice in "The Real You"). She also has a dark green shell and a brownish greenish skin.


* Her tiara resembles Princess Bubblegum's, whose tiara has the ability to block the telepathic power of The Lich. It is unknown if Turtle Princess' has a similar ability.
* She was the first princess to note that the cage in "Loyalty to the King" was like a prison, so she may be secretly smarter than other princesses. More evidence of this intelligence is in "The Real You," where she is a librarian.
* She is Andy Ristaino's favorite princess.
* She is one of the few if not the only princess with a second job. This could perhaps be tied to the Turtle People domain being the library, thus making her the leader as the librarian.
* How Turtle Princess has a low voice and a high voice spoofs the Canadian TV series Carl2 in which Carl's clone has a higher voice than Carl.

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